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  1. BAM there we go! Thanks for posting this, I should have done my homework!
  2. You'll have to check, as I don't currently have my iPad handy, but I don't believe it is available.
  3. When you enter the annotation screen for a PDF using Evernote annotation system, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the annotation window. If you do NOT want an annotation summary, check the box: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABny9xIPu0ZCfoOMXS1MyJJej9SWlCYPkpw This appears to also work retroactively (at least in my one test). If you have a document that has an annotation summary, and you then later un-check the "Include annotation summary" box, the summary will be removed.
  4. While you have to log into the Evernote application and the Evernote Clipper separately, under normal conditions there should be no need to log into the clipper every time you launch your browser. Your login should persist. If you clear your cookies, or if you have configured Firefox to automatically clear your cookies when you close it, this will likely prevent your login from persisting between launches.
  5. An alternative would be to create a single archive, and upon archiving, tag the note with whichever notebook it was archived from. so a note in "The Thing" would be tagged with the tag "thething" and moved to an archive. When revisiting your archive, you can just filter your view by tag. So you navigate to your archive notebook and you want to see all the archived stuff tome your "the thing" notebook so you select that tag from the little tag dropdown at the top of the note list. Perhaps you want to see them from "Project X". so you select the "project x" tag from the tag dropdown, etc.
  6. This is good advice but just to make very, very clear, this does not in any way encrypt the Evernote note itself. This will just encrypt that specific attached PDF. Any text or non-encrypted attachments other than the encrypted PDF will still be potentially accessible by navigating to the locally stored files on your device's storage. (You can encrypt individual lines of text in notes, but this can be a bit cumbersome to do with every single note). There is no way to encrypt the database that Evernote makes and stores locally on your device in a way that prevents someone logged into your user account from accessing it. (You can prevent other types of intrusion by enabling FileVault, which will prevent your Evernote database from being read, unless the intruder has your strong password in hand).
  7. You don't need to install Office to get One Note. One Note is available as a standalone application from the Mac App Store.
  8. I'm with you. I was able to get my partner on board, but as far as colleagues go, no such luck, but I've since stopped using Evernote for work related tasks anyhow, so its a good thing I never onboarded my colleagues anyway!
  9. It's difficult to know whether a user is part of a team or not. I am not part of a team, but I do share several notebooks, as well as a number of individual notes, with my partner. For this we use Work Chat, since that is how two evernote users share notes and notebooks. However, Evernote has no way of knowing whether my partner and I are part of a "team" or simply just coordinating household affairs. Therefore, Evernote would have no way of knowing whether it should or should not serve me up an ad to "upgrade my team". I also think we should avoid conflating Work Chat and Evernote Premium for Business. These are two different things entirely. Work Chat is something that ALL Evernote users, regardless of their subscription, must use if they want to share with another Evernote user (whether they are part of a "team" or not!). Evernote Premium for Business almost only ever would make sense in the context of an actual "team" or business. Thus, work chat concerns every Evernote user that has a need to share a note or notebook with another Evernote user, whereas Evernote Premium for Business only ever concerns people who are involved in a business (or similar).
  10. Ah, thanks for directing me to that. I've been a bit out of the "release loop". glad they've acknowledged it.
  11. Yikes. Really a poor thing to foist upon those who are paying for the highest individually-priced subscription.
  12. Since the change to the paid tiers took place, there seems to be a non-removable sidebar nag to "upgrade your team", even for me, a premium user. When clicked, you are presented with an overlay describing Evernote Premium for Business. This overlay can only be dismissed by pressing the escape key. It cannot be dismissed by clicking outside of the overlay, nor does the overlay itself has an "x" or "close" button. Have other Premium users encountered this sidebar item and overlay? Have you been able to remove it from your sidebar? For EN staff who might come across this: 1) It does not make sense to thrust this advertisement on Premium users. There is no guarantee that a given premium user is part of a team, or is in a position to make such decisions even if they are part of a team. 2) This sidebar item needs to be removable. Why allow premium users to remove Market and Announcements and Ads, but not this? Where's the logic in that. 3) The hard-to-dismiss overlay is frustrating and a bit aggressive. Overall this is a disappointingly forceful move on Evernote's part.
