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  1. @jefito Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to get to every single post in the forums, but we do our best to make sure we're aware of trending issues.. That being said, it's always a tremendous help when users like yourself can tag me in when there's something going on that doesn't seem to have our attention yet. 😉
  2. Hi All, I wanted to thank everyone again for their wonderful home dashboard submissions! At this time, I am closing this thread from further commentary. However, as many of you have requested ( @prascal@gmx.net) , I've created a special home dashboard forum section that you can access here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/644-home-dashboards/ Please continue to share your homepage dashboard ideas and designs there. As always, let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. Hi there, Thank you to everyone who participated in our Home Dashboard Contest! We were so impressed and inspired by the creative dashboards you all built to organize your information and maximize productivity! Our panel of judges included Ian, our CEO, and representatives from Product, Engineering, Marketing, and Design. We had a blast going through your entries – and also some good healthy debates. (Talk about a tough decision!) Here are our winners* (drum roll please!): Professor of productivity Joe Leondike: Just looking at your dashboard already makes us feel more productive! We love how you draw ideas from a few approaches from the Eisenhower method to Stacey Harmon’s system to really make it your own. This is the epitome of a straightforward, no-frills, get-things-done home dashboard. See Joe’s dashboard here! Captain of creativity Sayre Ambrosio: This dashboard is creative on a number of levels! First, we love how visually creative it is - each of the distinct categories are paired with a perfectly matched visual. Additionally, we are inspired by how you set up a shared Evernote note to essentially have the functionality of a website for your community group. See Sayre’s dashboard here! Everything but the kitchen sink - It’s a tie! TK0047: We love your unique take on a home dashboard and were impressed with how comprehensive it is for something that is clearly very important to you: your breadth of software tools. It’s cool that this dashboard makes Evernote the place where you start everything - whether you’re going somewhere within Evernote or to a destination outside. See TK0047’s dashboard here! Dandrade: This home dashboard is incredibly simple yet effectively organizes your most accessed content. We love that it is structured to separate work and personal as well as current tasks and reference material. It is simple and yet has everything you need to maximize productivity! See Dandrade’s dashboard here! We think each one of these dashboards provides great inspiration for how Evernote can help make Evernoters more organized and more productive. A huge thank you to everyone for sharing their work and letting us all see the breadth of ways in which Evernote can be used. We hope folks are inspired and managed to learn more than a few nuggets from each other. Happy holidays and cheers to making 2020 your most productive year ever! * Contingent on successful verification of US residency
  4. @notjade I've merged your post into this thread. Please see:
  5. Hi All, Over the course of this series, you've seen many of the individual components of future Evernote versions. Now it's time to see what putting them all together looks like. In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Eric, who is helping to launch the new mobile Evernote experience. Together they walk through a working version of the new mobile app, highlighting key features and major upgrades, and discuss plans for starting the early feedback process from Beta Program users.
  6. Hi All, Thank you so much for all of your excellent home dashboard submissions! This is just a reminder that the last day to submit is tomorrow, December 17th. Also, if you're interested in learning about how to build a home dashboard yourself, you may find this webinar useful: https://events.evernote.com/events/details/evernote-webinars-virtual-events-presents-webinar-how-to-create-an-evernote-dashboard/ As always, let me know if you have any other questions, and please keep sharing you're amazing dashboard ideas!
  7. @roughreviews @zachware @Locheil @Mailbuoy Hi All, I wanted to let you know that I've merged your reports of issues with loading/clipping from certain web sites using the Safari clipper into this thread. We are currently working to address the issue you're encountering, and I'll follow-up here once I have more information. Feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any other questions!
  8. @JaJoJe Thank you for reaching out! I went ahead and merged your post into this thread. We're currently working to address this Sign in with Google issue. However, please see the workaround provided by @Austin G: Let me know if you have any problems!
  9. @DavidA80 Thanks for reaching out! Could you elaborate a little bit on the issue you encountered? To clarify, what web browser are you using to access Evernote Web? Let me know as this information will better enable me to provide assistance.
  10. @matohak Thank for reaching out! As this is related to billing, I don't have access to the tools to provide further assistance. That being said, you mentioned you have an opened support ticket, correct? In this case, please follow-up with the support agent for further assistance. Feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any other questions!
  11. @gervik Thank you for reaching out! We've been able to confirm the issue you described. While I don't have a definitive timeframe, we believe we have identified a fix for the issue, and we plan to implement it in upcoming updates. I'll follow-up here once the fix version has been released, but let me know if you have any other questions!
