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Found 137 results

  1. Hi, For some reason, as premium member, Evernote Web Clipper version 6.13.2 is not working in Safari 11.0.3 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3. I've tried an un-install and re-install, without succes. I do have the Evernote icon in my Safari title bar, but nothing happens when I click on it : no error, nothing at all. Stange, because this has worked before, in previous versions of Safari and MacOS on the same iMac. Any suggestions in order to solve the issue ? Best regards, Dominiek
  2. Hi there, Lately, while having Evernote Web Clipper (EWC) installed in my browser, if I visit a Jira board I systematically get an error displayed by Jira telling "SyntaxError: Unexpected token". I faced it initially with my browser of choice: (Chromium-based) Vivaldi, but I'm also able to reproduce with Google Chrome. In both cases: if EWC extension is disabled: no error is displayed when visiting a Jira board. if EWC extension is enabled : a systematic error is displayed by Jira: a popup window with red border and message "An error occurred", clicking on "Details" shows: Please try refreshing the page, or contact your administrator / Atlassian Support if the problem continues. Details Exception: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ) Resource: https://jira.oodrive.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=588&selectedIssue=AC-2638 Line: 1 Column: 2 Environment Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/68.0.3440.106 Safari/537.36 Stack trace SyntaxError: Unexpected token ) at Object.parse (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/deef7bdc6295b1e7528d2d51419f1569-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/bea579341b7e51d6eb50488c4fdf0df4/_/download/contextbatch/js/greenhopper-rapid-non-gadget,atl.general,gh-rapid,jira.global,jira.project.sidebar,jira.general,-_super/batch.js?agile_global_admin_condition=true&is-server-instance=true&jag=true&jaguser=true&locale=en-UK&nps-acknowledged=true&nps-not-opted-out=true&tempo_is_jira_version_equal_or_greater_than_7.0.0=true&tempo_is_tempo_core_licensed=false:11880:1375) at Object. (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/deef7bdc6295b1e7528d2d51419f1569-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/bea579341b7e51d6eb50488c4fdf0df4/_/download/contextbatch/js/greenhopper-rapid-non-gadget,atl.general,gh-rapid,jira.global,jira.project.sidebar,jira.general,-_super/batch.js?agile_global_admin_condition=true&is-server-instance=true&jag=true&jaguser=true&locale=en-UK&nps-acknowledged=true&nps-not-opted-out=true&tempo_is_jira_version_equal_or_greater_than_7.0.0=true&tempo_is_tempo_core_licensed=false:11874:970) at j (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/9d34ea99a8588a07a59556232d11d95c-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/0c798f90b1a61deafa1d5193fc512be9/_/download/contextbatch/js/_super/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-UK:38:58) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/9d34ea99a8588a07a59556232d11d95c-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/0c798f90b1a61deafa1d5193fc512be9/_/download/contextbatch/js/_super/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-UK:39:361) at d (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/9d34ea99a8588a07a59556232d11d95c-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/0c798f90b1a61deafa1d5193fc512be9/_/download/contextbatch/js/_super/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-UK:164:292) at XMLHttpRequest.b (https://jira.oodrive.net/s/9d34ea99a8588a07a59556232d11d95c-CDN/en_UKi1k89m/71013/85cc369448ce7c5d570576ececfab009/0c798f90b1a61deafa1d5193fc512be9/_/download/contextbatch/js/_super/batch.js?atlassian.aui.raphael.disabled=true&locale=en-UK:176:149) Looking for this error on Atlassian support pages, I found: Accessing Jira Software boards in browsers returns SyntaxError: Unexpected token error. From this article, the culprit is the "Grammarly" extension. However, I don't use this latter, so disabling my extensions 1 by 1 I ended up to figure out that this was EWC the culprit in my case. I guess it should be due to a recent change in EWC, as I have it installed for years, and faced this Jira issue only for 2 or 3 months. Repro info: Vivaldi 1.16.1259.3 (Official Build) (32-bit) Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) EWC, logs attached Hoping you'll be able to fix this in a future release. Thanks in advance! Jean-Marc ewc.log
  3. I'm a Plus user. Why did I get this message when I clipped an article with the web clipper? Offline notebooks should be included in this pricing plan. Or did Evernote change it's commercial offering?
  4. Arghh, I'm so frustrated. The 'support pages' instructions for installing Evernote web clipper on iOs does not clearly explain how it's done, and it refers to options or items that simply do not come up on my device. Help! How do you install Evernote web clipper on iPhone? I tried the 'Get Web Clipper for Safari' download from my email account on my iOs device, but this did nothing at all, and I suspect I need to find the installation specifically for iOs. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Los inconvenientes que se generan al momento de querer editar texto web en evernote (cambiar fuentes, tamaños, dar espacio entre parrafos, resaltar selecciones, etc.) terminan convirtiendose en un juego frustrante de word/edit/copy-paste/, y ni hablar de el resultado final despues de la sincronizacion escritorio - mobil, la sencilla seleccion de un tamaño de fuente legible se tergiversa y convierte 18pt en 12pt. Esta es para mi, una de las caracteristicas mas utiles en evernote, pero las fallas de edicion y usabilidad son muchas, y bastante evidentes. No se si sea el unico, asi que opto por hacerlo visible por aqui. Alguien mas? manifestaros...
  6. Mr Jumbo Guy

