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  1. You're right, that's not the correct word in this context, at least not the definition you've chosen to provide. I suppose meant it in the sense that he seems capable of referring back to himself (e.g., a reflexive verb) and the role he might be playing in Evernote's future development (or lack thereof). I get this sense because he seems to be on board with the CEO change. If he didn't see himself as part of the problem, he'd probably not be quite so on board. It was a clumsy choice of words! (also not an english major! Perhaps if I was I wouldn't have botched this one up!) Scott, Might try reflective next time. Yeah that'd probably be the more obvious choice
  2. On what device is this? I've never had an issue with Evernote finishing a sync after I leave the app or sleep the display on my iPhone 6 (and previously on my iPhone 4s).
  3. I think you are mistaken. by "public" they are likely referring to a version of the software that is released to all users. This is in contrast to a "beta" which would have only been available to a small subset of users who have opted in to receiving beta releases. I have never known a product called "Evernote Public" to exist. Could you describe what you mean? However, because of my earlier statement, I don't think it matter in the end.
  4. Everyone has different needs (And we are all surprisingly flexible!). After working for a long time with Evernote, I found myself very happy with the tools on offer with Evernote. I use VERY few notebooks and tag and title extensively. Having now moved most of my work out of Evernote to DEVONThink, while DEVONThink offers tagging, it does have a bit more of a traditional hierarchal mutually-exclusive design. This actually has me LESS organized, and struggling more with organization, than with Evernote's very straightforward flatness. I'm working to get DT to work as well as Evernote did in this respect, but it's a bit of an adjustment. The gist: Maintaining a very minimalist and flat taxonomy in Evernote worked so well for me, having more options in other programs has actually proved to be a hinderance to my organization (at least at the outside of adopting it).
  5. I don't know if he is a "good guy" or not, since I have never met him, nor worked with him in any way. I certainly don't know him personally. Senior executives can be strange people, showing one face in public, and another in private. From my perspective as either a customer or a future stockholder, all that matters is results. I don't know either, but I'm "sure" (read: "assuming") he's a good guy (Which is my default assumption about most people when there's a total lack of evidence one way or another). Like you, I don't know, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he isn't a horrendous human being and that he isn't in need of a good "whooping" by being ousted. You're right, that's not the correct word in this context, at least not the definition you've chosen to provide. I suppose meant it in the sense that he seems capable of referring back to himself (e.g., a reflexive verb) and the role he might be playing in Evernote's future development (or lack thereof). I get this sense because he seems to be on board with the CEO change. If he didn't see himself as part of the problem, he'd probably not be quite so on board. It was a clumsy choice of words! (also not an english major! Perhaps if I was I wouldn't have botched this one up!)
  6. Yes. And the initial addition of those files will only count against your upload quota. Subsequent changes to that content made by those you share with will count against their upload quota. This should be no major issue, except if, for example, if a non-premium member of a notebook makes an edit to an attachment that is very large, which would eat up a lot of their own quota upon sync (since the entire attachment has to be re-uploaded).
  7. well, I am sure Libin is a good guy, he is certainly reflexive given that he is searching for his own successor. I hope he does well in whatever he does, whether is continues with evernote in a new role, or takes on something elsewhere. Either way I think some change could do Evernote some real good. Libin has done well getting Evernote off the ground but there seems to be a wide range of strange trends noted here and elsewhere that, while not directly attributable to Libin, might just need some serious shaking up to resolve.
  8. Select all of the notes, and choose "save attachments" to save them to a location on your computer outside of Evernote.
  9. Can you provide a bit more detail. Upgrade to what, from what? What Evernote client (web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android)? If you are referring to the web beta, you can change back to the classic web look in you Account Settings.
  10. I didn't exactly agree. I don't see any problem storing large PDFs in Evernote. The reason I don't, is because all of the large PDFs I use are related to work that I don't keep in Evernote. This is unrelated to the size of the PDF and entirely related to the context in which the PDF is used. If I had large PDFs related to work I did do in Evernote, I'd not hesitate to put them in there. In fact, I might have a few large PDFs of instruction manuals for household devices... So the answer is: I do not agree with the statement that "Evernote is not suited to storing large PDFs". I do agree with the statement that "I do not have a need to store large PDFs in Evernote even though it is possible". But the reality is, everyone has different needs, different workflows, etc. While Evernote can store large PDFs, perhaps it doesn't work for a particular workflow in which case just having that ability isn't helpful to that specific user. Ultimately, and as I stated above,
  11. For those of you who struggle with effectively integrating Evernote's reminders into your broader productivity workflow might want to check out the newly released PowerApp from Todoist. An excerpt from a brief overview at MacStories: I don't use Evernote reminders for day-to-day task management so I haven't really found a need to give this a shot, but I see people frequently lamenting some of the inadequacies of Evernote reminders. Certainly this isn't going to resolve everybody's various issues with Evernote reminders, but man I suspect this could be helpful for some, especially if they happened to use todoist already.
  12. In the Evernote application, go to Evernote>About Evernote. Hold the option key and click on the "Open Database Folder" text that appears when holding the option key.
  13. This is not currently natively supported by any Evernote client. You could look at some third-party options, most are for the web or for mobile devices (Gneo for example, on iOS) A recent related discussion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/84409-automated-task-list/
  14. Do you have the Evernote application installed on your Mac? Or do you normally use the web interface?
  15. While you have to log into the Evernote application and the Evernote Clipper separately, under normal conditions there should be no need to log into the clipper every time you launch your browser. Your login should persist. If you clear your cookies, or if you have configured Firefox to automatically clear your cookies when you close it, this will likely prevent your login from persisting between launches.
