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  1. I have been getting this same EDAMSystemException error for several days. Uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and re-install Evernote Legacy did nothing. How did you resolve this?
  2. I too have this ridiculous problem, but here is my workaround. I am able to "search" for notes by using the Tags. On the Tags screen, hold down on a tag to select it. Then click on any other tags to add to the tag to the list. Once you have your tags selected, click on VIEW NOTES in the upper right. This gives you a view of only the notes that have the matching tags. 👍
  3. I have a similar problem (left panel won't stay open) but for me F10 doesn't do anything! The F11 works normally, but F10 is completely dead. I work on a laptop, and when booting with out the docking station, my left panel is always collapsed no matter what I do. When booting connected to docking station, my left panel is open and stays open. I don't enjoy rebooting just to get the Evernote left panel and F10 to work properly. Is there any way to fix my F10 with out a reboot?
  4. I am using the stock photo gallery and don't have any other gallery. All photos taken via Evernote are duplicated in the Evernote album. Photos taken with the camera app are not duplicated. Sometimes the photos taken via Evernote are missing from Evernote, sometimes they are duplicated in Evernote too, and sometimes there is only one photo in Evernote, but there are always 2 in the Evernote album in the android gallery.
  5. Any update on this duplicate photo bug? I have the exact same problem (every photo gets duplicated), plus sometimes the images don't ever sync (have to find the photos in android gallery).
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