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  1. Came here to report the exact same issue, on a desktop computer with an Asus KB34211 USB keyboard. My client version is on Windows 10, 64 bit build 1709. This problem first appeared after the update to 6.9. I can add that the note which the focus changes to is always the first note in the same notebook. The panels I have visible are Left Panel, Note List, and Note Panel with the Editing Toolbar. Also, I don't edit notes in a new window. Even if I accidently hit the Home key, which is unlikely, that shouldn't switch to the first note unless the Note List has focus, which it doesn't.
  2. The non-optional keyboard shortcuts have stopped me from using the new version. I have always used a triple dash to internally separate sections of notes. The triple dash is visually distinct and easy to spot. Now of course, that becomes a useless solid line which I have to delete. For the moment, I've been forced to revert to an earlier version and disable updating. That's not much of a solution.
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