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  1. You won't get an answer from EN just do it.
  2. Please go to my idea and upvote it as well. Thank you.
  3. please go to my idea at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99625-please-make-evernote-rock-during-outline-brainstorming-by-adding-arrow-key-item-moving/ and "up vote" it... this is a small feature for the windows client and aligns with this "making outlining better" thread
  4. Please run MSOneNote or MSWord and try the following in a new note. Type "1. blah blah" Type "2. blah blah blah" Type "3. blee blee blee" now... without using the mouse... press <arrow up> to the "2..." item and hold <Alt>+<Shift> down and press "right arrow" then "up arrow" then "left arrow" to see how easy it is to move outline elements around. This is an amazing time save when brainstorm alone or in a group while sharing a screen. Please add these "Key chords" to your WIndows team to-do list. Thank you. There are many requests for this feature in the forums... its heartbreaking to have MSWord and OneNote beat us on this feature. Thanks for listening.
  5. http://www.evernote.com/l/AFzZyCgwUg5ENqJh8Gj8ZWMr3QBlb4Vw5w0/ if you start with numbered list it works... is that ok for you ?
  6. I'm using Win7ProSP1 with EN I have a total EN Directory size of 15GB and 10K notes. No one notebook has >3K notes in it. Ever since I added memory to 16GB of RAM the "not responding" situation had gotten much better.
  7. Lets compare everyone's Windows 'bit' level and amount of SDRAM. I have Win64 with 16GB RAM and I don't get "Not Responding" nearly as often after the RAM upgrade. others ?
  8. My work laptop is running Win64 with a single 4GB RAM SODIMM. I have just upgraded to two 8GB SODIMMs for <$120 and I now have 16GB RAM. With 4X the memory I am cautiously optimistic that my "Not Responding" issue has improved. I'll update this thread later this week.
  9. I don't have the option to move to SSD on my work machine. The "Not Responding" behavior continues to stunt my momentum and productivity. I'm going to get some "premium" help line support now. Cross your fingers for me.
  10. I "Optimized Database" last week, I updated to the latest version (pushed to me today) (275519) Public and I still get (Not Responding) hangups when merging notes, rotating images, etc. Windows 7, 64b
  11. Many Many Many of us "to the end" evernote users have asked for more robust outlining functionality. Most of us have quit asking for this important feature set. @dlu (Illustrious Seer) Thank you for "daring" to enter this forum thread back in 2012.....It is now clear that you an "Employee Alumni"....
  12. Just contacted EN support on this. They DO NOT HAVE AN OPTION to store offline notebooks on SDCard. (I think I remember that EN did have this feature in a prior version). The support technician agreed that the KB articles are out of date when they mention SDCards.
  13. Using EN Windows many times a day I get 10-30 seconds worth of "not responding" delays. It is very irritating. the annotate feature is also very slow, almost to the point of being unuseable. i think these delays are from "getting note lock" functions and other server-side performance issues.
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