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  1. The keyboard needs to be visible 1st. Tap on text so the keyboard appears. Then swipe left where the Bold and Underline icons are. Select your text then tap the highlight icon.
  2. https://devonzuegel.com/post/how-to-use-evernote-for-your-creative-workflow-praxis-medium
  3. Would like to have a notes context in a seperate window that I can have off to the side. When I select a note I can glance over to the right (where I've placed the window) to see other related notes. Having contexts down at the bottom of the note is too much hassle to always be scrolling down to view the contexts.
  4. Evernote is consistently crashing when running AppleScript to search Evernote. Applescript error: Evernote got an error: Connection is invalid. Let me know if this isn't the best place to give beta feedback.
  5. I just saw Evernote 7 is available for download. Maybe that will help. If running version 6 and snippet view is not showing notes, try switching the view to top list view, switch back to snippets and my notes appeared.
  6. Any tips or suggestions for routine Evernote maintenance? I'll do an index rebuild every month or so. Right now search seems sluggish and when I scroll through my notes, they don't always appear.
  7. Would like to know if I've already clipped a web page. This could be done by searching the URL of notes in my local evernote and if the URL exists a badge appears in the clipper or when I open the clipper to clip a notification exists. To speed up the searching an index of current URLs could be kept on the computer. It's possible a web page could have been changed since I clipped it. Possible solution is to store web page modification date, compare it to the internet version and evernote and display if there has been a change to the page. Even that isn't perfect, but would be a good start to keep duplicates down.
  8. I too would like the evernote clipper to let me know if a page has been clipped. It could do this automatically by searching if the URL on the website is found in any of the notes.
  9. The zoom feature in Evernote is awesome! However, I find I'm constantly zooming. Would love to have a default zoom, or some way to make the font size consistent. One idea is to let the user decide how large they want the font to appear on their particular device. Then evernote measures a character or word in the note and zooms in to match the user preference. Or even just set a default zoom so that all notes are automatically zoomed in x2 or whatever the user has set.
  10. Updating to 6.14 beta 2 and I can hide the future reminders. Thanks for the help.
  11. I just updated to 6.13.3 so I could have a slightly larger search field. However, I can't seem to find how to hide future reminders or even collapse reminders at the top of a notebook?
  12. I tried something new. Did a google search and I have the clipper to show related articles I have in Evernote when I do a google search. On the top right of the google results the Evernote clipper is asking me to sign in. I clicked on the link to sign in, and there is an option to remember me for 30 days. Checked that, attempted to sign in and saw this: Safari can't open the page.. evernote.com/clipperlogin.action... because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes and try again. Evernote is probably getting hammered because everytime someone tries to clip a page, they are being directed to login. Maybe something you can try to login using the search results. I tried it again and was able to login. So far so good.
  13. I'm still getting asked to login when I use the clipper. Happens about every other clipping. However, I can get it to clip, just annoying that it keeps asking me to login. Have you tried closing all your tabs and then closing Safari and re-opening?
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