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  1. Thanks, I watched the video. Audio sync of notability is not required for me. Liked few points about Goodnotes like erasing small portions only, highlighting is better, shape drawing is better. But doesn't provide vertical scrolling and there is no news on GoodNotes 5 yet.
  2. Recently I have started using iPad for my studies. Evernote don't support handwritten notes so I am looking to buy a note-taking app from Apple store. The most famous ones are Notability and Goodnotes. Can someone tell which provides better integration with Evernote or is there any other good app? Evernote is still my primary notes taking app due to its cross platform support.
  3. Thanks @gazumped. I have tried few fixes as mentioned in the thread. I will check if it solves the issue.
  4. I have already done the other two options before barring no. 2. Now I have set automatically save edited note to 300 seconds. I hope this somehow solves the issue.
  5. Then what might be the reasons for this? Any solutions? I am using the latest version of Evernote and have turned off auto sync too
  6. I am using Evernote for past 1.5 years and have around 2200 notes in my database. But, one thing that is really troubling me is the constant freezing happening in Evernote. Sometimes it happens while opening a note or sometimes when I am just typing a word, it suddenly freezes and I have to wait for 20-30 seconds before it works again. Many times I had to force close the application because it just became unresponsive. Is having huge no. of notes a reason for this? Are there any solutions or workaround for this? Details: System: Windows 8.1 Evernote version: (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770)
  7. After updating to new version few days back, the old keyboard shortcut to simplify formatting (CTRL + SPACE) does not seem to work for me. It was very handy shortcut. Is anyone else also facing this problem ?
  8. After updating my Evernote to version, I noticed that word is not being saved in its dictionary. In earlier versions, once I selected 'Add to Dictionary' from next time it did not show the red underline on the word. But now, whenever I restart my Evernote, I have to again do the same for each word. For example, word like Centre. Ideally it should never show suggestion again for wrong word after I added it to Evernote dictionary. Is anybody else facing this issue ?
  9. I noticed it number of times, whenever I select a text for highlighting or for formatting the text automatically becomes bigger. The text size is changed automatically. Is it a bug in Evernote Windows ? Please someone tell any solutions because its really troubling me while making notes.
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