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  1. Well, your dream came true awhile ago. We who liked to jump to the end of our super long docs just need to use CTRL+End on our keyboard, and ta-da, we can see the end! Hope this makes your day!
  2. Yes, well stated. I, too, could definitely use a feature that will conduct a "search within the note for the unchecked boxes". You might be interested in a workaround I discovered today that's quite serviceable: I picked the term "dothis" (without quotes & no spaces) to place after check boxes I created in a doc & before the words that described what I needed to do. I selected that particular term (after experimenting with others) as there are almost no such instances of this letter combo found in my 22k notes that bring up unintended references. (It only showed up on two notes re plant diseases.) It was easy to use the search for dothis for ALL notes, then once I selected the note I wanted, I could easy search within any particular single note, too, with the dothis phrase. When a task was completed, I simply checked the box & also deleted the dothis phrase. Thus, this method can allow anyone to search all notes & then within single notes without having to scan the note visually. This now solves my problem going forward but, of course, isn't useful for all the docs created before this date. Thus, it's still just a workaround - yet I'm delighted to have something that improves my experience henceforth. I hope this helps others.
  3. It's not a setting. Yes, I agree that Ctrl+End is a standard, but it didn't work when running Evernote in Windows. Writers requested this ability and we discussed our own workarounds. (Others users were commenting that they didn't think it was needed.) However, writers did an apparent thorough job of explaining how vital the need was for their work & they might need to go elsewhere as it was getting way too frustrating. Somewhere around June 22, 2018 or so (I made a note in my journal!), I saw a line in my Evernote Release updates that pointed out the feature had been added. So now, as long as your cursor is anywhere in your note, simply use Ctrl+End and pop to the bottom of the doc! Happy day!
  4. So very happy about this! I've wanted this for a long time, and have requested it in the past. This is a joy for all writers who must work in top-down format! For those of you who don't know, you just need to use the CTRL + END keys. So easy. No more workarounds needed. Thank you,
  5. So very happy about this! I've wanted this for a long time, and have requested it in the past. This is a joy for all writers who must work in top-down format! Thank you, Evernote!!
  6. Thank you for this explanation. Makes sense. I've been using Chrome, and I've had some of the problems discussed here.
  7. As I 've posted elsewhere, I have this problem, too, however it's auto-selecting a different font a at 62 point size.
  8. I concur - I do not like it being case sensitive in the web clipper .
  9. Thank you! Please tell me where you moved it, so I don't make this error in the future. :-)
  10. Windows 6.11 is not following my default setting for the font used in clipping notes. I have my default settings as Calibri 11. Formerly, when articles were clipped, I would see body text at 11 and heading text at Calibri 23. Now I get "PT Serif" at a crazy size of 62 for titles. Is this a bug or is there some setting I should know about in this new version?
  11. So happy: in the last day or so, I noted that beautiful YouTube clipping has returned! Thanks you, Evernote!! :-)
  12. Reporting a similar problem . . . The web clipper used to beautifully clip items from YouTube with a specially designated option just for clipping there. Now it is gone. When I clip on YouTube page now, it shows an image of "Up Next", not the relevant current video. Using Chrome.
  13. As to info at the top of article, if you look closely near the beginning of the lower curve on the elephants trunk, it shows it was posted on "Jun 27" (and also "14 min read"). As a separate comment, I can understand it might be difficult to get the date & author, as I have seen that info on pages at the top, the bottom, and even in side bars. I'm just registering my opinion that it's super important to me to obtain the information, whether Evernote can provide it, or I acquire it myself. Given the dialogue that's happened recently, it seems it might be helpful for me to write to the sites I use regularly for which Evernote cannot pick up the data, and ask those sites to make sure they are putting the info in the meta data. However, I assume Evernote has more leverage than I do (as I suspect the sites can see that the Evernote clipper is used) and Evernote's request to ask that the data be moved might be more impactful.
  14. I often select the option of "Simplified Article" when saving via Evernote. However, very frequently (dare I say the majority of the time), the author's name and/or publication date (when shown with the article) is not part of the clip. Therefore, after every clipping, I must peek at my EN file to see whether or not it was included, and then must copy and paste the information if it's not there. This, of course, slows down my work flow, and is downright cumbersome if I'm using EN on anything other than my desktop. Perhaps this improvement request is difficult to achieve due to the great variety of ways that webpages are coded, but I wanted to register that I would be THRILLED if this feature could be improved! Thanks, in advance, Evernote! --------- As an example, today (7/6/2017), I clicked on a link in an email from Evernote (received 6/27/2017) that lead to a wonderful article on Medium about Founder Stepan Pachikov. I wanted to save it for future re-reading, so I clipped it using "Simplified Article." Once again, no references to the publication date and author were acquired (the date is listed both at start and end of article, and the author's name is at the end). I find this ironic since Pachikov is committed to history in context and memories. I'd like to think that in addition to EN's autosaving the date that articles are clipped, that the company would be dedicated to also seeing the importance of recording the date the information is published, and who is responsible for the content.
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