  16. "whatever works for you indeed" Unlike the date-taggers, and the date-in-title folk like gazumped, I generally try and use the Date Created to reflect the actual relevant date for that note just as you suggest. Sometimes, if I am making a series of notes over time, I might informally include the date in the title just for quick reference, but not systematically. The Date Created is either automatically accurate (because the date created is the actual date I want), or I modify it if it needs to be shifted a day or two back (in the event it takes me a while to get it into Evernote). There are advantages to all the strategies. The things I like about the Date Created field (though these are not necessarily all exclusive to this strategy) include: Sortable in most of the views, not just list-view Does not add length to titles, or push the content of the title further down (that is, the title itself is the first part of the title, rather than the date, which doesn't indicate the actual note content). Easily searchable as a dedicated piece of metadata (tags can do this too nicely, but the title strategy can get muddy with searching) Automatically generated upon note creation and does note require any conscious thought (unlike title or tag, which requires you to note the date, remember how you want to format the date, and then also not induce a typo). That being said, the Title strategy has the advantage of being infinitely portable. Of all of the metadata contained in a note, if you ever needed to migrate your content out of Evernote, you are guaranteed your note title will make it through the migration unscathed.... the rest of the metadata, while it will probably make it through just fine, may not. There is also the possibility that you could convert between strategies. The note title one is the hardest to migrate to. However, migrating to tags or to date created is pretty easy. It isn't too hard to search for or sort notes by date and add a mass tag, for example. These may be scriptable too.
  17. Not sure where you are getting "eBooks" from, as it hasn't been mentioned up until your post here. I do not keep large PDFs in Evernote either, but it is unrelated to eBooks. Mostly they are kept elsewhere because they relate to work that I do not use Evernote for, I used a different application. To answer your question "what is the point of saving ebooks in EN?" The answer is that everyone has different needs. While neither you nor I want or need to store eBooks in Evernote, there may be some reason someone else does.
  18. That link to validate your Evernote credentials is likely valid, check the URL to see if it contains evernote.com very early on in the URL. If you aren't sure, don't proceed. That being said, this is a fairly typical way for you to grant applications permission to access your Evernote content, so this is not an unusual thing to be directed to. As far as I know that is a windows only application, assuming you are referring to: http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/ I also don't believe that application is being actively developed so while it still works, I'd be cautious of getting to closely attached to it. Without active development, it might stop working unexpectedly.
  19. On your mac or windows computer, you always work from a local copy of your evernote database. ALWAYS. Changes you make to the local copy are quickly synced to Evernote's servers. And it doesn't matter what subscription tier you are on. The application is designed to take all of your contents from the servers, plunk it down on your local hard disk, and work from there. (This does not apply to mobile devices like iPhones, where it always fetches data from the server and which is why you can't work offline, except if you are plus/premium and designate some notebooks to be available offline. Again this is only a feature/issue on mobile devices). If you want to know how much stuff you have stored in Evernote, and on Evernote's servers, navigate to the directory I listed above you on your Mac. This is a (more or less) mirror image of the data on Evernote's servers. The size of this folder will tell you how much data you have in Evernote.
  20. Yes, but you cannot restore individual notes, you have to restore the entire locally stored database. Instructions can be found here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80544-how-to-restore-local-notes-from-database-mac/(thanks to JMichael)
  21. This is a user forum where regular users such as myself help each other out. Staff periodically read these posts, but this is not an effective way to contact Evernote staff. Have you contact support? Likely there's little they can do to recover your documents, but they should at least know it occurred and maybe your reports could help them figure out if there was an error on their end that needs fixing. You can submit a support ticket using the link in my signature. The reality is that putting your important information anywhere without a robust backup system is unwise. Even the best systems can fail, and while Evernote is good, it isn't the best system either. There is always the potential for downtime with online services and for data corruption. Syncing services (as distinct, but related to, cloud services) also carry some risk (fairly small, sure) of data loss due to sync errors. If you have a good backup system, these errors aren't the end of the world, but they may be a pain. I keep backups of mission critical stuff. I also do not use Evernote for my professional work. While I've never encountered an issue with data loss, I've seen others, and I don't want to chance it even with my very robust backup strategy (also, I can't legally keep my professional work on third-party servers, so that also precludes using Evernote). Maybe while you wait for Evernote support to get back to you you can describe to us what led up to the data loss so we can maybe offer you some assistance?
  22. This is standard behaviour for OS X applications. For a long time Evernote had a (somewhat) non-standard non-editable toolbar which I don't believe could be hidden. Recently this has changed so we now have the standard, native functionality. Glad you have your problem fixed!
  23. Right click on the toolbar where it says "Evernote Premium" and un-check "Hide toolbar". Does that resolve the issue?
  24. An alternative would be to create a single archive, and upon archiving, tag the note with whichever notebook it was archived from. so a note in "The Thing" would be tagged with the tag "thething" and moved to an archive. When revisiting your archive, you can just filter your view by tag. So you navigate to your archive notebook and you want to see all the archived stuff tome your "the thing" notebook so you select that tag from the little tag dropdown at the top of the note list. Perhaps you want to see them from "Project X". so you select the "project x" tag from the tag dropdown, etc.
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