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  1. I checked the evernote status page, and it says everything is fine: But when I try to log into the web client i'm seeing this DNS error. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. Since you have premium you can send a support request here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/ there should also be a feedback/support option in the app. It should be at the bottom of the black sidebar on the left of the app.
  3. @BERLINWOOD638According to this thread, it doesn't appear that the new Android version of Evernote supports RTL text.
  4. Evernote finally restored audio recording to the desktop, but the files recorded are in the webm format which is non standard and hard to use outside of Evernote. When I record audio on an iOS device, the file format in the resulting note is m4a which I am able to open and listen to in other applications. I would like to see at least .m4a support added to the desktop version of Evernote so that the files created on my mobile device and my laptop are the same and usable outside of evernote.
  5. I had this question a few days ago, and this is what I was able to find: This page has all of the release notes for the V10 Mac releases: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500001700002 This page has the keyboard shortcuts, note that they decided for some reason to mix the old shortcuts & the V10 shortcuts on the same page so there's a bunch of stuff listed that won't work in V10. You have to check the column to see which is which: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358 Hope this helps!
  6. I don't know if you have an iOS device, but if you do an alternative for Evernote + spaced repetition is the app neuracache. It supports importing notes from Evernote and the only requirement is that you format your cards via two column tables in the note. It's not on the roadmap officially but the developer has mentioned that a MacOs app may come in the future.
  7. This is actually a server side issue. The person that responded to my ticket confirmed that the OCR search will only work with the language settings you have set on your account (which I had to log into the web client to change) and the only language options in the menu are pairs that include English.
  8. +1 to this wish. I recently found out that you can only have two languages (English + one more) active at a time in search which is such an oversight. I don't understand the thinking that if someone is multilingual they're always going to want language + english instead of language + language.
  9. I think I've experienced a version of this issue. For the past two weeks i've been doing a major overhaul of my Evernote account which has involved deleting notebooks, moving notes, etc. I made most of the changes in the old web client (not 10) and the changes showed up immediately on sync in the mac client (legacy) but not on my ipad. One really odd thing is at one point I erased all of the local Evernote data and uninstalled the app before making a bunch of changes on the web. I then re-installed the app, expecting the app to pull the latest data from the server. Once I logged and my notes loaded, the data displayed was massively out of date and both the note count and the notebook list appeared to be what it was the last time I opened the iPad app before uninstalling and not what the current version was on the server. I waited five minutes and my iPad appeared to sync and eventually the note count and notebook setup on the iPad matched what was on the web. The only thing that makes sense to me is that there is some sort of cache between devices that has to reconcile before a sync happens. I can't think of another explanation why a freshly installed iOS version would have a note & notebook list full of things that were deleted when the server and my Mac App showed no trace of them.
  10. Unfortunately, links in the web client have been like this for years. I'm pretty sure the warning started showing up the last time they did a major overhaul of the web client. This thread has a work around for the old version of the warning, i'm unsure if it still works with V10.
  11. I guess at some point when I stopped paying attention Evernote implemented this feature. I imported an XLSX file and it displays perfectly. Thank you for this tip! Unfortunately, my CSVs are just displaying as a regular attachment. I guess now my feature request is to have CSVs display the same way as xlsx files.
  12. Totally agree, that's why I usually migrate to another tool once the tables I'm working on get really complex. I'm not interested in having EN become a spreadsheet tool, but the export to CSV would make continuing on in another app easier. I've played around with Notion a bit and when I decided it wasn't for me, the CSV export option made quick work of migrating my data out of Notion tables and into a proper spreadsheet. I'm basically looking for that same ease of use in EN.
  13. I would find it useful if when a note has a table CSV was an available export format. My main use case is that I like to organize data in tables and Evernote's table options are fairly weak so I usually brain storm in Evernote and then have to transition into something like numbers/excel to continue. It would be convenient to be able to export the note as CSV and open it in another program rather than having to copy the data from Evernote and paste it into the other program.
  14. Do you know if these trackers are new to V10 or something that has been in place for awhile? Unfortunately I just assume that everything (even the stuff I pay for) is tracking me/sending my data to third parties so this doesn't really bother me. Given the confidence with which Ian Small has thrown out usage numbers for features I'm guessing that Evernote has always included this type of stuff so that they can track how people use EN, although with the new architecture (web based) maybe they switched to stuff that's easier to see via web requests.
  15. There was a new Mac release today and audio recording/ playback is allegedly still coming “soon”. Lack of audio playback is keeping me off v10 so hopefully it will only be a few more releases until it’s back.
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