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  1. The Skitch integration with Evernote is incredibly crippled by the inability to add tags to notes created with Skitch. Am I missing something? How is this not possible? Please tell me I'm missing something.
  2. Yes, I noticed this too. Very frustrating.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Is the ability to add tags on the roadmap?
  4. So, I can scan documents and save to Evernote but I can't add tags to what I'm saving? Am I missing something? Am I not looking in the right place to add tags? I must be just not seeing how to do this because I can't imagine you would release this app without that feature. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  5. Images sent from my iPhone are all upside down in Evernote too. However, when I right click (or ctr-click) on images in my notes there is no option to open in Preview. The right click menu I get a menu with options like Cut, Copy, Paste... Convert Note to PDF, etc. How do I correct the rotation of these images?
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