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  1. I have a mac.I just used the table option at the top of the note, (which I don't see on this note) nothing fancy. I figured out the "to do button" so all set with that "I've scripted data transfer to my calendar app" how do you do that and what calendar app do you use?.
  2. I have created a system which is sort of cumbersome, anyone have another idea? I see patients 5 days/wk. I set up a graph for each day of the week, and each pt. That part is OK. Some info that I enter in graph needs to also be noted in a calendar. I set up a calendar app and manually move the items from the graph to the calendar at the end of the day that is cumbersome. Is there an easier way to do that? How do I get the "to do icon" to stop showing up on my graph. I don't need it for every entry. Thank you! Kate
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