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  1. I got the note on this 2 hours ago, just saw it. Glad they took care of that. Now for the bug fixes from this thread.
  2. I got this message yesterday. They know they need to push an update. Let's see how long it takes.
  3. Penultimate was the main reason I bought the latest iPad. I write notes with it all the time. Glad to see this warning. I'll monitor this thread before updating my OS. I'll see how to start a ticket, I've been premium for a long time.
  4. I was thrilled to find Penultimate and the Apple pencil/iPad combo. Sorry to see Penultimate abandoned instead of updated regularly. I hope EN decides it's worth saving.
  5. The same way many other apps that have large data files, (iTunes, Dropbox, for example) and let you choose where to locate the data, it would be great for the EN preferences to ask where to locate the database folder. I used Symbolic linker for the last year, but when I tried to upgrade my drive, it blew up. I needed to reinstall EN, and am back with the DB folder on my main drive. I'm on a Mac, with main drive SSD, so I prefer to keep that less full.
  6. Issues is right. I wanted to get large files off my SSD boot drive, and used symbolic link to redirect EN to find the database on an HD. Time passed, and the data drive started to get full, so I wanted to bump it from 3TB to 8TB. I copied the data with CCC, and made a new symbolic link. EN crashed. I killed the link and figured I'd give up on using the HD for EN. Still crashed. I put the 3TB drive back in. Works. But there is no symbolic link left. It's as if the app learned that's where the database is. I can't move the database back to the SSD even if I try.
  7. Great idea. In addition, the highlight/drag feature can use some updating. Instead of just 'drag', there should be a menu to allow copy/cut/etc. This is a great product, I hope Evernote continues to support and update it.
  8. Hi Deano! I'm so afraid that this app has no future. If I had my way, Penultimate would continue to add new features. A sidebar that offers advanced editing. It would let you write or draw, and then shrink a chosen area down, so you could get clear writing or drawings, etc. I can think of a dozen edit type features that would add to this great app. But. For whatever reason, it feels like it's just a legacy app, no future path for it.
  9. I am using Penultimate on the iPad Pro, and am pretty happy with it. The one issue I have is importing images. Maybe I'm just missing something. It looks like the only way to import is to access the camera or Photos. Are there any work-arounds to import from other apps, such as dropbox? Even an image already stored in EN needs to first be moved to Photo to then import to PU.
  10. I am moving from using Snow Leopard to Yosemite. I have an SSD as my boot drive and moved my database using a symbolic link. In effect, the folder containing all EN data is replaced by an alias pointing to a folder on a regular HDD containing the same data. Now, when I updated to Yosemite, I see the folder structure for Evernote seems completely different. Since I planned to dual-boot, sometimes going back to Slow Leo, I'd need to have two databases on the harddrive. Has anyone run into this, and are there any better approaches?
  11. @nl - you might want to delete this, and add it as a new question. It's completely different from mine.
  12. Is this either not as simple as I hoped, or a feature no longer available? As it stands, it seems the integration is one directional, PU docs flow to EN, but that's it?
  13. Sorry if this has been addressed, I've searched for a few days now and not seeing it. All I want to do is add a note, thru Evernote, and I understand it goes into the Penultimate notebook, then see it in Penultimate. Is that function gone? I've been tinkering and can do it in reverse, docs created in PU flow to EN just fine. So far, the only way to add to PU that I see is to hold down on the screen and import from Photos, No option to pull from any other location? Note - I'm running the latest rev of both Evernote and Penultimate
  14. I would love to have the ability to choose to put the data folder in a different place. On my Slow Leopard Mac, running an SSD for the OS, I used Symbolic linker to send Evernote to a folder on the larger, regular drive. For whatever reason, EN doesn't work on Yosemite using this method. I'd hope it would be simple (and a feature many would like) to have a preference allowing EN to use a different drive for its contents.
  15. For what it's worth, no response to my ticket, but near instant twitter reply. "That one auto-sends as a reminder of our guidelines. If you've read them, then feel free to ignore if you see it again." Even though I have a premium account, I look at my usage, and the 4GB bar is fine by me.
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