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  1. I am using versions OSX 10.8 10.9 10.10 spread across 10 different computers chrome version 48 it has always been slow the speed definitely variable- but its slow nonetheless compared to pocket which clips in a snap have restarted macs hundreds of time tried reinstalling several times and no change don't really know how to use the activity monitor but I don't see any taxing activity currently. When you use it does it clip in a snap or does it sit there for a bit?
  2. So in the clipper you can set it- but when you move the cursor into page and right click, it defaults and there is no options offered. Baffling......
  3. I normally use chrome on a mac. I have the elephant also in the menu bar. if you move the cursor into the browser page, and right click, there will be a drop down menu that has an option that says "evernote web clipper". It clips but I can't figure out how to choose which notebook it goes into. In firefox, there is a similar command achieved by the same steps but it says "clip full page" Lastly, I put a similar question but I figure I will just ask you here also, is it your experience that the evernote web clipper is extremely slow (8-15 seconds a page???) The reason I ask is that I find this to really interrupt working with the start stop nature of it. I have tried pocket and it just zaps the page right away. With ever clip it takes forever to clip and if you are zipping through many tabs it basically stops you in your tracks as you try to close the tabs. I am starting to think that I am doing something wrong but I see others have posted also.
  4. I am using web clipper in chrome and firefox. If I use the extension button from the address bar, a menu drops down and provides me a series of options such as which notebook to save in and what format to save in. HOWever, if I am in the web page and want to simply right click to do a quick "save to evernote" option, it doesn't give me the option to change the notebook. Does anyone know how to select a particular notebook? The reason is that this is much faster than navigating up to the menu and then clicking save.
  5. I have seen several seemingly dangling posts regarding the slow nature of web clipper. Please forgive if this is redundant. I use web clipper on safari and chrome and it takes fooooever to clip pages, by this I mean 8-15 seconds. This basically stops me dead in my tracks especially if I am surfing and scanning for lots of info to triage later. In contrast, I have used other clippers like pocket and it is basically one click and done [as a detail with pocket, i am saving the whole page, not just the link so its apples to apples comparison] Could you please post your comments if you have similar issues so that I know I am not doing something wrong. And even better, a solution would be great !!!
  6. This may be a silly question, but is there any way to get a timely answer from evernote about urgent issues? Is the forum the ONLY way to ask questions? (in my case, I cannot save annotations to some pdf documents)
  7. Definitely able to annotate on Preview and acrobat. Not all off files, only some. Sounds like the same problem as others. I will try the reinstall- I am new so I don't have much data and will definitely post result. NOTE- THERE HAVE BEEN TEPORTS THAT THIS HAPPENS WITH LOCAL PDF FILES THAT ARE MOVED TO EVERNOTE. ( THIS SEEMS TO BE THE SAME WITH ME) THAT NO YOU FOR REPLIES
  8. Not near limit, Evernote doesn't allow saving elsewhere, Evernote doesn't allow differentformat saving from annotation page
  9. How can this be that this feature is not fixed!!!!!!! Please Evernote, FIX IT !!!!!
  10. I have just encountered this today and it is a real pain. I don't exactly understand your workaround. I don't seem to have any extra lines. Could you let us know if you have still been experiencing this?
  11. I downloaded the new version of evernote and moved in a pdf. It was a simple ATT phone bill. I annotated it and received the message - UNABLE TO SAVE DOCUMENT. This is TRULY ANNOYING as you not only lose your work but it stops you in your tracks when trying to work. It looks like other have experience this but I cannot find any fixes. If there is anyone out there who has experience this, please post so that Evernote will get on this right away.
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