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  1. If I scan a document (say a sales receipt) that has contact details on, such as name and phone number,, Scannable by default scans it as a business card, when I really want it to be a standard document. There doesn't seem to be a way of changing this.
  2. @metrodon - yes, several times! @jbignert - the web clipper dialogue refuses to accept my email address, and the Evernote username produces the Edam error. i can get around it with Firefox, although the clips aren't as pretty (i.e. they aren't exact replicas of the web page) thanks
  3. Hi, Mac OSX Lion/Safari 5.1.1. I've installed the Web Clipper to the Safari toolbar. Now when I click the Evernote icon, I get a login box, but when I input the correct credentials produce the following error: EDAMError_8_username. Using the Firefox Web Clipper on the same system works perfectly, with no login dialogue. Nothing's come up on a Google or forum search. Any ideas? Thanks Peter Canterbury UK
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