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  1. I agree. There should be an option to toggle the notebook list (for small screens). And one to pin it open (for wide screens). And more data density. As a workaround, I have bookmarked shortcuts to different notebooks, making a kind of notebook list: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#ses=1&x=notebook:Excel& https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#ses=1&x=notebook:Books& https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#ses=1&x=notebook:Music& I wish I could disable the animations though.
  2. I complained about the fact that searches are not saved and the guy fixed it Now a default search can be saved.
  3. Highlighting is still not supported in the web client as per this official answer. I use the Alternote Editor mainly because it has highlighting and image re-sizing (workaround if you're a Chrome extension user).
  4. I don't think there is such a thing as a "better layout". Each user has their own preferences, needs and hardware. Ideally the client would have enough customization options to allow everybody to set up the interface the way they like it (for each computer separately).
  5. Thank you. I hope the Web Editor will continue to get better.
  6. Yeah, both behaviors have their uses. But I'd also prefer not having to navigate back every time I move a note.
  7. For me high information density effectively expands short term memory. So the more notes I can get on my screen, and the more ways I can filter and sort them, the better. Indeed. List views (two-panel file managers) are all about maximising information density and are thus an extremely useful tool for experienced knowledge workers with "real work" to accomplish. It's why we see information-dense UIs such as list views in nearly all serious productivity tools. Unfortunately for Evernote Web users, it appears Evernote is targeting its Web Beta at a different type of user, for whom a "clean" UI is the overriding requirement, with information density (and thus productivity) clearly not a priority. Evernote has had months and months of feedback that the Web Beta hinders the productivity of experienced Evernote users, but is sticking to its guns. The conclusion must be that the Evernote Beta is aimed at a different user base, likely to be new/novice Evernote users, not experienced knowledge workers for whom productivity is key. Unless Evernote changes course (of which there is currently no sign...) then it seems reasonable to conclude that these experienced knowledge worker types will have no choice but to begin looking elsewhere for their productivity tools. Sad, I know, but I don't see what the alternative is. I'm still using Evernote Web (the current non-beta version), but will probably be abandoning Evernote if/when this is deprecated and replaced with the Web Beta. Also, I've stopped evangelising about Evernote to friends/family until I see what path Evernote chooses. This is all very disappointing, but we have to deal with the hand we're dealt not the hand we'd choose ourselves.
  8. I tried Marxico. It's quite good if you use it as your only note-editing platform. It's more like a note-taking program that uses Evernote for storage. But it runs into problems if you want to edit your notes across multiple platforms.
  9. I just found this AlterNote Editor Chrome Extension, and it's a better WYSIWYG than the Evernote Web Editor at this time. And it's free. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alternote-editor/hljkfahiahjhhpmpihngnommookkneji No idea if it's related to Alternote for Mac: http://alternoteapp.com/ Features I like: - does NOT need to be granted access to your Evernote account - as far as I can tell, all processing is done in your browser, without a third party server involved - fairly powerful text editing capabilities (WordPad like) - resize images (and even rotate) - can paste images from clipboard (but they will be lost if you edit the note in Evernote, so I insert images with the paperclip) - inserts file/image at the cursor (not at the end of the note) - view and change source code - handles tables decently well - highlight text - check-boxes and special characters - footnotes - keyboard shortcuts (no more clicking around to insert an attachment) - can change default font and font size - remove all text formatting - add-last-line keyboard shortcut (really useful in long notes) Problems: - you have to be a bit careful, as it's easy to create unwanted new notes or duplicates, especially if you use autosave (I just create new notes in Evernote Web and then edit them with AlterNote; I also have Clicking on AlterNote's toolbar icon when not on Evernote's webpage set to Open Search Page) - it doesn't save searches - you will lose images if you paste them from clipboard (more Evernote's fault, as it just removes them if you edit the note) - there seems to be just one guy developing it. Is it secure? Will development continue? Attached is a quick test, along with the result in Evernote Web:
  10. Is there a way of highlighting text? Like highlighting the one interesting paragraph in a two-page article that I just clipped to Evernote. I know highlighting can be done from Evernote Clearly.
  11. At the moment under View Options I can toggle Show images and Show text. Good, it's getting more like list view. Can we get another toggle for Show date? I really don't need to see that "2 Days Ago" line all the time. I'd rather have thinner rows, so that I can fit more on my screen.
  12. I inserted an image using the paperclip. Is there a way of re-sizing it quickly (without ENML editor and such)? The Alternote Editor for Evernote does it just fine, so it must be technically possible.
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