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  1. Hi, @dantonic, TL:DR; It is Microsoft's fault :). Long story: When we started building Saferoom for Desktop (the one in Microsoft Store), we were using relevant development technologies that Microsoft provided developer to transition to Microsoft Store (e.g. Windows 8 and 8.1) . Microsoft Apps that are part of Microsoft Store should be written using special IDE, there is no backward compatibility with previous IDE (it is crazy). But ok, we've knew that and we have finished the app. And once we started to integrate Saferoom Mini (the free version), Microsoft had changed everything - and introduced Universal Apps IDE with Windows 10. And guess what - no backward compatibility. Now all apps that there were written for MS Windows 8 and 8.1 are stuck with unmaintained modules and libraries which were not automatically transitioned to new platform. For example, we want to read a stream from a file (you do it when the file is too big) to decrypt it - sometimes we receive the stream, sometimes we don't. No one knows why, this library is abandoned. Now Saferoom 8.1 will have lots of bugs that we are solving but some of them are just random behaviour. We are rewriting it now for MS Windows 10, it will take time unfortunately. I clearly understand that this is not a user problem, I can only pledge for some patience. We had to pause macOS and Corporate versions of Saferoom to solve Windows issue. Your use case will be part of it. >Also another question, once I encrypt a note there doesn't seem to be a way to decrypt it permanently, in a way that I could view it decrypted from the evernote app. I will check it separately, maybe we can fix it quickly. Again, our apologies. Cheers, Ilia
  2. Hi, @dantonic, We are aligning desktop experience with mobile one. We've received lots of feedback about the inconsistency and a lack of friendliness of desktop version. Hence, we are now developing more advanced desktop apps with similar experience to mobile apps. It also means that now you are working through Saferoom with your Evernote cloud account using the same principles as in mobile. No additional risks involved. Previous notebook-based version is still available called Saferoom Mini. Honestly, I have not yet figured out how to integrate this Mini version into a new one from UX point of view. Mac update is in development process; we had to rewrite some Evernote SDK modules as they don't have API for Mac. @deroo, thanks a lot! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Hello, Fray, Saferoom macOS doesn't work with any server. In macOS system when you develop an app you need to select which capabilities you want to be allowed as each app is in a sandbox. It means that if I want Saferoom macOS to work with any external server I need to enable incoming connections so that macOS will allow our app to send a request to outside server. Saferoom macOS has everything disabled except 1 option - it can send and receive data only from Evernote app. It means our app is fully sandbox, it cannot make any connections to any outside servers, it cannot connect to any app except Evernote. The spinning animation is just an animation we start when some activity begins it's cycle. I think it is spinning in your case because of some bug, it is just stuck in infinite loop. I just tried different activities with my local decrypt notebook and spinner is not appearing. Can you please send us an email so I can investigate? I would need some details. Thanks, Ilia
  4. Hello, We've just released a new version for Windows: Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Also some users reported issues with decryption via Saferoom macOS on Sierra. There is a bug (recognised by Apple), and you need to upgrade to the latest 10.12.4 version of Sierra. Thanks, Ilia
  5. Hey, We've just opened a sign up for Saferoom Windows Beta testing on our website - Unfortunately, Microsoft is not particularly user-friendly when it comes to Beta testing, hence, there are two conditions: Only Windows 10 users can participate in Beta You need to specify your Microsoft Account email so we can generate a Microsoft Store Link for you Please sign-up if you want to play with Saferoom v2.0 Beta which will work similarly to Mobile Apps. We would be extremely happy to hear to feedback as always. Cheers, Ilia
  6. Hi, @dudeman313, It sounds like a bug. Can you tell me the video clip file size and extension?
  7. Hi, @eric99, Right now there is no such possibility. Our library works with AES-256 format which is a standard nowadays. I understand your concern about our proprietary encryption format, but we don't have. We use standard available AES-256 means provided by macOS, iOS, Android, Windows libraries. We just created a very stable multi-platform realisation of this library, but we had not built any proprietary encryption format. To protect our users we have added some enhancements to standard libraries increasing key size, putting minimal limit on the encryption key, etc. We also have an open-source app for Linux where anyone can easily build a client to our encryption format. Having said above, we are not discarding the usage of different encryption techniques (asymmetric, PGP). In fact, I agree that our users would appreciate that. For now we have an important milestone to reach - update our desktop apps. After we will update our library to allow only file encryption (so you can encrypt only attachments, leaving original note's text as it is) and during this exercise we will take a look at other encryption algorithms. Almost ready. Waiting for beta certifications in Microsoft Windows Store. It usually takes 2-4 days.
  8. Hi, Tim, This is a small bug in Evernote macOS app during note import. We already notified Evernote on stack overflow. I don't know when they will fix it. I am building macOS app now, and I want to finish it by middle of January to run beta testing. The new app will follow the same UX as the mobile so you will see all your notes inside Saferoom macOS and decrypt them as you would in iOS or Android. I understand that we promised updates to desktop apps for a long time, and we are doing what we can to finish them. I hope new Saferoom Windows app will go to beta next week. Thanks, Ilia
  9. I am trying to solve this. iOS block CPU and memory consuming operations and downloading big file "hangs" Share extension. I will try to find a workaround (maybe, for big notes give an option to open them directly in Saferoom App). The shared password works by toggling the Keyboard button. I will check this Encrypt title stuff, it is an artefact indeed. And go ahead with Linux version, Saferoom Pro for Mac is a bit delayed due to lack of Evernote SDK for Mac, we have to modify iOS part. Also Linux version will feature CLI interface for file encryption soon, we've just finished testing. It means you use command line to encrypt files to notebooks using command line (thus giving the possibility to write scripts to Saferoom).
  10. Hi, @dudeman313, I am so happy that we could help you! Can you please tell me the size of those files? Probably, there is an issue with the size (files that are too big are blocked by Apple iOS in the Share Extension). I will run some experiments and come back with a solution. Yes, easier notes search is on my list, absolutely agree. Thanks a lot, and please don't hesitate to share your feedback. Cheers, Ilia
  11. Hello, @dudeman313, Agree with your annoyance with Saferoom bugs. Actually, I just finished fixing them during this weekend. We saw those exceptions in our systems (iOS) during decryption and we've just finished fixing them. Keynote (and actually iWork docs) were not yet supported by Saferoom till today, and after your feedback I've added them into supported file list. I will do some checks on Monday on other devices to make sure it works, and deploy an update during next week. Thank you very much for your feedback, and please send us any doubts and problems you have. You can always sent us any message to or to me via PM here. Cheers, Ilia
  12. Hey, @virtualbartek, Thanks a lot for the question. I never thought that a user might actually want to skip keychain password creation. I will update the UI in the next release to have a skip button. In your case you can create a dummy password in the keychain - something like "testtest". And then use Manual password entry button each time during encryption/decryption. That way you will need to enter the password for every operation manually, and it will not be stored anywhere in the system. But make sure you remember it. Do you extra help to show you how to use Manual entry? Cheers, Ilia P.S. I can't still make support of 1Password or LastPass on Mac, but I will be working in that direction.
  13. Hey, A small update - we've just released Saferoom Linux that features open-source code, and also supports Evernote and OneNote. There are some tricky things to do to set it up, but we believe it is a good way forward. Also for advanced users - it is not limited to Linux, it runs as a web app, so you can deploy it on other systems. Here are some videos: Creating a note: