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  1. I solved the problem by using a URL shortener (tinyurl.com) with Chrome. Shortened url's work fine within Evernote and the created PDF. Even though this worked, I would like to know if there is a better solution that does not require a url shortener.
  2. The hyperlink in the PDF is still active and launches the browser, however with the replacement of some characters, as noted in my example, the link does not bring the user to the correct page. So I would not say that the hyperlink is deactivated, but it is changed.
  3. I have a note with a number of hyperlinks. When the hyperlinks are clicked on in Evernote, the linked document opens in a browser, no problem. However, if I print the document to a PDF and click the link in the PDF, the link is changed and does not open correctly in the browser. There are quite a few links in the Evernote document and they are all like this. Open fine when clicked in Evernote, but not in the PDF. Here an example of the URL in Evernote and how it is changed when a PDF is created. EVERNOTE LINK: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+12%3A1&version=NRSVCE
  4. It would seem like those ideas would work but I have tried them and still I must stop my data entry while I wait for a sync to complete.
  5. That would be a solution for me. None of the obvious settings work, so I just expect that at some point in my typing I will be forced to wait while the sync is in progress. Frustrating.
  6. I use the Evernote every day. Almost always I will be in the midst of typing my thoughts for a note when everything stops and Evernote syncs. I cannot find settings for sync that allow me to create my note and instruct Evernote to sync when I am not in the midst of typing a note. I love the product but I do not like this behavior.
  7. I am a paid subscriber. I pay for what I need and I have no intention to upgrade. I would appreciate it if the distracting "Upgrade" button on the top right of my app screen would just go away. Thank you.
  8. Thanks to all for the feedback. I do enjoy using Evernote but not enough to cause me to spend money on new equipment to make it work. Hopefully, an update in the not too distant future will fix this nagging problem for all.
  9. I am a "Plus" subscriber and I have tried all the suggestions here and nothing works. The Evernote app with Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptop continues to stall as I type. I type fairly rapidly and view the text on the screen as I type. Stalling is not only distracting but often Evernote misses characters I have typed during the stall. I had hoped that this would be a priority for a fix but after experiencing this with no change for months and months, I am thinking of looking for other applications for my notes. With the exception of this problem, I love Evernote and would like to continue using
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