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Found 67 results

  1. I have my Evernote and Instapaper accounts linked. So whenever I highlight something in Instapaper the highlight gets automatically imported to Evernote. The one feature I've been missing with this, though, is absence of a URL link to the source were the highlighted text comes from. Is there some way to make sure that the highlight get's imported to Evernote together with the link to the original article?
  2. It would be nice if the EverNote team could improve it's URL detection code to better auto-detect only valid URLs. For example, this gets auto-linked by EN but is not a valid URL: /www/ For coders and devs/designers, this stuff comes up all the time. Additionally I'd like to suggest a related feature: (Menu) Format > Remove should never be dimmed, so long as ANY block of text is selected. Selecting Format > Remove would then remove ALL links from any set of selected text. This would allow EN users to quickly get rid of a large chunk of mis-linked text.
  3. Source Link Wrong

    Hi, I'm using Web Clipper on a Chromebook and noticed that the source link being recorded by Evernote is wrong. For instance, if I attempt to capture page: The page is captured fine in Evernote, but the source link is recorded as: Any suggestions?
  4. Evernoteでメールアドレスを入力した後、改行すると自動的にハイパーリンクになってしまいます。 ツール→オプション→ノートで「詳細オプションを表示」にチェックをつけてノートの編集オプションで 「装飾リンクを表示」をオフにして「テキストの書式を自動設定」をオフにしましたが治りませんでした。 沢山調べてみたのですが解決策は見つかりませんでした。 ちなみに、私の使用しているパソコンは、Windows 10 Homeでバージョンは1703です。 Evernoteのバージョンは、です。 メールアドレスやリンクを入力した後、改行しても自動的にハイパーリンクにならず 通常の文字として表示されるようにするはどうしたら良いでしょうか。 その方法があるのならば手順も一緒に教えていただけたら幸いです。 宜しくお願いします。
  5. Hi, How to stop the automatic conversion of Google Drive links to a box "Title not available, Connect, with three dots". I would like the URL string to remain as a URL string, not converted automatically.
  6. Is there any way to see how many times a note that was shared via a URL was viewed? I know I could share it via a type service, but that is an extra step and the receipient doesn't really know what they are clicking on. When the URL is they know what they are getting and know it is safe. But I'd like to know if it is being viewed and how many times.
  7. Accessing URLs from clipped web pages

    Clipping web pages is a great feature, but it's now quite tedious to get back to the original page from within the note. The old interface provided a link to the page at the top of the note (which opened in a new tab), but now it's hidden in the note info. That wouldn't be too bad, but the URL is in a text box, meaning we can't click it to go to the page - it has to be manually copied and pasted into a new tab. Please add a faster way to get from a note to the original page! Steve.
  8. One of my 'most used' features of Evernote seems to have disappeared in v5.9.x The ability to drag a URL from the address bar of Chrome or Firefox (I've tried both) and drop the URL into a note where it is nicely converted into the Title of the webpage in question. This is my way of managing my linear progression of tabs around project research. Since my recent upgrade from 5.8.x, the functionality now seems to be a drag and drop of the full URL, and not the contextually valuable information of the page title. e.g. Before: This is the webpage title After: I tested against another system with v5.8.x that I haven't upgraded and the dag & drop of URL works as expected, leaving the title as the new line in a note. Web searches and a forum search reveal other concerns around different types of drag and drop, but not this. Any guidance or insight on this most welcome. Tim
  9. Hi, Sometimes i find myself pasting a bunch of URLs into a link for future reference. Would be great if Evernote could automatically grab the title (<H1>\<title>) of the page and populate it next to the URL, or maybe provide a small screenshot in of the page(maybe in the "context area"). Thanks, Roy
  10. I follow the usual steps: Find a web page that I like in Chrome, select Options > Share > Evernote. The green Evernote Clipper starts whirling at the bottom of the screen. The new note appears with what has been clipped, but no URL! Up until recently this new note would have contained just the URL of the page. Now it saves a screen capture and no URL. I have checked that the whirling clipper is set correctly ("Clip full article" is un-ticked). This started happening a few weeks ago. Anybody else experiencing this? Evernote ver. 7.9.3 Android 5.0.1 Samsung S4 GT-I9505
  11. Please see attached image. It would be nice if there was a fast way to copy a note URL. If "Copy" could be added to the menu pictured above along with Edit, Clear, and View that would be perfect. Many times I want to copy the link to send it to someone else in an instant message or email and have to click the drop down arrow, click Edit, Ctrl + A, and Ctrl + C just to copy the link. Or click on the link and open it in my browser and then Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C there. Thanks
  12. Profile Link

