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  1. Hey guys at Evernote, Any estimation regarding the RTL Support? I'm using the Mac version and it's really needed! Thanks.
  2. And once again.. 36(!) copies of the same note. Hey guys, if you can't solve it please just let me know so I'll find other solution for my notes. I'm waiting for your response, Assaf
  3. Bummer, it just happened again now. No network connection issue was involved. Multiple tabs in chrome, only 1 of them is Evernote. PC client wasn't open.
  4. Hi Nancy, Thanks for your answer. I can't recreate the bug but I usually work with multiple tabs opened. That said, I only open 1 tab of Evernote web. My windows client was closed at the time I created the note. The note wasn't shared so I was the only one who viewed this note. I can't definitely be sure but I believe there were no Internet connection issues at that time. I use Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 Thanks, Assaf
  5. Hi Guys, When I create a new note on the Web version It always creates multiple notes - at least 2 notes instead of 1, sometimes it can be even 5 notes that were created automatically. The notes contain the same information or sometimes only portion of the information. (See attached screenshots) This is not happen when I use the Desktop version. Any suggestions? Thanks, Assaf
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