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  1. Two device limit is a bad idea

    Glad you found a tool that fits your needs and suits your budget. That's what matters!
  2. monthly limit - it becomes ridiculous

    This is unusual behaviour. I had paid Evernote for much of my time using it, but even when I was free with 60mb, I rarely RARELY got close, and I used it extensively. The quota use, from month to month, always made sense – never did I feel as though the application was trying to cheat me by counting extra. I suspect it comes down to one of the two things already mentioned: 1. You are editing one or more very large notes, and which is continuously being re-uploaded after each set of changes is saved (Think of a 1mb note edited 60 times in 1 month... which would be an uncommon scenario, but an easily-achieved situation nevertheless). 2. You have a lot of deleted content in your trash. The Evernote client sees that as always potentially uploaded and counts it (as long as it is in your trash) against your quota. Solving number 2 is easy, empty your trash! Solving number 1 is less easy (though this is a problem I've never personally encountered and rarely ever seen reported on these forums).
  3. Evernote to PDF

    Since Evernote supports the Print action, you can save a PDF that way. 1) Open a note 2) Open the share sheet (upward arrow coming out of a box). 3) Select the Print action (bottom row of icons in the share sheet, if it's not visible, tap the "More" button to enable Print) 4) when you see the Printer Options screen, two-finger-reverse-pinch (zoom-in gesture) on the preview (or force touch, if you have a newer iOS device) to open it in full screen. 5) from the full screen preview, tap the share sheet button (bottom left) to import it to dropbox (or any other application). It's not elegant, and it looks like a lot of steps, but after you do it once, you'll find it's reasonably quick. (This is not to say that Evernote shouldn't build in a proper PDF export feature! Just pointing out a relatively easy workaround in the meantime).
  4. Just checked on my iPhone, should be similar on iPad. While viewing a note, you should see a share icon (box with upward arrow). Tap that share icon and in the bottom row of icons (black and white) you'll see "Copy Link". Once you tap Copy Link you'll be given the option to copy a private or public link.
  5. Evernote Plus single account 2 user questions

    To directly answer your question, for plus and premium accounts there is no stated device limit. If you and your wife both want to have your phone and laptop logged into Evernote at the same time, then as far as Evernote is concerned, that account is logged into two computers and two phones. It doens't know that one of those phones is being used by a different person than the other. At one time I had a phone, a tablet, and three different operating systems on two computers all logged in simultaneously (most often on the same network), without issue. There is no reason to be offline unless there is actually an absence of internet connection. (Keep in mind that on iOS and Android, note content is not available offline unless you explicitly mark a notebook as available for offline access on mobile). Moreover, there should be no issues with you both creating/editing/deleting notes at the same time, as long as you aren't editing the same note at the same time, but it sounds like you don't intend to do that. I usually advise against sharing accounts but there's no technical reason you can't do it, so if you think it will work, go for it. I have some cautionary words, though, which aren't likely going to directly impact the use case you are describing but should be considered in the long-term: I generally do not advise sharing accounts of any type, in most cases it comes with more headaches than it cures. But for your purposes, for now, it will probably be fine. I don't know how sustainable it will be in the long term, but for the immediate future I'm sure it will work. Some things to keep in mind: There is one and only "default notebook". Depending on what you both do, this could cause confusion. If you are both emailing content into Evernote, or send content to Evernote using some kind of third-party service, then that content usually ends up in the default notebook, often there is no way to choose where it goes and it needs to be filed afterwards. If you are both doing this, you'll have to take care to try and make sure you know what belongs to whom. Tags could get messy. Because it is a single account, your tags will be visible to her and hers to you. If you use the same tag for something then viewing that tag will show yours and her stuff. I know that privacy isn't an issue for the two of you but organization and clarity might be, and this could make things a bit messy. Because you say you intend to keep things in your own clearly labelled notebooks, it is possible to clear up some of that mess with very specific search queries, but again, that all adds to the overhead that wouldn't be there if your account contained only your own stuff. However, you gotta do what you gotta do! If your budget only accommodates a single plus subscription, then you've got to work with what you've got. Cheers, Scott
  6. mac Rename Attachment to Title

    I have a similar tendency as @csihilling. Most things are already properly named. Anything that is not properly named just goes into Evernote anyhow with the ugly name since the note title or document contents are more than sufficient for search. I'll only rename the file if it is getting moved to another storage location where filename matters, or if I'm sending it elsewhere. I think it would be a great feature to be able to rename an attachment to the note title or any other arbitrary selection of text (though how to handle it if there are multiple attachments?), but I can only suspect that this would be a lower priority feature if it even made it onto Evernote's "to-do" list.
  7. Two device limit is a bad idea

  8. Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    Indeed, that's what's at stake here. Time will tell. In the short run Evernote is going to take some flack and perhaps take a bit of a reputation hit. Looking long-term, (barring a financial meltdown the causes of which precede this latest price increase) my money is that they will be just fine in the reputation department. This is a radar blip. They'll shed the resenters and those who got priced out, which I suspect is a minority of their current and future users and move on. But we shall see what the future holds. Everything is just speculation and you're is as good as mine!
  9. Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    Are you sure that's $89.99 USD and not CAD? the new price for premium is $69.99USD, which is actually almost exactly $90CAD so I suspect the $89 you are seeing is actually the value in Canadian dollars. The website just isn't displaying CAD or USD. (FYI I am a Canadian paid in CAD but living in the US, so I am very in touch with the exchange rate, cross boarder/regional pricing on lots of goods and services, and how careless some websites are at specifying USD or CAD, which is to say: very careless). The price shown, certainly at checkout, is the users local currency. When I lived in Canada my premium subscription was charged in CAD the value shown at checkout. So the price at checkout is already currency converted. If you see $89.99 at checkout and you are in Canada it will be CA$89.99 NOT US$89.99 then converted to CAD, which would be insane.
  10. Evernote Support

    As DTlow notes the forum, being a user forum, is a poor test of the support. I hope your official contact with support goes well and that you are able to get your issue resolved!
  11. Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    Hmm strange. Wasn't sure if a Canadian user would be presented with prices in CAD but not denoted as such (since Evernote doesn't differentiate visually between CAD and USD on the checkout site) and I'm no longer in Canada so couldn't do a straightforward test! okay so perhaps it's just some wonkiness in their site right now.
  12. Evernote Support

    Did you even submit a support ticket before posting here? I think you've put the cart before the horse. Evernote's support has not always been stellar – they have often seemed back-logged which has earned a (not totally unjustified) mixed reputation – but they really do seem to try and get things sorted out for users if it's technically possible to do so.
  13. Yup, select the notes that contain the receipts as attachments (you can select multiple) and then choose "save attachments". Save those to the directory of your choice and they're ready to be sent off as email attachments.
  14. Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    Heaven help poor jefito should he wander into that camp lauding flat taxonomies. They'll show him the power of the hierarchy.
  15. Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    Looks like your in Canada? US$35 CA$47 As of the time of this posting CA$47=US$36.27