    I would like to be able to find my Evernore public Profile address URL please.
  13. I noticed that when I tried to save a url via my iPhone, that in Evernote it saves it as a .webloc file. I don't exclusively use Safari, Mac and iOS. Is their a better way to ensure that my links are saved as a url instead of being confined to an Apple only format? The link was added to Evernote by using the share icon (the square) in Safari and then selecting Evernote. Apparently that only saves the page in Evernote as a webloc. Do I have to email pages in iOS Safari to my evernote account's email to avoid using webloc?
  14. Using URL Scheme

    I would like to use Things to pinpoint my notes on Evernote app (iPhone). Things supports URL Scheme, so I use Evernote:///view/ to link my note. The question is that I am not sure whether should I share my notes by public or private link, it seems that it only work with public link, if that is so, do I have to copy public link all the time?
  15. I've changed my username from original-name to new-name, but the new published notebook url is still: And I able to do something to the url?
  16. Hi, following a discussion requesting the ability to link Apple Mail messages into Evernote, I post this applescript. The procedure is: select an evernote Note (target) select one or more message(s) in Apple's Mail run the script. Link(s) will be created in the selected Evernote Note pointing to the Mail message(s). The link will work on any other mac having the same Mail account and even on iOS devices (provided the message is one of the most recent ones). Feel free to use it and modify at your convenience. set _links to {} set _Titles to {} set _dates to {} tell application "Mail" set _sel to get selection repeat with _msg in _sel set _messageURL to "message:\\%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e" set end of _links to _messageURL set myTitle to the subject of _msg set end of _Titles to myTitle set theDate to date received of _msg set theString to ((time string of theDate) & " " & (day of theDate) as string) & " " & (month of theDate) as string set theAuthor to sender of _msg set theString to theString & " - " & theAuthor & " - " set end of _dates to theString end repeat set AppleScript's text item delimiters to return set the clipboard to (_links as string) end tell tell application "Evernote" activate try set theNotes to selection repeat with thisNote in theNotes set theHTML to HTML content of thisNote repeat with n from 1 to count of _links set _messageURL to item n of _links set theTitle to item n of _Titles set theDate to item n of _dates -- append thisNote html "<div><b><a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" set theHTML to "<div><b>" & theDate & " <a href=" & _messageURL & ">" & theTitle & "</a></b></div>" & theHTML set HTML content of thisNote to theHTML end repeat end repeat end try end tell
  17. I was thinking since the source code is available, then I can't use a community API key since people would see it in the source code which might not be okay for privacy reasons. Therefore, I have used a developer token (not included in source code) which you have to input a developer token and Notebook Store URL for the program to then directly access your evernote. URLs are printed one on each line as: NotebookName - NoteTitle - URL and you can copy and paste it from the software's form into notepad or wherever you want to put it to save it. It is quite slow - to go through about 80 URLs takes about 5 minutes. If anyone wants to make any improvements to the source code they are welcome to fork and send a pull request on the github site if you want to.
  18. Keyboard Maestro (KM) Macro to Copy EN Mac Note Title to Body with URL For details and download, see the KM forum: MACRO: [EN] Copy Evernote Note Title to Body with URL Evernote does not show the Note Source URL very well in the Note header, and it is often not visible. This macro resolves that issue by copying the Note Title to the top of the Note Body, and creating a hyperlink using the Note Source URL (if available). If not available, then the URL can be optionally obtained from the clipboard. Please feel free to post any bugs or issues you find, as well as suggestions for improvement, in the KM forum thread.
  19. I am using Evernote version 5.4.3 . A while ago (perhaps before some upgrades), whenever I copied and pasted a text from the web onto a note, the web address would get automatically pasted underneath the text. This no longer happens. Now I have to go back to the web page and manually copy and paste the URL onto Evernote. How do I get this feature?
  20. If links changes?

