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  1. It would seem like those ideas would work but I have tried them and still I must stop my data entry while I wait for a sync to complete.
  2. That would be a solution for me. None of the obvious settings work, so I just expect that at some point in my typing I will be forced to wait while the sync is in progress. Frustrating.
  3. I use the Evernote every day. Almost always I will be in the midst of typing my thoughts for a note when everything stops and Evernote syncs. I cannot find settings for sync that allow me to create my note and instruct Evernote to sync when I am not in the midst of typing a note. I love the product but I do not like this behavior.
  4. I am a paid subscriber. I pay for what I need and I have no intention to upgrade. I would appreciate it if the distracting "Upgrade" button on the top right of my app screen would just go away. Thank you.
  5. That does work well on my laptop but not at all with the Evernote app on my Kindle Fire HD. On the Kindle Fire HD app the initial view is always All Notes and I can find no way to change that.
  6. I would like an option to be able to select the start up view so my startup screen is the same on all of my devices. At this time I am using Evernote on my laptop (Windows 10) and my Kindle Fire HD. The laptop begins with a list of available notebooks. The Kindle opens with view of all notes. Attached is the startup view from my laptop which I would like to also have on my Kindle. Simply stated the user should have the option of selecting how Evernote opens, e.g. all notes, a list of notebooks, a particular notebook, or perhaps even a particular note.
  7. Thanks to all for the feedback. I do enjoy using Evernote but not enough to cause me to spend money on new equipment to make it work. Hopefully, an update in the not too distant future will fix this nagging problem for all.
  8. I am a "Plus" subscriber and I have tried all the suggestions here and nothing works. The Evernote app with Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptop continues to stall as I type. I type fairly rapidly and view the text on the screen as I type. Stalling is not only distracting but often Evernote misses characters I have typed during the stall. I had hoped that this would be a priority for a fix but after experiencing this with no change for months and months, I am thinking of looking for other applications for my notes. With the exception of this problem, I love Evernote and would like to continue using it. Anyone have a fix for this issue that really works?
  9. Really like Evernote but one think that continues to frustrate me is how all activity in Evernote is halted during the sync process. I would like to see an improvement make in this process that would allow me to continue to work on my Notes while sync is in progress. I understand the difficulty in doing this but I am sure that it can be implemented with a bit of work.
  10. You are correct! A full exit and reopening resulted in the sort order I was looking for. Thanks.
  11. Is there a way to setup how the list of notebooks is sorted. At first it seems to be alphabetical but changing the name of a notebook does not change it location in the list. Cannot find any setting to make changes.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I did submit the issue as a bug.
  13. I normally have the Evernote icon on my Windows task bar. Each time an update is installed, the icon on the task bar disappears. I have to use Windows Explorer to locate the EXE file on my hard drive, right click on the EXE file name, and select to have it appear on the task bar. I then have to position the icon where I want it on the task bar. I would prefer that the update procedure include a determination of whether there is an Evernote icon on either the Windows task bar or start menu, and update the icon to point to the new version rather than leaving it to me to make update my task bar or start menu.
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