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  1. As I am the one who started it let me say it this way. I am very close to move away from Evernote. The great advantage of it is still the better web integration but Microsoft is actively working on this and their web clipper is getting quite good now. With their multi platform approach since last year they're also showing they're willing to bring feature parity across all platforms. What does that mean for Evernote? They need to figure out how to be better than OneNote and it seems there hasn't been a lot happening lately. OneNote, for me anyway, is close to eating their lunch.
  2. Hi, a search in the forums only turned something up towards PDFs and that wasn't very helpful. I am wondering if Evernote has the ability to extract the text (via OCR) from an uploaded image? I am thinking here of something similar that Microsoft's OneNote is doing (you can right click on an image, then tell it to "copy text" and then paste that text anywhere you like)? It would be greatly helpful for indexing / working with images / screenshots of articles and actually complete my evernote wish list (well, if I'd be nitpicking I'd love to see the voice to text as well, Microsoft is sorta kinda working on that, the ability to link certain notes to certain time stamps in the audio has proven quite useful in the past, but now I am rambling / digressing).
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