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  1. Fair comment, thanks and I apologise @DTLow if my frustration boiled over into unreasonableness but the radio silence on why this is not being considered is more than bemusing.
  2. Instead of trotting out the same responses, that people could have read already, why not just accept that it is not an unreasonable request to have additional functionality so people may use the tool in the way they wish. The volume, persistence, uniformity and age of these requests for additional password security for objects within the app is such that app level and OS level sign in obviously does not meet the wishes (which may not be the same as your perception of requirements) of Evernote's (paying) customers.
  3. I did not say there were not ways to protect all the possible components but any tool worth its salt should want it to be user friendly and integrated. The amount of time that this type of request has been open for and the scale of the support indicates that a need is not being met, regardless of the individual options people may have at their disposal already. Please may we have the ability to apply passwords at a notebook and individual note levels.
  4. Yep, seen all that and it is great standard stuff for protection in the datacentre and when in transit but does not address local storage nor basic usability of having the ability to apply granular password protection to objects at all levels within the app, starting with the Notebook level as opposed to lines of text.
  5. In this day and age, security is so front and centre in technology. When there is a significant impact to someone due to a data leakage from someone's EverNote and it comes out that otherwise EN loving users have been asking for a comprehensive and user friendly way of protecting their data forever but hit with silence, what is the EN press team going to tell the media?
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