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  1. I'm on a 2014 Mac Air, up to date with High Sierra. My EN version is 7.0.1. My browser is Firefox, up to date. I can't clip articles to one particular notebook - it doesn't show up on the Notebook list on the clipper pulldown. If I search for it by name nothing shows up. It doesn't show up on the website when I'm logged in via Firefox either. I can only access this notebook on the laptop app. I've synced from both ends but it's still not showing up. Any ideas please? Thanks!
  2. Hi, For some reason, as premium member, Evernote Web Clipper version 6.13.2 is not working in Safari 11.0.3 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3. I've tried an un-install and re-install, without succes. I do have the Evernote icon in my Safari title bar, but nothing happens when I click on it : no error, nothing at all. Stange, because this has worked before, in previous versions of Safari and MacOS on the same iMac. Any suggestions in order to solve the issue ? Best regards, Dominiek
  3. Hi, I use Web Clipper a lot and often find that the clipped article is "squeezed" in some way, such as to the left of the page. I have also encountered other instances of the clipped item looking different than it does on the original page. I am always careful to review what has been selected to clip before clipping. Has anyone run into this glitch and know how to prevent it from happening? Thanks, Laurie
  4. Hello I mostly use Evernote through the web clipper as a bookmark gatherer (I only record links). I would like to save my bookmark data offline for backup/recording purposes in whatever format (csv, html, json ...). Just like google chrome bookmarks html export. I don't use google chrome bookmarks because it doesn't manage multi chrome accounts (plus bookmarks metadata is very poor). Is there such a feature ? Or if you know better tools/features for my querry ... Many thanks, Raphaël
  5. STOP the pop ups!

    I, as numerous others, have uninstalled the web clipper extension on Chrome. It is annoying to say the least. REALLY ANNOYING!
  6. When I navigate to a page/uri/whatever in my browser, I would like the Web Clipper to detect and display a little check box or indication that I have already clipped something from a given resource or url. I'm already authenticated. You already suggest similar posts when I clip something, so why not take it a step further and save me the grief of having to check the site or app whether I clipped something OR accidentally duplicating my clips unintentionally (sometimes I simply forget). Prrrretty pleeease?
  7. The web clipper forum seems to have disappeared. Is that unintentional and something's gone wrong with the forum database, or is Geoff just in the process of moving the furniture around? Inquiring minds want to know...
  8. Web Clipper and Tor

    First, it's taken me nearly an hour to find any forum that had the ability to create a new topic. I have been going in circles. I'm probably not in the correct forum, but I can't afford to spend another hour just trying to find how to ask for help. I added the Web Clipper to Tor. When I click on it nothing happens. It appears to be the latest version. It installs from within Tor. I tried to search for Web Clipper for Tor or Web Clipper for Firefox. There are links, but it only seems to have me install Firefox. I did see on the Firefox website it has a rating of 2 stars, with most people saying that it just doesn't work. Since I can't install it, I couldn't even leave another "doesn't work," review. Does it work? What do I need to do to get it to work? I've got a Macbook Air with the latest versions of OSX, latest version of Tor, latest version of the daily newspaper, etc. Help me, Evernote Gurus and/or technical staff.....T'oure my only hope!
  9. I often use the Web Clipper, especially to save Web pages. If I email the resulting Note to someone, they don't get the URL that was actually recorded with the Note. Could you please make that possible, so I don't have the extra work of having to click on "I" to get the URL, copy+paste that in the top of the text of the Note I'm emailing. I'm nearly always using the Clipper on Webpages for "Simplified article", not just "Bookmark" (almost never use that choice).
  10. Sometimes I clip the same webpage several times, because I'm not sure or don't remember if I got it before. I wish Evernote Web Clipper would check for similar/same source URLs in existing notes, and let me know that I have matching notes before I clip again.
  11. Simple idea: I would like to be able to filter and search within the notes which I have created directly as text notes vs. those which came from web clipper. If it doesn't already exist, create an attribute for notes that says how they were created and allow searching/filtering by note type.
  12. I have been using EverNote for almost 5 years. In recent years, I have been using it a lot less comparing to OneNote. Let me share with you the reason. I notice oneNote is improving in feature much faster in the recent year comparing to EverNote. Every few weeks, there is new feature added to OneNote. There is a recent user interface revamp. However, everNote stays stagnant for the past two years. I hope you will catch up with your development. But in order to know what feature is priority to develop, you do need to listen to user more. It's painstaking for a willing user to write a feedback to EverNote. In OneNote, there is a feedback icon always visible on the user interface.Such feedback could be completed in minutes. I can't find any feedback feature on the EverNote interface. People wants to do that has to click on the contact on the website, then register on this forum. There will be few people willing to go through the pain to post the feedback. I think this cause you to miss out on many good ideas and important feedbacks. The feature I like about EverNote is the web clipper. I think it works well. The "simplified article" button turns the website into a beautiful reading mode. With coloured background that's very easy for eyes to read. But when I clip to EverNote. I realise all the beautiful fonts and backgrounds are gone. I can only read with ugly fonts and white backgrounds...This is such a pity!! Because I clip them to read in the future, and "reading" experience is poor. My suggest to everNote is to add a feedback function on the interface, also improve the web clipper to keep style and background, hence improving the reading experience. All the best for your app. (Luke) Yang Bai.
  13. I have a Evernote Business account and I try to use it on my iPhone (iOS 10.1.2) with the last version of Evernote. All is working well unless the web clipper (used with Safari). The first time I used it, it was good. However, the second time, I cannot change the notebook anymore: when I click on the button in order to change the notebook, the Evernote Web Clipper extension breaks down. If I reinstall the app, it is the same: it works the first time only. I have also tried with another account (personal and not business) and it works without any trouble. The Business account has 23 notebooks and 460 notes and the clipping is working on other mobile devices like Android. What can I do ?
  14. I greatly hope the following feature: when doing web-clipping on chrome, small black window showing status appears at the right-top of chrome. But at that time(I mean, while I can see the status window), every time when I click somewhere on chrome, the status window disappears. This is very annoying. So could you please fix this problem? p.s.1. Maybe the question I posted a little while ago: <Web-clipping: Can I closr the page/browser while "syncronizing "?> can help. p.s.2 I use web clipper ver,6.11(7dea5a8/ on windows. But I recently bought MacBook pro but have not installed/set anything with Evernote. please fix this problem with both win and mac. Thank you for your help.
  15. Whenever I go to YouTube to play videos, Evernote places multiple buttons to remember the video right on the video. It annoys me because it blocks a bit of the video itself. It goes away if I play the video in full screen. I was wondering if there's a way to get rid of this. I will put a screenshot with the message to show what I mean.
  16. Hi people can anyone help with this, for some reason web clipper chrome extension will not install. I have no other problems with chrome or extensions. I've attached a screenie with the error message, if some clever person could review it and tell me how to fix it I would be very happy 👍 thanks
  17. web clipper

