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  1. That's a very strange problem. Certainly frustrating, I'm sure. I can't reproduce it on either of my iOS devices so it must be some strange confluence of factors that affects devices only in certain conditions... Hope you find a fix!
  2. I don't understand.... I never saw the creation of selectable (and thus, extricable) text from images in any marketing material from Evernote in the last 10 years... I have NEVER seen evernote claim to have this feature. They have always only ever said that they make images of text searchable, which is what they do (success is, of course, determined by the quality of the image and the clarity of the writing).
  3. You can still email notes, it just isn't present in the toolbar (And never has been, at least on the Mac). If you mean the Menu bar, then it is also still there, see the screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/l/ABnpcizkQXxBDbpDr-a2KLE8zhHHla68G8Q You can use your computers System Preferences>Keyboard to create a keyboard shortcut for that command if you need to use that function on a regular basis and don't want to click through the menus. If you're on a windows machine, I don't think you can create custom keyboard shortcuts, at least not natively in Windows, so you'll be stuck clicking through the menu.
  4. Since the notes were retrieved with search they are technically still in your account and not lost? Were you able to figure out where they were in your account? Sounds like they were just in a different notebook than you expected. You can see where in evernote a given note is stored by clicking on the information button for the note.
  5. Since you might be looking at a few days of "downtime" before Evernote support get this resolved for you, you can always create a local notebook on your computer and put new content in there (or move actively working content there) where, while it won't be synced to the servers, you'll at least be able to add and modify it, and move it back to its normal notebook once your allowance is updated. Obviously this will not help at all if your primary use takes place on a mobile device in which case you are beholden to your exhausted allowance....
  6. I don't think that is the reason. I think the reason is that there is a bug or some issue occurring that could be resolved through troubleshooting or contacting Evernote Support. Evernote marketing seems to prefer a barrage of pop-overs and notifications to try and get you to upgrade, failing to update your allowance doesn't seem to be their key strategy since the occurrences of such problems appear, based on what I've seen in this forum, to be far from widespread. Definitely try the troubleshooting (Search the forums for your issue and you'll see the troubleshooting suggestions :e.g., logging out and back in, checking your allowance on the Web at www.evernote.com, etc, etc.) and if that fails to fix it (remembering too that the allowance doesn't reset on the 1st of the month, it resets based on your sign-up date), contact Support.
  7. What you are showing in your screenshots suggests there is an issue (though this time related to notebook details). Unlike Vic's, your screenshots show that, indeed, you have "Show details" enabled, and no details are shown! Not sure why a few recently accessed notebooks aren't showing up for you. I'd say its worth a bug report to support.
  8. fully agree. "Unlimited" should never have been uttered if they weren't prepared to handle something approximating unlimited. Their new proposed limit is perfectly reasonable, and as they say, should more than adequately serve over 99.999% of users. Though that may be, backtracking just looks bad, and smacks of carelessness. A marketing blunder indeed.
  9. Yes, there's also this much easier solution!
  10. Best to export the notebook (Make sure to tick the "include tags" box in the export dialogue) and have the recipient import the exported file into a notebook of their own creation.
  11. From the screenshot it appears as though Show Details is OFF for tags....
  12. Right clicking on the empty notebooks and selecting "delete notebook" doesn't work? (also, the reason they don't appear on the other devices is because conflicting changes notebooks are "local" notebooks so that you don't sync a bunch of conflicting notes all over the place).
  13. Are you positive that you are logged into exactly the same account on all your devices (and the Web Clipper)? Evernote has made it all-too easy to accidentally create a new account when attempting to log in if you accidentally used a secondary email to do so.
  14. 1) Are the notebooks that fail to show up "Local notebooks" by any chance? Local notebooks will not show up as a possible destination in the Clipper. 2) Are you absolutely sure you are logged into the same Evernote account in both the Desktop client and the Web Clipper?
  15. 1) You might find a more well informed audience here: Evernote for Developers 2) I believe that note size is an attribute that is accessible via the Evernote API. You'd have to look through the documentation: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/for how to access it via the API.
  16. I think there is some confusion about what you are referring to... Are you talking about the Penultimate iPad application?
