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  1. Hey nanphan, I initially thought it would only happen on the first line indent, but I'm actually observing it right now in all indents in some of my notes. Perhaps it has something to do with the formatting after items have been pasted in (when I open a note that was never pasted in to, I don't observe it; with notes that were, I can do it every time). In this note that's been pasted in to, it's worth noting it happens on every indent. Every tab to create an indented bullet will have the text indented from the bullet as well.
  2. Hi, I've noticed a bug persistent on Chrome in the Web Beta. Basically, just make a bulleted list. On the first line, write any text, "enter" for the second bullet, and then tab to indent that bullet. It intends properly but also tabs into the text field, when really you just want to indent the bullet not the text. It sounds trivial but happens many times per session. I've noticed this seems to not be an issue in Safari, although I've used it significantly less there. Update: actually it occurs in Safari as well. It isn't 100% reproducible there or in Chrome, but so far I've noticed it
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