    When i switched from another note app to Evernote a lot of stuff was missing because of links not working anymore. I would like to avoid this in the future and wonder how i can "download" or "offline" my content on evernote to make sure that e.g articles won't go missing because the website has changed its url.
  21. Hi As far as I know the original URL is not saved when clipping a web page. I'd like this functionality because sometimes I find an old Evernote note and I don't know the original URL of the article. I like to be able to share a link with people. I know I can share a note, but sharing a web page feels better to me.
  22. Hi, I'm hoping that you can help with a problem I'm really stuck on, given I'm a premium user. Im using applescript to automate some tasks, (importing a bunch of files from a tree of directories) and it is working well. However, I need to determine if, as I'm about to upload an additional file, if I've already uploaded it before, within a specific notebook. I'd like to do this based upon having set the "source url" for each note to the location I originally attached the file from. So, as I'm creating a note, with a file attachment, I've set the source url to its path on my Mac. The problem comes when I use the "fine notes" commend with both notebook and sure url as the search string. Both are variables, which are set depending upon the notebook I'm working in, and the file I want to upload in a note (or don't want to if already present). I'm having trouble getting the search syntax right. I've need successful earlier in the script, searching for notes within a notebook, and having specific tags. However the syntax for the source url search is eluding me... too many quotes and slashes for nested quotes. its very sensitive to spaces etc. for example to fine a specifically tagged note within a notebook I used the follow, and it works well.... set searchTag to "Attachment_Index_Note" set matches to find notes "notebook:\"" & EVnotebook & "\" tag:\"Attachment_Index_Note\"" if matches = {} then # no such note...else # found the note ...end if Now to my questions... I want to do a similar search, but to see if a note in a notebook (in a variable, as above) with a specific source url (in a variable unlike above) exists.For example, I've tried... set SNotes to {} tell application "Evernote" set SNotes to find notes "notebook:\"" & EVnotebook & "\" source URL: \"" & new_attachment_path & "\"" #<<<---- The Problem Part - syntax end tell # BYPASS STORED FILE Feature if SNotes is equal to {} then # no such file ... #can make the file. end if Can anyone help with this?
  23. I typically share notes via URL. Is there a way i can get a notification when that note is viewed via the URL? Thank You
  24. Here's what went into last night's release. - Nancy New Features Easy Access to Source URL - For articles and notes that were clipped from the web, you will now have easy access to the source URL in the upper right hand corner of the note. Bug Fixes (Forum Reported) Chrome Crash - Chrome browser is crashing on Chromebook & Windows - For the past 1-2 weeks we saw an issue with the Chrome browser in which on load or immediately after, the browser would crash with an "Aw Snap!" message. We asked users to either revert back to the old client or switch to Firefox, Safari, or IE. This workaround is no longer needed. Please feel free to use Chrome again. Dutch Tooltips for "Insert Link" says "Insert Line" - Thanks to our user reports we continue to fix translation and locale related issues. In our most recent fix, we updated the tooltips for the Dutch language. Please continue to flag any incorrect translations you may see. Known Issues Editing in Windows 10 Edge Browser - Unable to format text - We currently do not officially support the Edge browser on Windows 10 yet. However, we recently found and issue with text formatting where if you highlight text and try to format it, the text gets unhighlighted. We will fix this issue shortly for our Windows 10 customers. However, we recommend that our customers use one of our supported browsers for the best Evernote Web experience. If you are using Edge, please feel free to report any issues you may see.
  25. In the previous version of Evernote for Windows, a URL entered in Note Info would display as an active link next to the title. In the new Evernote Web Beta, the URL does not display. As I record a lot of links as notes, how do I get the URL to display again?