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  1. Hi @agsteele, @PinkElephant I've tried several webpages and they all behave the same way. It could be simple or complex web pages. Try this one: https://darrenrowse.com/thoughts/can-you-really-make-money-blogging-7-things-i-know-about-making-money-from-blogging/ The links inside the article get converted to https://darrenrowse.com/thoughts/can-you-really-make-money-blogging-7-things-i-know-about-making-money-from-blogging/undefined (which is invalid URL).
  2. On Edge browser: when clipping web pages, all URL links inside the article gets broken. When previewing, the links are fine. But after the article gets saved in Evernote, they get converted to broken links. I've tested on both Article and Simplified Article options.
  3. Just found this discussion thread because I have the exact same annoyance. The original post was written in 2013 😂 and we are now in 2021. What's really annoying is the new note gets titled "Untitled". Why not at least default the note title to the first line of the content.
  4. It has been removed. I'm pretty sure they will have tabs again but I cannot find any information if it's currently in the works. There is no mention at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889214-What-s-new-in-Evernote-for-Mac I agree with you Evernote without tabs sucks. What's really irritating is, with multiple windows, the Mac keyboard shortcut does not work (Command - ` ). That's why I'm still using the legacy version.
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