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  1. Disappointing. Please bring back with save and sync feature that works between all platforms
  2. Why would I pay for Evernote Premium when there are so many other competitors that do everything better than Evernote. Microsoft Cloud - $7 a month, cloud storage, note taking in One Note, premium productivity suite Google Drive - Productivity suite, Notetaking, cloud storage Apple Notes - Now does almost everything Evernote does, productivity suite of course there are many more. Bottom line is Evernote is not matching their offering with what has now become industry standard. I want Evernote to be able to store everything. Why would I pay for storage in OneDrive for example AND for Evernote Premium when I can do everything I want in just OneDrive. Evernote has to evolve beyond just note taking to a productivity solution. And this note size thing bothers me because it shows an unwillingness from Evernote to adapt and provide a feature We’ve been asking for for years. for now I will continue to pay for Evernote Premium untilI get so frustrated I move to a competitor completely. Just make the note limit 500mb minimum please
  3. All I ask for is 4 colors: yellow, Evernote green, pink, orange Making that searchable would be awesome! Imagine if one day you could even have Evernote generate a new note with just the highlights , like a summary!
  4. Depends on what I am doing. If I am handwriting notes: Notability. if I want to convert handwriting to text: Nebo if I am mostly drawing or sketching: Paper 53
  5. YES! I am also having this issue!! I mostly notice it on iPad, but then again this is where I mostly use Evernote. These are the kind of annoyances that makes it very difficult for me to recommend Evernote to anybody. Why does it take so long to fix these things?
  6. What I sometimes run up against is having multiple media file types in a note will quickly get up to 200mb. Even the max file size for attaching a file to this post is over 500mb. It’s just something I don’t want to have to to think about when creating a note. If I have to consider if I am doing too much in my note, then the tool is getting in the way of doing my best work. With so much competition for notes applications nowadays, this is a quick win that would go a long way to show users that Evernote wants to deliver more value to customers. just for comparison to other note taking applications: Bear - 250mb limit per attachment, no posted note size limit Google Keep - No posted note size limit Notability - No posted limit iCloud Notes - No posted limit Box notes - No posted limit Dropbox Paper - No posted limit Evernote needs to ask itself, “Why not “ in terms of increasing this limit. Even a modest limit to 500mb would make me happy. If what others on this thread is saying is true that they don’t have any notes close to 200mb, then wouldn’t increasing this be a gesture of progress that wouldn’t cause a mass overload of uploads? Especially your premium members need this.
  7. Hello, @ilia5101982 As of a few weeks ago I get a message saying "Login cancelled by user" when trying to use FaceID or TouchID on iOS via the extension from evernote. It seems as if TouchID works pretty reliably if I have my fingerprint on the home button before I switch to Saferoom to encrypt. If my fingerprint isnt already on the button it doesnt log me into Saferoom. Seems like issue is happens much more often with FaceID. Sometimes I have to try extension 4 times before FaceID works to let me into Saferoom. Any way to resolve this?
  8. I've experienced this before as well. After being away from Evernote for a few minutes it stops running in the background so that's probably why the sketch isn't saved. I think if you press "Done" on your sketch and then swipe down on the side bar you can force a sync to be sure it's saved. Definitely annoying though. I personally think Notability is a bit better for handwriting anyways and then very easy to send to Evernote when you're done.
  9. Yes Notability is great! I think of Notability as a application for note taking and Evernote as a platform for note storage and organization. I especially love Notability record and playback feature, but they are missing things like tags for example. But yes having a more robust annotation would be nice.
  10. If you're you have previous backup in iTunes you can revert. Any particular reason you want to do this?
  11. The sharing within Evernote options are now "prioritized" within the sharing pane. I think the gist of my feedback is: - Printing and sharing should be seperate functions. I don't want to create a public Link when printing - I don't necessarily want to create a public Link when using app extensions to open the note in another app. Bring back private links for app extensions - Sharing within Evernote doesn't need to be prioritized in the sharing pane
  12. There is a a way to migrate from Evernote to Apple Notes. From there it should be easy to share or export notes to whatever platform you want. I too think I want to move away from Evernote. https://9to5mac.com/2016/02/09/how-to-export-notes-evernote-apple-notes/
  13. I 100% agree. This is one of the worst updates to the sharing features I've seen. Here's a news flash... Not everyone has Evernote. In fact, nowadays fewer and fewer people are using Evernote. So I really don't understand prioritizing sharing within Evernote. Maybe it's because they are very focused on Evernote for teams? Anyways, I'm seriously considering just using IOS Notes. It does 99% of what I need, is free, and doesn't make nonsensical changes to their UI. Any changes are usually relatively minor and they are constantly adding more features (rather than removing them like Evernote does).
  14. @ilia5101982 Are there any plans to update Saferoom app extension after Evernote 8.12 broke private links to open notes?
  15. I have an app extension I use that relies on private link to open in that app. So the copy link is useless, without the ability to open in the app extension. Right now the only way I can find to get the app extensions window is using the public link. Even printing a note forces me to publicly share my note!? Makes no sense.
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