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  1. These buttons in the helper aren't doing anything for me. When I click either of them the helper closes, but nothing happens. The Capture screen button works though.
  2. I take a screenshot (power and home button). Then in the preview I click the share icon and copy it. Then I click done and choose to just delete it. This way I avoid having a bunch of screenshots in my photos. I then open Evernote and paste it in a note.
  3. When I take a screenshot on my iPad and paste it into a note, it creates three images. One note containing three images.
  4. I think I'm having the same issue. When I disable making a notebook available offline a popup appears, I choose clear existing downloads, but the switch goes right back to enabled (green).
  5. The biggest issue that I’ve run into with Keep It is that notes need to have unique titles. It’s a small thing, but pretty annoying.
  6. Evernote is also good in this regard because everyone supports importing ENEX files. I had some minor issues importing ENEX into Keep It (it doesn't seem to like notes with the same title and increments them). Do you have a solution for version history?
  7. I'm trialing it now with about 1200 notes. It's pretty impressive, I like how it uses iCloud and native sketching. Interesting to compare.
  8. I’ve been using Evernote since 2008, but I don’t want to use a slow app anymore and I don’t see how this can get substantially better. When the Electron based Mac app comes out I think I’m going to be done (unfortunately I love the current Mac app). I’m seriously considering Apple Notes. Did you switch to something? I have 11,000 notes organized with tags and notebooks so moving is a big undertaking.
  9. I haven't been getting duplicates in the Evernote app itself since 10.0.2, but I did get a duplicate using Penultimate today.
  10. It's an edge case probably. I have notes with book titles and also notes with English grammar and short phrases. Sometimes I will put content in the body of these notes, but often I just put in a title and add some tags. UPDATE: This seems to have been fixed the the latest update. Thanks!
  11. I just tried sketching in the latest version on my iPad Pro. For some reason I was assuming that the sketching would be the same as before, but it’s so bad now. It’s really really bad.
  12. I’m really concerned about the direction of this release too. It seems like the main focus is on cross platform development and making it exactly the same no matter what device you’re using. We’ve lost the performance and fidelity that past iOS apps have had. I actually kind of miss the app from 5 or 6 years ago. I certainly hope it all comes together though.
  13. I have a lot of notes that only have titles. This causes a problem because the keyboard keeps popping up. I’ve enabled edit protection, but it’s being ignored by these notes.
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