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  1. Well the more I use OneNote the more I like it so I guess it really does not matter much anymore for me as I'll be switching over. Honestly though it's despicable that Evernote would release higher quality application on iOS then on Android. And blaming Android for having a inferior built in text editor is no excuse as everyone else can easily overcome this. Get the basics done right before trying to do everything else with the app!
  2. Please do not do that again. First thing, it's against the Forum Code of Conduct (see below). Second, it's just plain impolite: if everyone else did this as general practice, how would you feel if your posts were bumped downwards? Third: why is your issue more special than others? Fourth, Evernote staff already read all posts on these forums, so there's no point in rubbing their noses in your issue again. From the Forum Rules of Conduct: 5. Don’t overdo it. Try to refrain from double posting, topic bumping or spamming the forum with copied/repeated posts. Flagrant abuse will get you a warn
  3. Just want to keep this thread towards the top. Maybe if enough people realize OneNote has highly superior mobile note editing functionality they will switch and Evernote will take notice of this major shortcoming.
  4. I brought this issue to attention of Evernote support well over a year ago. It's well over due to fix the core functionality before adding more features like drawing in a note!
  5. Frankly I don't even care about all the formatting and what not. Been using it long enough that i can overcome those issues. My biggest grip is the BS you need to go through everything you want to edit a note. OneNote Android client was just released and after a day of using it I'm going to switch all my daily stuff over to that. If Evernote does not address these issue soon (so overdue) I'm just going to switch everything over to OneNote. There is simply no excuse for Evernote to blow off this issue on Android for this long.
  6. Why are earth are they using the built in Android editor then??? If Google and Microsoft can over come this on Android then there is no reason Evernote can't.
  7. I think we can all agree that one of the important thing in Evernote is editing notes so why does Evernote have such a horrible editor? I'm on Android so I don't know if it's better or the same on IOS. So I open note and scroll down till I find something then I have to click edit and it send me back to the top of the page. Now I need to scroll down with half the view-able area (keyboard up) to where i was. Why is there an edit button in the first place? Why can't it put my cursor in the spot I wanted to start editing instead of going to the top of the screen? If you compare to 2 other comp
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