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  1. For some of our long time users the option to switch back temporarily still exists. You can find this option in https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action. Sorry for the inconvenience. Nancy
  2. Hi, I accidentally deleted an important list in evernote web (not the entire note just a long section of it). The undo option isn't working. I noticed that you wrote in a thread that evernote customer support can restore deleted material. Can you do that for me? 

  3. Release last night had some goodies. This is going to be a slow rollout so please look out for changes coming to the Web over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience. - Nancy & Karen
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Aurora. This is possible on the Mac. Through the standard system print dialog, if you choose the dropdown that says "PDF" you will see a "Print PDF to Evernote" option. I will follow up and see if there is a Windows equivalent. - Nancy
  5. Thank you, Glennie, for your enthusiasm and reminding us to keep the conversation open. We can always depend on you for keeping us in check. We've had releases every week but have been keeping quiet yes. We'll be sure to update this channel very soon. Nancy
  6. Thank you for the suggestion. The Web app actually autosaves very often so there is technically no need for a Save button. You can determine whether or not your note is saved by looked for the little checkbox in the upper right hand corner of the formatting bar. If the circle is not animating the note is saved to the service. - Nancy
  7. So you've noticed? Not to worry, we are still alive and well. We're working on some big features so thank you everyone for your patience. We'll try our best to trickle in some optimizations along the way.
  8. Thank you for being patient everyone! We do value this scenario and will include it in a future release. Nancy
  9. Hello, as a follow up to this thread. The notelink feature was added a couple of months ago to the new client. You can find this at the top of the note off of the " . . . " button. There is an option there called "Copy notelink". Currently this feature doesn't work on Chromebook or platforms without Flash, but this is be fixed shortly. Nancy
  10. Web Client Release Notes - 12/16/2015 Last night's release only contained minor bug fixes. Please let us know if you've noticed any issues. As mentioned in previous posts, we're working on some larger changes coming down the line, that aren't quite ready yet. Please expect no major releases or changes over the next month as we are focusing on bug fixes and quality in addition to the holidays adding delays. Thanks everyone for continuing to be dedicated Evernote users, and have a great holiday season! Nancy
  11. Thank you for the feedback, SChen. Can you help us understand some of the features that you're missing so this feedback is more actionable? We've made a lot of improvements since last year to address user problems and would like to continue the conversation. Thanks in advance, Nancy Nancy, my OP had specific items called out. I'll repeat them below: Hello, We added this feature back in back in August. You should find the URL in the upper right corner of your note. You should see it when you first open your note. Unfortunately, when you start editing the formatting bar
  12. Thank you for all of the feedback. We have refactored the notelist to make it load more smoothly and be more robust. Looks like there may be some gaps. I will follow up with the engineering team. Nancy Thanks Nancy. I have also noticed. More often then not .... when i change from not view to choosing a notebook to display .... I have to do that twice before the notebook list populates. PAC. Thank you for also bringing this up. We'll take a look. - Nancy
  13. Thanks for looking out for us, zdanevich. You read our minds. As a part of this effort we are looking at multiple ways for us to reduce our launch time. You'll see some minor improvements in this area in tonight's release.
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