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  1. Right clicking on the empty notebooks and selecting "delete notebook" doesn't work? (also, the reason they don't appear on the other devices is because conflicting changes notebooks are "local" notebooks so that you don't sync a bunch of conflicting notes all over the place).
  2. Are you positive that you are logged into exactly the same account on all your devices (and the Web Clipper)? Evernote has made it all-too easy to accidentally create a new account when attempting to log in if you accidentally used a secondary email to do so.
  3. 1) Are the notebooks that fail to show up "Local notebooks" by any chance? Local notebooks will not show up as a possible destination in the Clipper. 2) Are you absolutely sure you are logged into the same Evernote account in both the Desktop client and the Web Clipper?
  4. That sounds like a really compelling idea. I can definitely see a use case for that, though I don't know if it fits my needs... perhaps in large part because my use of Evernote has dropped considerably in the last year, and my current use of it is now very straightforward. The heavy-duty work takes place in another application now. As such I am less invested in, and have less need for, sophisticated organizational assistance within Evernote. I'd certainly consider a trial of this application you are developing though!
  5. 1400 notes (4 years of use, I have a couple thousand notes exported and stored in an archive that are from years-old projects). As few notebooks as possible, good titles, judicious tagging. Search is my usual means of retrieval. I very rarely browse. The exception would be for very tightly related notes. For example, when I travel I might place my various itinerary documents into Evernote and tag them with a locationMMYY tag, (e.g., baltimore0415). I would either search for that tag with tag:baltimore* or tag:baltimore0415. I may browse by clicking on that tag (likely if it is close to my d
  6. I like encrypting notebooks. I agree it would increase security. I don't, and did not, suggest otherwise. I think encryption is extremely important. I just can't see it fitting easily into Evernote's service without some issues or some compromises that deteriorate the benefit of encryption to at least some degree. I'm sure there are power users and savvy product managers out there with much better ideas than what I possess who will figure out how to implement ZK encryption in a way that doesn't seriously degrade UX.
  7. I disagree that implementing encryption "would negate the majority of the features that Evernote has to offer". The ONLY feature that encryption negates is Search of the data that is encrypted. Also, OCR'ing images, generating "related notes"/"Context" suggestions. You'd also be unable to email or clip into encrypted notebooks. Yes, you could allow users to make some notebooks zero-knowledge encrypted and others not, but this seems like it could be immensely confusing for some users who, for some reason they may not fully understand, find that some images or PDFs or DOCX files aren't index
  8. My understanding is that the encryption is zero-knowledge and easily done for OneNote, so you might not find that you have much to worry about after all. I wouldn't put anything sensitive on anyone else's servers unless it was encrypted. Good point . . . that's something I wasn't aware of. I'm wondering why Evernote skipped over that feature. My apologies for going a little off-topic, by the way. Implementing that feature would negate the majority of the features that Evernote has to offer. This is because a large portion of Evernote's features require server-side access to your note con
  9. Scott, thanks for another great post. Lots of great insight there. I look forward to your new article. Please post a link to it here when published. JMichael, As per, here's the link to part 1 of a set of two posts in which I rather haphazardly make contrasts between Evernote and DEVONthink, based on thoughts off the top of my head. It's a bit "back of the napkin", but the point is to highlight how the two applications (or an application and a service) can work together to serve the breadth of an individual's set of needs. Evernote and DEVONthink Part I Part two coming next week. Tha
  10. Scott, thanks for another great post. Lots of great insight there. I look forward to your new article. Please post a link to it here when published. Cheers!
  11. In addition to the great post that GM has made highlighting some of the differences and similarities, I'd like to also through out a few important differences. One of Evernote's major advantages is the simplicity and seamlessness of how it synchronizes. Much of this is made possible by virtue of the fact that it largely removes control of the files from the file system into its own database and makes files more-or-less inaccessible outside of Evernote (this is much less of an issue on the Mac compared to iOS, but it still does add some significant clumsiness to editing attachments on the Mac).
  12. Where is Evernote Support here? While Evernote Staff do participate in some threads, there are no staff in this one. Other than Gazumped asking for the OP for why this is important, the general consensus in this thread seems to be that extracting text is a useful feature that isn't available (and like will never be available) in Evernote. There are alternatives for extracting text from images.
  13. Indeed, it looks like it is broken. However, it appears as though when annotating a file in Evernote for iPad you can tap the ellipsis (Three dots) and you have the option to disable the annotation summary.... you might need to do some poking around since I don't have the screenshot or my own iPad in front of me at the moment so I might have the exact location incorrect.
  14. BAM there we go! Thanks for posting this, I should have done my homework!
  15. You'll have to check, as I don't currently have my iPad handy, but I don't believe it is available.
  16. When you enter the annotation screen for a PDF using Evernote annotation system, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the annotation window. If you do NOT want an annotation summary, check the box: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABny9xIPu0ZCfoOMXS1MyJJej9SWlCYPkpw This appears to also work retroactively (at least in my one test). If you have a document that has an annotation summary, and you then later un-check the "Include annotation summary" box, the summary will be removed.
  17. While you have to log into the Evernote application and the Evernote Clipper separately, under normal conditions there should be no need to log into the clipper every time you launch your browser. Your login should persist. If you clear your cookies, or if you have configured Firefox to automatically clear your cookies when you close it, this will likely prevent your login from persisting between launches.
  18. An alternative would be to create a single archive, and upon archiving, tag the note with whichever notebook it was archived from. so a note in "The Thing" would be tagged with the tag "thething" and moved to an archive. When revisiting your archive, you can just filter your view by tag. So you navigate to your archive notebook and you want to see all the archived stuff tome your "the thing" notebook so you select that tag from the little tag dropdown at the top of the note list. Perhaps you want to see them from "Project X". so you select the "project x" tag from the tag dropdown, etc.
  19. This is good advice but just to make very, very clear, this does not in any way encrypt the Evernote note itself. This will just encrypt that specific attached PDF. Any text or non-encrypted attachments other than the encrypted PDF will still be potentially accessible by navigating to the locally stored files on your device's storage. (You can encrypt individual lines of text in notes, but this can be a bit cumbersome to do with every single note). There is no way to encrypt the database that Evernote makes and stores locally on your device in a way that prevents someone logged into your us
  20. You don't need to install Office to get One Note. One Note is available as a standalone application from the Mac App Store.
  21. I'm with you. I was able to get my partner on board, but as far as colleagues go, no such luck, but I've since stopped using Evernote for work related tasks anyhow, so its a good thing I never onboarded my colleagues anyway!
  22. It's difficult to know whether a user is part of a team or not. I am not part of a team, but I do share several notebooks, as well as a number of individual notes, with my partner. For this we use Work Chat, since that is how two evernote users share notes and notebooks. However, Evernote has no way of knowing whether my partner and I are part of a "team" or simply just coordinating household affairs. Therefore, Evernote would have no way of knowing whether it should or should not serve me up an ad to "upgrade my team". I also think we should avoid conflating Work Chat and Evernote Premium
  23. Ah, thanks for directing me to that. I've been a bit out of the "release loop". glad they've acknowledged it.
  24. Yikes. Really a poor thing to foist upon those who are paying for the highest individually-priced subscription.
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