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  1. Just making an update...from what I can tell this issue is still unresolved.
  2. Bug report being worked. It appears it is a known issue but not ETA for a solution.
  3. That's correct sir. It appears to be very repeatable. When I share a note via Work Chat vs. a Shared Notebook the shared column in the list view has no date so sharedate:* doesn't find it! I've filed a bug report.
  4. Thanks I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can go to the notes list view on a windows client evernote install, sort by shared which has a date and I have confirmed that notes that show shared when I click on modified sharing have a blank shared date entry on that view. Those are the same notes I shared via work chat. -Rich
  5. Hmmm, tried that but it doesn't seem to work in the windows or web client. Thanks, -Rich
  6. Any takers? I think it reasonable to expect that you can easily find all shared notes regardless of the sharing method such that you can verify/manage the sharing permissions without having to check your entire note archive. Thanks, -Rich
  7. For item 1, I was able to delete in iOS but not the windows application. It is my understanding those who I sent the notes to will still have copies in their work chat area.
  8. I like the work chat capability but I have some questions: 1) It appears you can't delete a chat...ever. Correct? 2) Is there a way to set the default permissions to "Can View" vs. higher levels of permissions? 3) If I share a note via work chat and then delete it in Evernote, it still exists in work chat...correct? 4) Is there a way in Evernote to search for all shared notes? sharedate:* does not work for notes shared via work chat that aren't in a shared notebook (from what I can tell)? 5) If the answer to 4 is no, is there a way to do it in python? Thanks, -Rich
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