  12. Hello everyone, We’re so inspired by all the creative ways our customers use Evernote that we've launched a new contest. To participate, just share the "home dashboard" or "homepage" you've created within Evernote. A home dashboard is a central note that you reference when you open Evernote that makes your workflow more efficient or helps you figure out what to do next. We believe your participation will inspire our community to get even more organized in the new year and help us think about new features and capabilities that could benefit everyone in 2020. Plus, you could win cool Evernote swag! Please be sure to enter your submission by December 17th and ‘Like’ the ones that inspire you. This Contest is governed by the Official Rules. By sharing a home dashboard, you are agreeing to the Official Rules. Contest Rules Timing: The contest will run from Tuesday, 12/3, 7am PST through Tuesday, 12/17, 11:59pm PST Eligibility: US resident Qualifying submission: Post a screenshot of your homepage to this forum Include a blurb on how you use it Judges: A panel of five Evernote employees (including our CEO and representatives from PM, Design, and Marketing) Categories: Professor of productivity Captain of creativity Everything but the kitchen sink Winners: 3 winners (one in each of the categories above) will be announced in this forum on 12/19 Prize: Evernote gear which may include apparel, canvas totes, notebooks, and stickers Here’s a little inspiration to get you started: Edit: We've received a lot of questions as to why the contest is restricted to the US. We would have loved to have everyone participate but unfortunately the rules for contests vary greatly by country and within that, by locality within countries. Therefore, it is unfeasible for Evernote to comply with all global regulation required to run a worldwide contest. That said, we greatly value everyone's input and encourage everyone to share their home dashboards!
  13. @Stuhrer Thanks for reaching out! I'm interested to hear a little bit more about what you're experiencing. Can you elaborate a little bit on what your expectation is for how the search should work for notes with tags starting special characters? Do you expect tags prefixed with those special characters to appear as suggestions under “Add filter” in the new search? Essentially, just the ability to select tags as a filter? You mention that you search for notes with tags, so I want to make sure I'm understanding your process for doing that. Additionally, you mentioned that the interface breaks your workflow. Could you give me some insight into your workflow, and about the pain points where it breaks? Let me know as I want to make sure I'm understanding everything properly, and let me know if you have any questions!
  14. Hi All, Thank you for reaching out. I'm working with our teams to get more information about this issue, and to determine how best to proceed. I'll follow-up once I know more, but feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions in the meantime.
  15. @AmandaG Thanks for reaching out! I'll follow-up with you via DM.
  16. @PXT @Nordelectro2 I'll be reaching out via DM. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  17. Thanks @DTLow, we'll work to improve on the messaging in the future. As for users reporting a duplicate device issue, please go here: I've merged the threads regarding this issue into that thread, and will be following up there shortly with next steps.
  18. Hi everyone, I understand there's some confusion around the recent changes to the device limit/unsync screen. We recently updated how the unsyncing-from-the-device-limit screen works to discourage Evernote Basic customers from actively using it to circumvent the limit on devices that can be used for free. Historically, customers were allowed to use this screen to unsync devices whenever they wanted, effectively creating an “honor system.” Unfortunately, we’ve determined that a number of customers have been abusing this system. As a result, we’ve decided to implement a new limit of allowing Evernote Basic customers to unsync from the device limit screen only twice per month. For customers who consistently use more than two devices, we recommend upgrading to Evernote Premium. Not only does Premium allow you to use unlimited devices, it allows you to search within PDFs and attachments, create custom templates, and more. Customers who wish to remain with Evernote Basic should limit their use to two devices. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  19. Hey All, Thanks for reaching out! @PXT @Nordelectro2 I'm sorry to hear you're encountering this issue. Since the two of you are reporting the same issue, I've gone ahead and merged the threads you started into a single thread. This is to better enable us to track the issue you've reported, and to help organize the discussion around it. I've reached out to our teams to find out more information, and I will follow-up with you as soon as I know more. Feel free to reach out to me directly via DM if you have any questions in the meantime.
  20. Hey All, Thanks for reaching out! Let me do some digging and see what I can find. I'll follow-up with you all once I have more information.
  21. @help04120 Thank you for reaching out! I'll follow-up with you via direct message.
  22. Hi all, Thanks for your patience while we worked to get a full-featured version of Web Clipper for Safari 13 ready for you. We’ve now released an update that restores full functionality to Web Clipper and is backward-compatible with recent versions of Safari (12.0 and later). To install the updated Web Clipper extension, follow this link to the Mac App Store, then click Get > Install. When the download is finished, follow the prompts to complete the installation. Even if you haven’t installed the latest version of Safari (or aren’t planning to), we recommend updating Web Clipper today to ensure compatibility with macOS Catalina and future versions of Safari.
  23. @Seidnerd @Phil69 Thank you for reaching out! You originally posted on a different thread, but the issue you're encountering is different than the issue on that other thread. Therefore, I've split out your reports in order to start a new thread. That being said, I've reached out to our support team to get more information, and we will follow-up once we know more!
  24. @bit Thanks for reaching out! Can you elaborate a little bit on the issue you're encountering? You stated: To clarify, are you saying that your monthly quota reset as it should, correct? However, you're saying that even after your quota reset, your new quota was already used up and you still have unsynced notes, correct?
  25. @terryhatmaker @Egor T. @Powerfab@Zardoz Thanks for reaching out! To clarify, are you using the same Evernote Account/email address to login to Evernote that you used to sign-up for beta access? We enabled user access to the search beta features by specific Evernote Account/email address, so if you are using multiple Evernote Accounts this may be why you are not seeing the features. If you are still having trouble accessing the search beta, please reach out to me via DM and I will work to resolve the issue and get you access!
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