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  1. I have been an Evernote user for years. I use it in my research work. Recently began using it to organize chapters and subchapters in a book project. It would be better if my Grammarly account could lend a hand as I write out drafts of chapters and subchapters so I can more easily transfer to the total manuscript document. Lets go Evernote either improve your Grammarly equivalent or open the door for Grammarly on the cloud or in the desktop. It would be a big help!!
  2. I use the screen capture tool all the time for sections of text or graphics. I was disappointed when it went away. I now use the Shift + Command + 4 to create a partial screen capture. Then I drag it to the Evernote app or over the Evernote App button in the menu bar. It opens and drops the capture into a new note. If I have a note open I drag it into the note and it works as it did before. Just adds a drag step, I can live with this. Love the Evernote app. DOT
  3. WebClipper on Mac OS 10.14.6 plus FireFox While Safari is not working with EN clipper I go to FireFox (69.0.1) and it works just like it did in Safari. So, until the Safari match up happens I will use Firefox to manage clipping web content. Just a thought to keep going.
  4. GREAT!!! Worked just like Sayre said it would. Thank you for the advice. I deleted it from the iPad and then re-downloaed it and it works just fine with the Apple Pencil. Now its just sync'ing the notes from previous work. Appreciate the advice.
  5. The update for new iPad OS is allowing Penultimate to barely function and sync to Evernote. There is a glitch. On iPad Pro the Apple Pencil is no longer the smooth seamless stylus it was before. . It causes the page to move whe writing causing breaks in written word or lines. It’s not usable in this condition. Need another patch.
  6. Thanks DTLow. I can try this but I'll have to turn on the business account, will that require me to pay for something I'm going to have open for just a short time. Just long enough to send it to a gmail account?
  7. My email is associated with a deactivated business account (last active in November 2015). I have a new company wanting to add me to their new business account, but they are getting an error message saying my email is already associated with a business account. Question: How can I disassociate my email with the old (no longer active) business account so I can accept invite into a new business account?
  8. I use Notability also for review and markup of documents. The writing feature is not quite the same as Penultimate. Seems like it would be an easy fix for Penultimate to insert the date/time in the top or bottom border.
  9. It would be useful to have the date and time shown at the top of the Penultimate page. When taking notes on projects its easier to see the date on the iPad Pro posted at the top of the page. I don't wear a watch, I use the time on iPad Pro.
  10. Another vote to return to the grid view in notebooks. I have a large number of notebooks and the long vertical list makes it more difficult to navigate. Please return with option for grid view.
  11. I spend a lot of time in Penultimate writing notes. It would be a GREAT feature for Penultimate to have a simple time clock in the header with date + time. It would allow users to periodically make note of the time withing meeting notes. The date time appear when you exit note to the blue border screen but not while within the note writing.
  12. Searching for a keyword in a note within Penultimate locates all notes with keyword. When I select the particular note it opens the note but does not provide the folder location for the note. So its guessing time to go back to the folder to get to the note again. It would be a GREAT feature for Penultimate to actually identify and show the name of the note folder within the search or on the note itself. This would allow users to return to the folder rather than having to do a new search. If others are like me I have a lot of folders.
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