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  1. I'm still getting three copies as well (version 10.16). I think it might have been fixed briefly in the past.
  2. I'm having data loss too. Open a note on my iPad, add a photo, go back into the note and the photo is gone.
  3. The green icon that indicates a notebook is shared doesn't always appear on iOS. It seems like if the notebook is only shared with two people that the green icon doesn't appear. Or perhaps the issue is if the person you've shared with has changed their email address? (just a thought, doesn't seem likely) Currently it gives the impression that a notebook is not being shared, when it actually is.
  4. This is still a a problem for me. Hoping it can be fixed.
  5. Sometimes when I search for something short, like "HP", the app becomes unresponsive and I need to relaunch it.
  6. The insert date keyboard shortcut is great, but I can't seem to customize it to include the day of the week like we have in Evernote Legacy. Saturday, April 17, 2021
  7. In Evernote Legacy I can take multiple screenshots and have them appear in the same quick note. With the current version Evernote creates a new note for every screenshot automatically. I then have to manually combine them. I really find this feature useful when I'm on a conference call or watching a video and want to take a series of screenshots fast.
  8. These buttons in the helper aren't doing anything for me. When I click either of them the helper closes, but nothing happens. The Capture screen button works though.
  9. I take a screenshot (power and home button). Then in the preview I click the share icon and copy it. Then I click done and choose to just delete it. This way I avoid having a bunch of screenshots in my photos. I then open Evernote and paste it in a note.
  10. When I take a screenshot on my iPad and paste it into a note, it creates three images. One note containing three images.
  11. I think I'm having the same issue. When I disable making a notebook available offline a popup appears, I choose clear existing downloads, but the switch goes right back to enabled (green).
  12. The biggest issue that I’ve run into with Keep It is that notes need to have unique titles. It’s a small thing, but pretty annoying.
  13. Evernote is also good in this regard because everyone supports importing ENEX files. I had some minor issues importing ENEX into Keep It (it doesn't seem to like notes with the same title and increments them). Do you have a solution for version history?
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