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  1. Funny you should ask. App Store identifies the new web clipper as 7.12.4. When installed, I still show 7.12.3! (I uninstalled the old one before updating.) In any case, it seems to be working.
  2. I have Evernote Web Clipper 7.12.3 - only a couple days old. Now I find some pages won't load in Safari with the clipper installed and active. But, if I de-select the clipper in Safari Preferences Extensions then the pages load just fine. I am not sure but this might be for secure pages (https://). Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a work around? So far, I have been deselecting the web clipper when I need to access the page, or launching a different browser. Edit: For example, UPS won't load if Web Clipper is active: https://www.ups.com
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