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  1. Glad you found a tool that fits your needs and suits your budget. That's what matters!
  2. Since Evernote supports the Print action, you can save a PDF that way. 1) Open a note 2) Open the share sheet (upward arrow coming out of a box). 3) Select the Print action (bottom row of icons in the share sheet, if it's not visible, tap the "More" button to enable Print) 4) when you see the Printer Options screen, two-finger-reverse-pinch (zoom-in gesture) on the preview (or force touch, if you have a newer iOS device) to open it in full screen. 5) from the full screen preview, tap the share sheet button (bottom left) to import it to dropbox (or any other application). It's not elegant, and it looks like a lot of steps, but after you do it once, you'll find it's reasonably quick. (This is not to say that Evernote shouldn't build in a proper PDF export feature! Just pointing out a relatively easy workaround in the meantime).
  3. Just checked on my iPhone, should be similar on iPad. While viewing a note, you should see a share icon (box with upward arrow). Tap that share icon and in the bottom row of icons (black and white) you'll see "Copy Link". Once you tap Copy Link you'll be given the option to copy a private or public link.
  4. I have a similar tendency as @csihilling. Most things are already properly named. Anything that is not properly named just goes into Evernote anyhow with the ugly name since the note title or document contents are more than sufficient for search. I'll only rename the file if it is getting moved to another storage location where filename matters, or if I'm sending it elsewhere. I think it would be a great feature to be able to rename an attachment to the note title or any other arbitrary selection of text (though how to handle it if there are multiple attachments?), but I can only suspect that this would be a lower priority feature if it even made it onto Evernote's "to-do" list.
  5. As DTlow notes the forum, being a user forum, is a poor test of the support. I hope your official contact with support goes well and that you are able to get your issue resolved!
  6. Did you even submit a support ticket before posting here? I think you've put the cart before the horse. Evernote's support has not always been stellar – they have often seemed back-logged which has earned a (not totally unjustified) mixed reputation – but they really do seem to try and get things sorted out for users if it's technically possible to do so.
  7. Yup, select the notes that contain the receipts as attachments (you can select multiple) and then choose "save attachments". Save those to the directory of your choice and they're ready to be sent off as email attachments.
  8. Never been charged any additional fees, just the subscription price in CAD.
  9. Zapier or IFTTT, combined with a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox may give you want your looking for. Have you checked those out? I imagine you could create a recipe to take any file added to a specific Dropbox/drive folder and add it to Evernote.
  10. It's a bit of a pain in the butt, but that's likely the point. I don't want to see ads, especially not targeted ads, and they already limit bandwidth (that 60mb cap isn't exactly generous). The market sucks sometimes.
  11. Can this not be accomplished simply by making a Stack of notebooks named after your destination. Stacks can be collapsed or opened whenever you like. When a trip is complete, add "z" prefix to the name to force it to sort at the bottom of the stack (and upcoming or current trips can be prefixed with a symbol like ! . or @ to force it to the top). That said, you'd be unable to do something like, for a given destination, make sub-folders for "routes" and "sights" or whatever. Tags can go along way with that, but you apparently already know about everything tags can do, so I'll spare you an explanation. What is really sounds like you are saying is that you want hierarchical organization, or else. I'd consider setting up such a hierarchy in your computer's filesystem, and if you need mobile/online/cloud access, put the hierarchy into something like Dropbox.
  12. In theory, Evernote can help overcome this. In order for this to work you'd need to have your partners also use Evernote. You could have the Word documents (or any files, for that matter) added to notes as attachments in notebooks you share with your partners. You could then use Evernote Note Links within those documents, and in other Evernote notes, to link to those PowerPoint files, also stored as attachments in Evernote, and so on. Evernote Note Links allow you to paste links within Evernote, but also within almost any other application, and they become clickable hyperlinks to specific Evernote notes. This works so long as the link-clicker has permission to access that Evernote note (e.g., is part of a shared notebook that contains the note being linked to). Again, these are ideal circumstances, the ability for you to achieve this is really contingent on whether you are able to on-board your partners with Evernote, which I know from experience can be a very hard sell (not Evernote specifically, but anything new...). Anyhow, short answer: Yes, based on the information you have provided, it is possible for Evernote to overcome the link issues.
  13. And for iOS you could check out: Pinpoint (Free + in app purchases http://lickability.com/pinpoint/?ref=producthunt) Printout (Free + in app purchases https://www.macstories.net/ios/screenshot-markup-and-loupes-with-pointout-for-ios/) I use Pinpoint and it's reasonably straightforward. Works for my needs.
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