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  1. Thank you. I hope the Web Editor will continue to get better.
  2. I tried Marxico. It's quite good if you use it as your only note-editing platform. It's more like a note-taking program that uses Evernote for storage. But it runs into problems if you want to edit your notes across multiple platforms.
  3. Is there a way of pasting images from the clipboard into Evernote Web? (Prt-Screen to get an image into the clipboard, go to Evernote Web, Edit a note, Ctrl-V). The Alternote Web editor for Evernote does it just fine, so it must be possible. The sad part is that Evernote Web then deltes them. The OneNote web editor does it also.
  4. I dig your zen vibe but we're talking about a text editor! So????? Whatever feature you are talking about, you will always have to make choices in terms of importance & priorities. You cannot get around that. So if a good text editor is absolutely important to you & Onenote's is superior to Evernote's, then go for Onenote & accept Onenote's shortcomings. You can keep whining about EN's editor's shorcomings, but that is not going to help you right now, if you need a solution right now. If you can afford to wait that decade someone else mentioned above until EN improves theirs, then wait that "little" longer. I've made my choice: OneNote has awesome text editing capacity, but their sync sucks; so I'll stick with Evernote. I'll revisit that decision at the next big update. I think what we're trying to do here is just bring a problem to the attention of Evernote developers. The editor is outdated, the competition is strong and they should make improvements before they go the way of Netscape Navigator.
  5. I need reliable and fast sync. Onenote is great and their editor is way better than Evernote. But syncing takes forever. And some weird things, like notes taken in the web editor sometimes simply refuse to sync to my phone for about one hour. Hopefully within the next decade either Onenote will get fast or Evernote will build a decent editor.
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