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  1. I am using versions OSX 10.8 10.9 10.10 spread across 10 different computers chrome version 48 it has always been slow the speed definitely variable- but its slow nonetheless compared to pocket which clips in a snap have restarted macs hundreds of time tried reinstalling several times and no change don't really know how to use the activity monitor but I don't see any taxing activity currently. When you use it does it clip in a snap or does it sit there for a bit?
  2. I have seen several seemingly dangling posts regarding the slow nature of web clipper. Please forgive if this is redundant. I use web clipper on safari and chrome and it takes fooooever to clip pages, by this I mean 8-15 seconds. This basically stops me dead in my tracks especially if I am surfing and scanning for lots of info to triage later. In contrast, I have used other clippers like pocket and it is basically one click and done [as a detail with pocket, i am saving the whole page, not just the link so its apples to apples comparison] Could you please post your comments if you
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