  13. Those are definitely two significant shortcomings of the built-in Evernote Camera if you are looking to use it as if it were a traditional camera. Unfortunately I don't think this is how Evernote is expecting it to be used, I think they are expecting it to be used primarily as if it were a scanner, which requires much different controls (and far fewer manual controls!). I suspect your best bet is to use the iOS camera, then import all the images in bulk to Evernote afterwards. Since iOS stores your photos chronologically then it should be fairly easy to maintain order. Not an ideal workaround at all, but workarounds rarely are ideal otherwise they wouldn't be workarounds!
  14. Sure, I think Evernote would be wise to add this as an option for their camera, though with their smart document scanning system they've implemented I'm not sure it would work. Thats technical stuff only Evernote knows though, but one can speculate! A bit of an aside, in zooming the way you do you are "digitally zooming". This is not too different from (in fact, its almost identical to) taking the picture without zoom then cropping it down and sizing it back up. Given this to be the case, you could snap the photos using Evernote's camera without zoom, then crop them down afterwards achieving, essentially, the same effect (and all of the glorious quality loss inherent in either workflow in the absence of optical zoom!).
  15. You might not need to do a backup of your Evernote database on your computer. Log into the web interface of Evernote and confirm that all of your notes are present there. If stye are all there you can uninstall and re-install the evernote application on your windows machine without needing to backup. (That being said, having backups of your computer is generally good practice so if you don't already have a backup system in place, you should consider doing so)
  16. Ah, yes, that makes sense. In my scanning of the posts to catch up with the discussion I didn't think to follow a link to another discussion thread for this type of info!
  17. @JMPlease read the thread again. The date of 2000 is clearly written there. If you prefer to rely upon Wikipedia, then maybe I can go over there and change the date to 2000 so that everyone will then be in agreement I hate to perpetuate what has now diverged from the main topic of discussion, but GM, are you referring to the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evernote ? If so, I actually can't find 2000 mentioned anywhere which now has me puzzled.
  18. Valiant and certainly legitimate, but I'm going to devote my energy towards using the so-called AI, erroneous name or not, to completing my work!
  19. In general the use of the term AI has been intended to refer to the feature called AI by DEVONThink (and, subsequently, other people's use of "AI" to refer to similar features). While I can't speak for GM, I certainly did not mean to suggest that this truly was some form of AI, as I am not knowledgeable enough to make any accurate claims about what is or is not AI. Just using the noun that the company tosses around.
  20. Wasn't my claim, just suggesting that might have been the intended meaning.
  21. "Related Notes" existed for a number of years prior to the release of "context" in 2014, which was basically the same as Context minus the media tie-ins. I suppose this could be considered a degree of AI but it isn't nearly as robust, as DT's which I'm sure you've discovered in your DT adventures!
  22. Echoing JM, your DT post is great, and definitely helped me get started with DEVONThink. In my opinion, DEVONThink is not an outright one-to-one replacement for Evernote in a broad sense. Ultimately it depends on what a user was using Evernote for in the first place. It hasn't "replaced" Evernote for me. There came a point where I was no longer able to continue storing work-related content in Evernote. Because of that DEVONThink has taken over that role and does it many, many times better than Evernote ever did. Even if I could still use Evernote for work, I'd probably choose not to because of how much better DEVONThink works for me in this context. However, when it comes to a lot of household management things, my partner and I still use Evernote because of how straightforward capturing and sharing is. This is where Evernote truly shines in my day-to-day, and why it remains indispensable. So, while I now spend about 75% of my time (100% of my work time) in DEVONThink, the 25% of my time spent in Evernote dealing with household stuff and cooking and whatnot, is a long way away from being replaced by DEVONThink or anything else.
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