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  1. The issue comes and goes. Evernote has acknowledged the problem but has never fixed it. It has been a dealbreaker for me.
  2. Hard to believe that such a simple problem cannot be resolved after being reported over 4 months ago.
  3. I am using Evernote Web on my Windows 10 laptop (64 bit) and the Edge browser. I often share my notes with others by printing the note to a PDF file. For short notes (1-2 pages), this works fine, but for longer notes, the content is truncated starting on the second page. Microsoft Print to PDF, Cute PDF printer, etc., do not work. Changing to the Chrome browser gives the same result. What works is opening the same note using the legacy Evernote app and printing the note using the "Print to pdf" menu selection. I'd like to be able to print to pdf from the web browser. Do you have a verified solution?
  4. After using the "New Editor" extensively for two full days, I can say that the problem has been greatly reduced, but it has not been eliminated. The reduction is enough to allow me to get my work done with the "New Editor", but more needs to be done.
  5. After reading the most current posts, I decided to switch back to the "New Editor." After two days of use, I can say that the cursor jumping problem is almost gone. It occurs so infrequently now that I will stay with the "New Editor." I hope that further improvements are coming so that this issue can be said to be completely fixed. Other issues remain, but they are truly minor in comparison to the jumping issue.
  6. Just change to the "Classic Editor" instead of the "New Editor". This has fixed the jumping problem for me. I will switch back to the "New Editor" when Evernote fixes this problem. Just keep an eye on which editor is active, since the web client reverts to the "New Editor" from time to time. Very infrequent but it happens.
  7. All has been well with the cursor jumping problem since I reverted to the "Classic Editor" when using the web client in the Edge browser on my Windows 10 laptop. However, today I went to enter a new note and before I started I saw that Evernote had switched me back to the "New Editor" without any input from me. Easy enough to make the swith back to the "Classic Editor."
  8. I have found that switching from the "New Editor" to the "Classic Editor" when using Evernote in my browser fixes the problem. I will switch back to the "New Editor" when Evernote fixes the issues.
  9. I am subscribed for months to come. When it comes time to renew, their response or lack thereof will guide my decision on whether to renew. I have now switched to the Classic Editor instead of the New Editor to solve a problem with the cursor randomly jumping to the start of the note. I have found with the Classic Editor, the problem with pasting into the title field is also eliminated. The solution to the problems with the New Editor are then to be found in the Classic Editor. Hopefully this will help them to fix the issues quickly.
  10. I continued to use the Classic Editor today when entering notes for up to an hour. No cursor jumping with this editor! I do like the new editor, but I cannot live with the cursor jumping problem.
  11. I agree with your comment, but it does nothing to address the issue of pasting into the Title field. This needs to be fixed. I also find great benefit with the automatic creation of the title that we had in the past and would love to see that restored or, at a minimum, made a user selectable option.
  12. I would like to be able to more easily edit and manage templates that I create. Although I can work with the current functionality, it is cumbersome. For example, there are times when I just need to tweak a template. I have to create a new note, insert the template, make the change, then save the template to a new name whereas I would just like to replace the template I am tweaking. Cumbersome! Sorting of templates by name or date would also be nice. I would also like to be able to create a note and insert a template at any point within the note.
  13. I am a paid subscriber using the web client 10.6.9 with my Widows 10 laptop. When I create a new note, the Title field has the word Title in it. No problem typing the title into this field but when I try to paste the title into the field, it is pasted instead at the end of the note. I have to enter a space into the Title field, paste the title, and then delete the space I entered. Not very user-friendly. I would also like to see an option to restore the old functionality which automatically entered the first line of the note as the title.
  14. Some notebooks have notes which are best sorted by Title, others by date created. Although it is easy enough to pick the sort option for each notebook when I use it, I would like to see and option to store the order selected for each notebook, so it does not have to be changed each time I do work in that notebook.
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