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  1. @DTLow Thank you! I use Evernote on a Mac so it's helpful to know that this will work from the desktop client.
  2. I have a premium subscription so my upload limit is 10GB. I know that adding files to my account will count against my upload limit, but what is the effect of modifying files? Specifically I want to move from notebook based organization to tag based organization. My plan is to shift all of my uploaded PDF documents to a generic "PDF" notebook and then use tags on each file to separate the files out by topic. If I were to do this re-organization in the web client and then sync down the changes, would this count against my upload limit? I was under the impression that when you make changes in the desktop or mobile apps it re-uploads the file and therefore counts against the limit but in this case I'm making changes on the server and then pulling the changes down (I'm not uploading anything new).
  3. When Using OS X 10.11.06 or Windows 10 I cannot get the chrome web clipper (V 6.10.1) to function without seeing the 'clipper couldn't start' message and having to re-load the page. I have tried this on two different Macs and two different PCs so I know that this is a webclipper issue and not a problem with my machines. Is this issue a priority at all? I'd say 40% of my Evernote usage is clipping webpages and reading the clippings so this is a daily frustration. The webclipper's raison d'etre is clipping web pages and CLIPPING PAGES DOES NOT WORK, making this a useless product. Have you considered pulling 6.10 from the chrome web store and reverting to the previous version until the issue with page clipping is resolved?
  4. I'm using version 6.10.1 of the web clipper in Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m on Windows 10 and every single page I try to clip shows this message: When I refresh the page and re-try clipping it works, but I have to do this for every single page. Is there any plan to fix this? At this point the webclipper is almost unusable.
  5. Is there a way to disable this? I have the web clipper (and nothing else) installed on my work computer and liked the fact that a separate login was needed to access my notes via the web client since it meant that access to my computer didn't necessarily mean access to my notes. This new functionality is actually an anti-feature for me because now it means that I will have to log in and out of the web clipper every day that I use it.
  6. I upgraded my account to Premium in June and from then until now I have used maybe 1GB or less of my upload limit per month. After realizing I had so much upload remaining and that the month was ending, I decided to add some of my technical books and textbooks to Evernote. In the process, I have uploaded around ~5GB of PDFs (and some audio files for my language textbooks). Since hitting the 5GB mark not only have I noticed that syncing across my clients is now unbearably slow (I use the Mac and Windows desktop applications) but I have received an increasingly annoying series of notifications from Evernote. First, on the windows client I got two separate pop-under notifications that remarked I used half of my allowance and prompted me to fill out a survey. After filling out the survey twice the pop-unders stopped. I later checked my email and noticed the following message from Evernote: I later on tried to clip an article with the web clipper and received the following notification: Why am I receiving so many notifications and how can I opt-out? I'm well aware of how much of my limit I'm using so at this point all of these messages feel like harassment. I am especially unhappy with the notification I saw when clipping the web page. I feel like the notification is implying I'm abusing the service, simply for reaching half of my upload limit.
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