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  1. For the past two years, I've been running a business of teaching private lessons to aspiring young percussionists in the school district that I graduated from. It's an enriching experience to give back to students that are in the same position that I was only a few years ago and it's just one more way to keep music running through my veins. To me, teaching (at it's initial stages) is simply a form of emulation with a dash of experimentation. When you're uncomfortable or unsure about what to do, you pull from your past experiences, all the while looking for new ways to approach issues. When I began teaching lessons, I taught each lesson in a fashion that was extremely resemblant of how my lessons were taught to me, but I started noticing a recurring trend. During each lesson, I would write comments and assignments in a student's notebook and send them on their merry way. Next week's lessons would result in one the following outcomes: The student would bring their notebook. The student would forget to bring their notebook. Two options. A 50% chance of a positive outcome. However, this chance, when mixed and matched on a weekly basis started to lead to a lot of disorganization. The student would bring their notebook. I could reference things we covered the previous week. The next note in the notebook would be in chronological order. The student would forget to bring their notebook. I would have a vague idea about what I told the student the previous week but ultimately have to guess. The next note was written on a loose leaf sheet of paper. The next note in the notebook would not be in chronological order. This meant that halfway through the semester, some notes were in the notebook, some were lost, and others were at home. When I took private lessons, I always had my notebook on me; I never even considered that this could be an issue! Not to mention that this disorganization also made it more difficult for parents to be involved in their child's lessons. As a result of all of this, I transitioned to using Evernote to teach private lessons this year. Using bit.ly and Evernote public shared notebooks, I've made a unique URL for every student with the following format: bit.ly/firstnamelastnamelessons Not only is this extremely easy to remember, it's extremely convenient to use. I have the URL, the student has the URL and the parent has the URL. All of us can view the lesson notes at the same time and all of us have a shared responsibility in using the notes. I can better track a student's progress throughout the year and remind myself of trouble spots to hit each lesson. Parents can question and encourage their child during their practice time. Students can reference my notes and their assignments from anywhere at any time. I'm also now able to be more versatile than ever during lessons. I can take notes on paper, then snap a picture and upload it. I can use an app called DocScanner to turn pictures of music into print-ready PDFs. I can also type out notes on my laptop, and if the battery dies, finish typing on my phone. I realize that my use of Evernote is nothing special or extraordinary, but I must say that the decision to move lesson notes to an entirely digital format has been successful and has saved me from tons of frustration. While some problems will never change (such as not ever looking at the notes), I believe the most important issues have been solved and as a result, I will be able to serve my students even better. If you work with students in a one-on-one environment, I highly recommend making the switch.
  2. Have you considered using two seperate accounts? Since the Mac and Windows clients now support account switching, you would be able to artificially set up syncing rules. Work info goes into the notebooks of one account, personal info goes into the notebooks on the other account.
  3. Welcome to the forums! There are many 3rd party apps in the Evernote Trunk that could accomplish this. I'm assuming you're wanting to be able to save/store Evernote notes with Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive or Box? WappWolf and CloudHQ both accomplish this goal.
  4. Any instruction involving swiping is bound to be misconstrued in some form or fashion. This grey menu can be accessed by either pressing back while viewing notebooks/tags/location or by tapping the Elephant icon in the top-left corner.
  5. Welcome to the forums! The easiest way to ensure that all of your information syncs... Whenever you start AND finish using Evernote for Windows, click the sync button at the top. Whenever you start AND finish using Evernote for Android, click the sync button on the bottom left. Both the Windows and Android clients have default sync times that can be changed in the settings. Here's how: Windows: Tools (top) -> Options -> Sync (tab at the top) -> Change the dropdown under "Synchronize automatically" Android: Press back (to view the gray sidebar) -> Touch your username (top) -> Settings -> Sync Notes -> Change Any of these settings as you see fit. Hope this helps!
  6. Android/Nook Color Missing SD Card How to send logs to Evernote
  7. The following topics were previously pinned in the Evernote Mac forum. HOWTO: Adding "Send PDF to Evernote" to the PDF menu in the OS X Print dialog MacOS 10.5.8 won't run Evernote HOWTO: Bringing some color back to Lion... BUG: Notebooks duplicated
  8. Which client are you using? Usually, the version # can be found under Help -> About.
  9. Ah! The wording there made all the difference. When you open Evernote, there should be a bar on the left-hand side with a dark grey background. At the top-left corner, it will say your username. Click your username, press sign out, then log back in with your new password. This should fix your issue!
  10. Currently, the only way to change your password is to log in via the web client, click your username, settings, then change password.
  11. IFTTT is an online service, commonly referenced on these forums, that helps automate things between other online services. The acronym IFTTT stands for "If this then that". Basically, if something happens on "Service A", it triggers an action to happen on "Service B". Evernote is one of the many services that can be used with IFTTT, but what sort of triggers or actions can be created using Evernote? If you aren't creative, don't sweat it! You can click the headers to find recipes that others have created using Evernote as either a trigger or an action. Evernote as a trigger: New shared note link - Every time you publicly share a note, IFTTT will recognize this and perform an action. Evernote as an action: Create a note - Make a brand new note with a specific title/body/notebook and with a specified tag every time the trigger occurs. Append to a note - Add to an existing note every time the trigger occurs. This will continue to happen until the note is 2mb. Create a link note - Make a new note that links to the trigger every time the trigger occurs. Create image note - Make a new note containing a predefined image (from a URL). Create audio note - Make a new note containing a predefined audio clip (from a URL). ----------------------------------- Of course, all this information can be found on IFTTT, but I thought I'd try to make it easily accessible for people browsing the forums. Do you have any tips or tricks for using IFTTT? Have a great recipe that you'd like to share? Add a comment below.
  12. Just basic information like the name of the note, date, page number. As I said I used Evernote to collect notes from lectures at university. I have a notebook for every year of curriculum. Inside of it there are my notes with tags defining course name. Sometimes my friends ask me to share notes from a specific course and then it is very inconvenient to copy link for every note. If you click a note -> file -> print preview, there is a button that says "print options" that allows you set a bunch of attributes to be printed. Name of the note and note created/updated are just a few of the options. Page number, however, isn't.Why not instead make a notebook stack for every year of curriculum and then a notebook for each course name? Then you can share the specific courses with your classmates no problem!
  13. Hey Michael. Welcome to the forums. Which client were you wanting this particular feature for? I know in the Windows client, there is an option that allows all clipping to go to the last selected notebook (almost exactly what you're looking for). Plus, if I think about this from an effort standpoint, I don't quite understand how this feature would be beneficial to users. I've written the process below for adding two notes to one notebook, then adding one note to another. Let me know if I've got this wrong. Option 1 (current way): Select Notebook A as default Make note 1 in notebook A Make note 2 in notebook A Select Notebook B as default Make note 3 in Notebook B Option 2 (Suggested way) Select Notebook A (not defaulted) Make note 1 in notebook A Make note 2 in notebook A (remembered from note 1) Select Notebook B (not defaulted) Make note 3 in Notebook B
  14. Hey and welcome to the forums! What information were you wanting to add to printed notes? The ability to share tags would be great but I believe that due to system limitations, if this did ever happen, it would be a while. The notebook sharing can accomplish the same goal, but I know doing so would probably go against your Evernote organization system. Styles have been an oft requested feature. For the meantime, you might want to check out KustomNote for Evernote which allows for some great styling options.
  15. This can't be done at the moment (or at least I'm not seeing an option for it). I've updated your title to make this a request so hopefully it will catch a developer's attention.
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