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  1. Web clipper no longer works. It prompts me to login. I do it as usual. The window opens and closes and nothing happens. The dot on the clipper icon remains in the tool bar, and web clipper does not work. I am using OS 10.11.6, Safari 11.0 and Web Clipper 6.12.4. Please help! Thanks. /C
  2. Thanks. That did not work. What it did work was to throw away the Evernote app and reinstall fresh from a new download. This happened in 2 of three computers. Something went corrupted in the Evernote app. Who knows what... Thanks for taking the time to respond. C
  3. And who is interested in you by the way? What a dumb comment. It works for you... so what? How does that help me? Please be constructive or go elsewhere.
  4. The navigation buttons in the upper left corner of the app (allowing to move forward and backwards between viewed notes) are dead in my desktop Evernote app. I click on them but nothing happens. Anyone has a clue? I am running Evernote for Mac version 6.10 on an iMac machine running OS X 10.11.6. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have added a few links to youtube videos in my note workflow. See attachment 1. When I click the Quick Look button in the first one, the video starts playing, but the sound of ALL the links below start playing at the same time. This is utterly weird. Can it be fixed? Thanks. C
  6. Using Safari on Mac OSX "El Capitan", update to EN web clipper v6.7 kills the clipper. Solved problem by installing clipper and reinstalling v6.6 Advice: DO NOT UPGRADE TO V6.7 Thanks!
  7. http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2016/01/28/science.aad0314 Science magazine is a key soruce of reference for many people's work. But the clipper hangs indefinitely without finishing the clip on these pages. I dont understand why the clipper does not work with Science articles. Thanks for feedback. (Clipping from Safari with Evernote for Mac OSX)
  8. Did it, nothing there. Empty the trash, sync the device and move on to the next. Did it. No help. Likewise check for a Conflicting Changes notebook and correct/ eliminate anything there, syncing each time. Did it. No help. Then add a note to EN Web via your browser and sync your other devices. Can you see that note everywhere? Yes, I can. If not, log out of any device missing the note and restart your device / log back in. Any change? No difference. If not, you may need to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app... Did it. No help. Thanks for trying. This is annoying.
  9. Thanks. In the meantime found the folder, but this trick is very useful to know for future instances. See for example my other post HERE. In that case, I am not actually missing any note anywhere. Still, all the devices (and the web app) show differnt total number of notes. Strange. Thanks!
  10. @ JMichael: I saw that. but the link "Backup and completely uninstall EN Mac App and data (click this link to see details)" is faulty. Tehre is nothing there and I go back to the same page. This is not helpful. I am running Evernote 6.1.
  11. This issue is driving me crazy. See screenshots attached. Please help. Thanks! C
  12. Some notes are missing when I launch desktop Evernote in my Macboook Air compared to my iMac or the web version. Still, Evernote in the MAB can produce notes that are uploaded and synced correctly. Those notes appear in my other devices (including my iPhone). But there are a few notes missing the MAB formt the last few days. How do I sync this properly? I tried throwing Evernote app to Trash and reinstalling from the Evernote website. Still same notes, same settings, same everything. Not sure how to proceed. Is there a way to make a clean install? Search the forum and found many similar questions but no solution. Thanks. C
  13. UPDATE: It seems that the original user does get a notification when changes are made to a shared note, but, alas, the other user does not get any notification. This is totally ridiculous! I do not need to get notified of the changes that I have made myself. Only when the other account makes changes do I need to get notified. Is anyone from the EN team listening to this forum? Could someone please look into this?
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