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  1. Any updates coming?
  2. I have the same problem. Offline notes makes the app sluggish. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
  3. Same here
  4. Happy to read that this situation has changed. Thank you.
  5. It makes sense as part of their paid service, Google Apps for Work. Even the description on the website for the new Google Drive integration with Evernote hints at this "Evernote and Google Drive: A smarter way to work - No more switching between apps. Now ideas can flow effortlessly.".
  6. It seems inevitable that Google will acquire Evernote. I'm sad about this, because I use a lot of different devices and I like Evernote being independent. But my main concern is security. I would rather my notes be secured by Google than by a company that's struggling.
  7. I want to be able to share a note publicly and keep updating it over time. The problem is if someone saves the note, they won't get the updates. Therefore I would like to be able to disable the 'Save to Evernote' button.
  8. On the web client I can search for a phrase "requirements documents" and get the expected results. On my mac it seems to ignore the quotes. Or maybe it's doing the search correctly but highlighting the results weird. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Any consideration for adding Yubikey support to Evernote for added security? I've been using it with LastPass and it's pretty nice.