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  2. In case you want to know (since you are a Windows user): on Windows, the way to properly resize an image in an Evernote note is to use an external editor like... MS Paint. Right-click on the image, select "Open With...", and then Paint (or Choose Program..., if you don't see Paint or your favorite image editor). In Paint, pick the Resize operation from the toolbar, do the resize, and then File / Save. Exit Paint, and you should see the changes immediately in your Evernote note, and it should sync properly as well, without needing to use a dummy tag or other operation.
  3. So, after panicking for a while, wondering where all my content had disappeared to, I figured out that the none of the cards that should appear in card view and expanded card view are appearing. I can see all the notes in snippet or list views, but in card view and in expanded card view, no notes appear. Problem seems specific to mac version. Evernote Version 7.9.1 (457703 App Store) MacOS 10.14.5
  4. I'm not at my Mac right now. Later today, I'll run a test with some back-end changes, and get back to you
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  6. Yes, I did with tag or text. It's took while to sync but when I've checked the image size was the same as before.
  7. Did your dummy change sync?
  8. @PinkElephant are you really well versed with the Windows OS? To kill a memory hog (I have known Evernote to behave like that) you do not need to reboot. Killing the task in task manager should do. Network attached systems do not speed up Windows, also have no impact on Windows updates/upgrades. Your Win PC configuration seems sound for most tasks, but an office kind of application such as Evernote should display an existing 20 odd page document page smoothly even on a lesser grade machine. Regardless of configuration, Evernote on Windows can use RAM in excess, with little load on CPU. Evernote as software is very lightweight on diskspace but the sqlite database, though enormously popular, is a major drawback as it increases in size. My own Evernote notes are down to 6,000 notes with few pdf and image files embedded and yet the database is just short of 3 GB. The Adobe Lightroom Classic equivalent works well because all data is stored locally and other than settings made to image plus reference to storage place of image plus thumb view of image basically nothing more is contained in the actual database. For a Lightroom catalogue (database) to reach 3 GB it needs minimum an extra 100,000 pics not just a meagre 6,000. I think the one person at Evernote who has finally understood where things have gone wrong with Evernote is Mr. Small, the new CEO. However, he will need able and dedicated staff and no doubt, Evernote lost valuable time in the past 3 - 4 years.
  9. I have a different style in providing assistance. You write/update the script; if you run into issues, I'll give advice Don't do the entire script in one pass; just one section at a time Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime >>is there a way to get it to apply to all of the notes in a specific folder or with a specific tag? These are the lines identifying the notes being updated; item 1 of the Selected Notes To use the entire set of selected notes, use set selectedNotes to get selection This returns a string of notes. You use a repeat loop to extract each note repeat with oNote in selectedNotes .... end repeat I think it's safer to use Selected Notes, but using a search string is possible For example: set theNotes to find notes ("tag:aaaaaaaa") >>I need to make the title the first line of the body In the script, these are the lines identifying the line being extracted for the title It's currently line 2, change it to line 1 Short form is: set title to item 1 of nbLines
  10. I'm not an Android user, but a common search feature is: In the search box notebook:aaaaaa tag:bbbbb tag:cccc tag:ddddd However, the notebook parameter can not be negated The search feature is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828
  11. The functionality is not there because it likely was never designed to do it. Note that not all text editors support drag/drop editing, and ones that do may use different conventions or don't support both edit and copy operations. In other words, there are no hard and fast conventions. This is a feature request; moving to a more appropriate subforum...
  12. {05/21/19 @ 08:02 EDT} Evernote's (v6.18.4) drag-and-drop editing does not function for copying (Ctrl-key) versus moving (Shift-key). It always only moves the dragged item no matter which keys are depressed. The plus sign on the copy icon appears when pressing the Ctrl-key, but the item dragged is always just moved and never copied. One must use the very inconvenient method of Ctrl-C to copy then Ctrl-V to paste. These were introduced in 1982 with the IBM PC. Most Windows 10 Apps use true drag-and-drop. Why not modernize Evernote's editing tools to employ true drag-and-drop capability? Note: To understand the correct functioning of Drag & Drop editing, just use Microsoft's WordPad word processor. It functions properly as intended. Even the Search Box in Evernote's 'Search the Community' forum functions properly but not Evernote v6.18.4. Why? Can this be fixed?
  13. A few days ago this popup started popping up randomly throughout the day. I enter my password and click "Always Allow" but the popup comes back some minutes/hours later. This seems to be almost the same issue as the #3 item from my old post here EN 7.10 (457750 Direct)
  14. I've tried to make some change and sync, but on the Ccomputer with Win 10 OS the image are still the same size.
  15. Hi. Don't believe there are any multiple AND options. It's possible to multi-select tags in the desktop client - but not AFAIK in mobiles.
  16. Hah, that blog post says it all. I didn't notice the logo change at all and probably never would have had I not skimmed it, but it's no surprise there was a long winded dramatic newsletter posted about it. I guess it's better than them investing in 80 dollar notebooks and 60 dollar elephant sock merch.
  17. @JMichaelTX Sorry for the delay, been a long day, just trying to work with the script now - It seems to work as I originally described but I've realised I made a mistake in the way I described what I was looking to do - rather than the second line of the body I need to make the title the first line of the body - I was getting confused and assumed that the title was already the first line. The script is a bit beyond my level so I haven't been able to figure out how to change it to apply to the first line rather than the second, could you help with this? Other than that the script works, although at the moment it only automatically applies to the last created note for me - is there a way to get it to apply to all of the notes in a specific folder or with a specific tag?
  18. Well, I'm a different user, but chiming in to say I'm glad you asked those questions. I had this non stop with shared notes several months ago, and it seemed to have cleared up. Even tonight, I was making some entries in shared notes doing just fine, then it started again all of a sudden. (I did update to the current public release recently, but that was a few days ago). It definitely happens more likely in a separate window (glad you brought that bit up), because force editing it in the internal windows seems to be preventing the cursor jump, but in place of the jump, my old friend keyboard lag every few seconds instead. But yeah, it's only on shared notebooks for now. Truly maddening. The lag doesn't seem as bad as the time months ago, where I was forced to use the web version and jump on the client only when I needed to merge something. I guess I could've copied and pasted from non-shared notebooks, but the level of frustration must've hampered my mental clarity before I thought of that, haha. Out of all the bugs left to run wild (and in this case seemingly die off and resurrect), it is mind boggling that this one gets swept under the rug. I'm far too entrenched to migrate, and I love the program for a hundred other reasons and put up with the headaches, but it is a tad alarming.
  19. had exactly the same problem, thanks for the help
  20. On Macs, only the metadata is stored in the database (LocalNoteStore.sqlite) The note contents and attachments remain in the file system, a separate folder for each note.
  21. Hi Gazumped, thanks for the reply. I'm using the second account for writing the lots for an auction house catalogue. Under my note I attach the pictures I do of each object so to have always at glance, because I'm from Rome and the objects are in Turin and seen them one time I don't see them again. When I've used the camera I've attached large size JPG images without realizing it so I got something more than 20GB of space. On my Mac I've found useful an app called Squash which worked very well directly selecting all the photo from the library folder, instead doing one by one (impossible to do cause the amount). Thanks, I'll try to do so and see on the PC if it sync.
  22. Multi-Select/Merge is a feature on the Windows/Mac platforms. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004857-How-to-merge-multiple-notes-into-a-single-note It's not available on the Web platform
  23. Can't find process to merge my notes? I'm sure it is a simple combination of key strokes but not able to make it work . . . any suggestions?
  24. As the original poster, you should be able to go back and change the title to add 'solved'.
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