    Web Clipper NOT working

    Hi, I am using chrome and when I'm trying to clip, my notebooks are NOT loading...it is stuck on the "loading" animation label. I refreshed the page many times but still the same issue. Can you kindly tell what is going on?
  7. Recent update to web clipper in Chrome does not allow ability to clip selection. Can now only clip full page, bookmark or screen shot. Still works in Firefox PC version. Would like to see clip selection functionality return to web clipper in chrome.
  8. Hello Some good functionality present in previous version and not anymore: Control of selected DIVs with arrows in "Article" Clipping. Now they control page scroll which could be done with PageUp & Down, i.e. Case sensitiveness in Notebook selection is annoying Logout from App also logs out from clipper. There could be an option. Future good functionality: When clipping a "Bookmark" there could be an image selection (like Opera bookmarks, i.e.) Thank you for your existence.
  9. Web Clipper seems to have updated and at the same time downgraded. I haven't seen many good updates/upgrades the past few years to be honest; mostly downgrades. The title for your note with the webclipper is now on one single (lousy) line, really? who's idea was that? You can't pick the folder anymore by typing part of the name, a drop down menu, really? same inspiration? I'd think these were changes made on a Monday, right? Don't worry, I forgive you... and expect you to make it right. If it ain't broke ... don't try to fix it, thanks.
  10. I have Evernote free, and just downloaded the newest version. Now when I use the Web Clipper, nothing shows up in my Notebooks. I've waited about 10 minutes, synced again, but the web page doesn't show up. It worked fine before the update! Good thing I bookmarked those 2 pages first.
  11. Trying to add a comment at the top of a web clipping is a mess, the formatting is almost never clean, nor does the remove formatting thing work very well. It'd be extremely helpful to include the remarks field that was/will soon again be in the Chrome Web Clipper to Web Clipper for Android. Being able to annotate/comment on a clipping in real time while the thought is fresh is very helpful and increases the usefulness of the clipping specifically, and Evernote in general.
  12. Currently, YouTube clippings seem to come out a bit mangled - it would also be useful to be able to choose how many comments are saved (or even to download all comments). As for Twitter, it is nigh impossible to save a tweet (except by screenshotting) - would be highly appreciated if this feature were added (with support for threads).
  13. I'm using the Chromium browser, Version 64.0.3282.167 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 17.10 (64-bit). Since yesterday, when I use the Evernote Web Clipper ( version 6.13.2 ) to save a screenshot, the image is just black. I just tested saving a screenshot using Web Clipper on Firefox 59.0 - Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu - canonical 1.0. That works fine - the screenshot is as expected. I'll reinstall Web Clipper in Chromium and see if that makes any difference.
  14. Jessica Taylor