  17. For the web client, download the image or PDF from the Evernote note onto the computer's local storage. Then, open the downloaded file in an application that supports the actions you are looking to perform on those files. Then update the version in Evernote by re-attaching the modified version to the original note. This last bit is a bit cumbersome if you are using the web because you have to manually delete the old attachment and re-upload the modified file, but if you take care and move slowly you should avoid any data loss. If you are hotdesking you'll be at the mercy of whatever the machine has installed on it in terms of supporting PDFs/images and your stylus, but that's ultimately a separate issue from Evernote.
  18. If you have the desktop Evernote client installed, you can open the PDF or image in any external application you like, and any changes are saved directly to the Evernote database and synced back to Evernote servers (no round-tripping needed, e.g., you don't need to make changes, save it to a location like your desktop, then re-import!). In theory this should allow you to open the image or PDF in any application that supports our stylus, make your changes there, and these will be saved directly back to Evernote. It sounds like you are referring to the web... is there a reason you are using the Web interface and not the desktop Evernote client?
  19. That sounds like a really compelling idea. I can definitely see a use case for that, though I don't know if it fits my needs... perhaps in large part because my use of Evernote has dropped considerably in the last year, and my current use of it is now very straightforward. The heavy-duty work takes place in another application now. As such I am less invested in, and have less need for, sophisticated organizational assistance within Evernote. I'd certainly consider a trial of this application you are developing though!
  20. Evernote has no ability to control the state of settings in your Phone's Settings application (no application does). Evernote can only control settings within the Evernote application itself. If the Settings app>Cellular>Use Cellular Data For is not maintaining your setting, that is likely an issue with the OS or with your device. Which version of iOS are you running? Have you jailbroken your device?
  21. Was this in a print magazine or is the article available online? Can you link to it if it is online?
  22. search: sharedate:*Keep in mind that will only show notes that have individually been shared. It will not return notes in shared notebooks unless that note has also been explicitly shared with someone outside of the already-shared notebook. You can look at your notebook list for shared notebooks if you want to see which notes are in shared notebooks and which are not.
  23. 1400 notes (4 years of use, I have a couple thousand notes exported and stored in an archive that are from years-old projects). As few notebooks as possible, good titles, judicious tagging. Search is my usual means of retrieval. I very rarely browse. The exception would be for very tightly related notes. For example, when I travel I might place my various itinerary documents into Evernote and tag them with a locationMMYY tag, (e.g., baltimore0415). I would either search for that tag with tag:baltimore* or tag:baltimore0415. I may browse by clicking on that tag (likely if it is close to my departure that tag will be saved as a shortcut) but unless the tag is in the shortcuts section, that's not as efficient in my opinion. Searching for note content (rather than a specific tag) can produce a fair number of false positives, but in general the false positives aren't too hard to sift through. So, tightly defined tags and searching. Minimal use of notebooks (my notebook count is slightly inflated due to the need to share some things, which requires its own notebook).
  24. Sounds like you are in business environment. If so, then I might suggest that you look for a tool more effective and capable than Evernote for task management. Evernote is a great PIM, but has limited features to support real task management. It's OK for ToDos for limited personal use, but quickly falls short for task management, particularly when you want to track status, delegate tasks, share tasks, associate with projects, and get notifications when updated or past due. Evernote, by itself, does not have a method to pull a list of all checkboxes NOT checked in a note. The best you can do is get a list of Notes where one or more checkboxes are unchecked. However, there are Evernote "Add-ons" that integrate well with Evernote to provide better task manager. Here are a few examples in or particular order. Many more available. Disclaimer: I have NOT used any of these, nor have any association with them. Azendoo: team to-do IQTELL is a comprehensive task management solution many more But if you want best of breed, industrial strength, task/project management, you are well advised to see apps dedicated to project/task management. A great example that is low cost is Apptivo. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. "The best you can do is get a list of Notes where one or more checkboxes are unchecked." - How do I do this????? I would be grateful to be told how..... The search syntax for any note that contains un-checked boxes is: todo:falseConversely , look for notes with checked boxes switch "false" to "true". You can combine these with negations, so, looks for notes that have unchecked boxes ONLY (that is, where NONE of the boxes are checked): -todo:true todo:false
  25. I like encrypting notebooks. I agree it would increase security. I don't, and did not, suggest otherwise. I think encryption is extremely important. I just can't see it fitting easily into Evernote's service without some issues or some compromises that deteriorate the benefit of encryption to at least some degree. I'm sure there are power users and savvy product managers out there with much better ideas than what I possess who will figure out how to implement ZK encryption in a way that doesn't seriously degrade UX.
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