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  1. Oh sure, there's an option in Mac EN (well hidden) to not use the Annotation Summary --- BUT IT DOESN'T WORK! No matter how you try and make sure that setting is set, there will ALWAYS be an annotation summary w/ any pdf that's been through Skitch. Sheesh. Test your damn software, Evernote. Sorry, but I've just about had it with EN. I need a reliable, easy to use PDF annotator. EN is NOT IT right now. And why do the handwritten notes in Skitch display faded out as you write them? Did some coder on a late night think that was cool? It's totally distracting and MAKES NO SENSE. This is amateur hour. I've had it w EN.
  2. Bad feature. Annotation summaries are bad enough to make me stop using this service. I need to annotate PDFs... a lot. But the summary pre-pend is, sorry to be so blunt, a stupid idea. It is clutter. Annoying. Disruptive of workflow. Patch now. Now. Please.
  3. For gods sakes, get rid of the Annotation Summary "feature" -- it is clutter we don't need. Make it universally optional. What's the hold up on fixing this?
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