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  1. Yes, that works with a few extra clicks (and breaking of muscle-memory!) Hopefully development team reads these threads? Maybe this isn't the way they intend for it to work. Cmd-Tab works the way I would hope as well.
  2. Thanks for looking at this and asking for clarification! I can confirm that this happens on my system with minimize/yellow/cmd-m. The note-specific window appears instantly and a moment later (maybe 1/4 of a second) the main window is also restored, on top. I also tried closing/red/cmd-w and it also brings back the main window (as you also noted.) I can get the desired behavior (restore the note that I was working on, leaving the main window minimized) by right-clicking the Evernote dock icon and choosing the note specifically. But this is extra clicks. Good point about different apps working differently. My desire would be to bring back the window I was working on. Other details: this is Evernote 5.6.0 (and also whatever I was running before I updated) on OSX 10.9.5.
  3. Working with a specific note in its own window and Evernote main window minimized to dock. When clicking on the dock icon to bring the note back to the front, Evernote main window is also restored, obscuring the note being used. It then has to be re-minimized. This is inconsistent with behavior of other applications on Mac when multiple windows are open.
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