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  1. What is going on with the subscriptions? I have just paid one year of Premium renewal (member since 10 years ago!). And I am being bombarded with emails and messages about "upgrading" to the new Personal plan? What the heck is that? Will my subscription be cancelled? I reached to Evernote, but, not surprisingly, got no answer. Time to leave the Evernote boat?
  2. I am having this exact problem in latest Evernote for iOS. Never happened before. (All new Evernote versions (macOS and iOS) suck and are terrible. Luckily, I can use legacy version in macOS, but for iOS I am stuck with this awful new app. ) Anyway, back to the topic, I click on the gray box as mentioned here. But nothing happens. No magic wand, nothing. This is terrible. How can I edit these notes in iOS? They appear normally in macOS client as well as web browser. Only in iOS do I get the uneditable HTML box. Thanks for help!
  3. Web clipper no longer works. It prompts me to login. I do it as usual. The window opens and closes and nothing happens. The dot on the clipper icon remains in the tool bar, and web clipper does not work. I am using OS 10.11.6, Safari 11.0 and Web Clipper 6.12.4. Please help! Thanks. /C
  4. Thanks. That did not work. What it did work was to throw away the Evernote app and reinstall fresh from a new download. This happened in 2 of three computers. Something went corrupted in the Evernote app. Who knows what... Thanks for taking the time to respond. C
  5. And who is interested in you by the way? What a dumb comment. It works for you... so what? How does that help me? Please be constructive or go elsewhere.
  6. The navigation buttons in the upper left corner of the app (allowing to move forward and backwards between viewed notes) are dead in my desktop Evernote app. I click on them but nothing happens. Anyone has a clue? I am running Evernote for Mac version 6.10 on an iMac machine running OS X 10.11.6. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have added a few links to youtube videos in my note workflow. See attachment 1. When I click the Quick Look button in the first one, the video starts playing, but the sound of ALL the links below start playing at the same time. This is utterly weird. Can it be fixed? Thanks. C
  8. Agee totally with AK7. How difficult can this be to implement? Please do asap!!!
  9. You don't understand anything of what I am talking about. Thats why this problem isn't getting fixed. I am a Premium user. I have all my notebooks downloaded and accessible offline. Anyway, I was online when I arrived to the concert. So, your diagnosis is wrong. The note DID NOT disappear. It was there (at least the title of it). But the content, was wrong. The content of the note was that from ANOTHER NOTE. You get it now? The note about my concert WAS THERE. But it did not contained my ticket, as it should. The content was something completely different. You understand now? This only happens with the iOS version. In the Mac client everything is ok. Now my iPhone has downloaded everything again and the note is correct. The ticket is there now. Too late for me though. Are you getting it now? Or should I have to explain this again? I had this problem before and one of your gurus recommended to wipe out the app and download a new one. Not convenient when you are in a hurry to get the info that you need. Service in this app sucks! I can t believe it!
  10. Yes, it happened again. And this time it really screwed things up for me. I was going to a concert. Had bought ticket online in advance. HAd ticket as a Note in Evernote. Coming to the entrance to show my ticket from my iPhone and… zas! The note is there but its content is something completely different. Anotehre note is showing. No ticket!! Restart Evernote. Restart iPhone. Nothing helps. The concert will start anytime….. I bought another ticket. And lost my reserved place. And my dining table. Aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you guys going to fix this damn thing once and for all? PS: Back home, I deleted the app and loaded up a new one. Logged in again. Notes (more than 5,000 of them) began upholding. This was a few days ago. They are still uploading…. /DS
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