    Recently, when I use the web clipper, I have to log-in almost every time. Is this a new requirement? Can I eliminate it ?
  18. Popup - PDF Clipper

    I am currently at university and reading a lot of articles online that are PDFs. As I have Evernote webclipper installed, every time I go to a webpage that contains a PDF, I get the reminder "did you know evernote can save PDFs". Every time! Would it be possible to only do this the first time I go to a page with a PDF, rather than every time. It's annoying rather than a flaw, but one that could easily be fixed... Snozz
  19. Firefox Web clipper drop passwoerd

    Web Clipper 6.9.3 reset the username and password in firefox is just to restart the computer Evernote_6.4.2.3788_20161118.log
  20. It would be good if the web clipper had the ability to save the URL of a site as an option alongside bookmark and screenshot etc. This would be useful as often I want to save a site but be able to access the newest version of it. Furthermore, Evernote for Windows handles this very well when dragging a URL into a notebook, the link is saved as a note and the title of the page is picked out and used as the note title
  21. Hi The web clipper icon did not work for me at all today so I was unable to clip anything as clicking on it did nothing. I deleted it and tried to download web clipper again but it is not downloading now either so I am unable to install it for Safari. Please advise what to do?
  22. The Evernote Web Clipper is unable to clip Quora web pages on android. When I use Share->Add to Evernote, it says "Saving Full Article" and then adds it to the Evernote App dashboard. However, there it just says "Clipping" and then fails to add the note. I am running Android Marshmallow with Quora opened in Chrome
  23. I've noticed that when using Safari on iOS, if I try to send a Google AMP-enabled page to EN via safari's send-to function, the clip note in EN doesn't work properly. For those who are unfamiliar with AMP (accelerated mobile pages), it is a proprietary Google technology designed to speed up pages on mobile. AMP sites are linked to from Google search results. Ideally, Google would allow people to opt out of AMP because it breaks several things (including emailing links from safari; the emailed link is the google AMP link, not the actual page link, etc). But as of yet, there is currently no way to opt out of AMP. Can EN be updated so the Google AMP pages clip properly? In the meantime, I've started using another search engine provider on mobile.
  24. I'm new to Evernote so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. After importing a selection from the web clipper (either in Edge or Opera), there's empty space above it that I can't seem to remove (see attachment). No matter where a position the cursor I cannot delete the empty space, in fact it will often delete text that appears after or below the cursor rather than the space before it. This is using the Windows Desktop version, if I load up the Evernote Touch app for Windows 10 then I can remove the empty space be deleting before the text as you would expect in any regular text editor. I know the desktop version has formatting issues but I just wanted to check I wasn't missing something? Edit: Looks like it was a one off with the Touch app. I haven't been able to remove the empty space on most of my notes from Web Clipper.
  25. I clip a lot of articles from the web (Mac Safari). Invariably I have to edit the clipping to insert the author's name in the "author" field. The clipper could be a lot smarter about finding the author's name in the article and automatically inserting it.