    Web Clipper Link Broken

    Web clipper link is broken on website (https://evernote.com/products/webclipper/) and in chrome extension. This in on a MacBook Pro Windows Chrome.
  15. I'm on a 2014 Mac Air, up to date with High Sierra. My EN version is 7.0.1. My browser is Firefox, up to date. I can't clip articles to one particular notebook - it doesn't show up on the Notebook list on the clipper pulldown. If I search for it by name nothing shows up. It doesn't show up on the website when I'm logged in via Firefox either. I can only access this notebook on the laptop app. I've synced from both ends but it's still not showing up. Any ideas please? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I use Web Clipper a lot and often find that the clipped article is "squeezed" in some way, such as to the left of the page. I have also encountered other instances of the clipped item looking different than it does on the original page. I am always careful to review what has been selected to clip before clipping. Has anyone run into this glitch and know how to prevent it from happening? Thanks, Laurie
  17. Hello I mostly use Evernote through the web clipper as a bookmark gatherer (I only record links). I would like to save my bookmark data offline for backup/recording purposes in whatever format (csv, html, json ...). Just like google chrome bookmarks html export. I don't use google chrome bookmarks because it doesn't manage multi chrome accounts (plus bookmarks metadata is very poor). Is there such a feature ? Or if you know better tools/features for my querry ... Many thanks, Raphaël
  18. Whenever I go to YouTube to play videos, Evernote places multiple buttons to remember the video right on the video. It annoys me because it blocks a bit of the video itself. It goes away if I play the video in full screen. I was wondering if there's a way to get rid of this. I will put a screenshot with the message to show what I mean.
  19. TahoeJohnny

    STOP the pop ups!

    I, as numerous others, have uninstalled the web clipper extension on Chrome. It is annoying to say the least. REALLY ANNOYING!
  20. The recent Android update has an improved Web Clipper. It looks great and I thought I can now stop using Pocket. But most of the times, it doesn't work. The clipped note is an empty note with a "clipping..." message.
  21. When I navigate to a page/uri/whatever in my browser, I would like the Web Clipper to detect and display a little check box or indication that I have already clipped something from a given resource or url. I'm already authenticated. You already suggest similar posts when I clip something, so why not take it a step further and save me the grief of having to check the site or app whether I clipped something OR accidentally duplicating my clips unintentionally (sometimes I simply forget). Prrrretty pleeease?
  22. The web clipper forum seems to have disappeared. Is that unintentional and something's gone wrong with the forum database, or is Geoff just in the process of moving the furniture around? Inquiring minds want to know...
  23. Ryq G

    Web Clipper and Tor

    First, it's taken me nearly an hour to find any forum that had the ability to create a new topic. I have been going in circles. I'm probably not in the correct forum, but I can't afford to spend another hour just trying to find how to ask for help. I added the Web Clipper to Tor. When I click on it nothing happens. It appears to be the latest version. It installs from within Tor. I tried to search for Web Clipper for Tor or Web Clipper for Firefox. There are links, but it only seems to have me install Firefox. I did see on the Firefox website it has a rating of 2 stars, with most people saying that it just doesn't work. Since I can't install it, I couldn't even leave another "doesn't work," review. Does it work? What do I need to do to get it to work? I've got a Macbook Air with the latest versions of OSX, latest version of Tor, latest version of the daily newspaper, etc. Help me, Evernote Gurus and/or technical staff.....T'oure my only hope!
  24. I often use the Web Clipper, especially to save Web pages. If I email the resulting Note to someone, they don't get the URL that was actually recorded with the Note. Could you please make that possible, so I don't have the extra work of having to click on "I" to get the URL, copy+paste that in the top of the text of the Note I'm emailing. I'm nearly always using the Clipper on Webpages for "Simplified article", not just "Bookmark" (almost never use that choice).