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  1. Have you guys seen Evernote's CEO's response to the version 10 backlash? https://evernote.com/blog/state-of-the-product/ We can see what's slated for future releases here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/360058361833 (not that I care bc for now I'll be using Legacy) Here are quotes I find important: The positives: They can ship improvements faster They're listening to feedback They're using product engagement metrics (real data not random whims) to guide their decisions The bs They're basically admitting 10% of users are using the Legacy ve
  2. UI FEEDBACK Not a fan of List View font getting bigger. This makes List View less dense. For example, you see less of the note title in the same amount of horizontal space. (I can live with it though, sigh.) BUGS Search suggestions don't automatically disappear after pressing enter. If I press enter, it means I'm done typing my search terms and only want to see the results. I don't want to continue to see search suggestions. I use List view, and when I click a note shortcut in the sidebar, list view disappears and all I see is the opened note. (Perhaps not that big of a de
  3. With Notion gaining steam, I worry that Evernote will try to emulate them. I hope Evernote remembers what makes them different from Notion and invests in finding out what their users truly want/need. These are missing features that I've noticed in Evernote Mac. (I realize this thread is categorized as Evernote Windows, but since this thread has the most traction, I'm posting here). FEATURES MISSING IN EVERNOTE MAC 10 The ability to open Evernote note links in a new window Touch bar integration Tabs "Cmd + R" shortcut to reset search Local notes "
  4. Besides using markdown-esque syntax (triple backticks), you can also use keyboard shortcuts "Cmd + Ctrl + B" on Mac, and "Ctrl + Shift + L" on Windows.
  5. I have the same problem/question. How do we remove Evernote notes from Spotlight? Adding Evernote folders to Spotlight's privacy worked for a while, and then it stopped working. Is there a new Evernote folder location we should add to Spotlight?
  6. For example, look at the attachment below to see how Chrome makes it intuitive to tell which tab is selected and which tab is unselected. Which tab do you think is selected? The first tab or the second tab? The answer is the second tab. Chrome makes the selected tab stand out from the top bar. You can see that the selected tab is dark, while the unselected tab and top bar are both light. In other words, the selected tab stands out from the top bar, while the unselected tabs blend in with the top bar. I don't care if the selected tab is light, while the unselected tabs are dark
  7. When you look at the attachment below, which tab do you think is selected? The first tab or the second tab? The answer is the second tab. It's hard to tell which tab is selected because the selected tab is light gray, which is the same color as the top bar (the toolbar and tab bar). This makes the selected tab blend in with the top bar, when it should stand out from the top bar. Currently, selected tabs are light gray, while unselected tabs are dark gray. I think it should be reversed: the selected tab should be dark gray, and the unselected tabs should be light gray. This is
  8. Do you perchance know where the Evernote database is located on MacOS? I googled and found this thread, but the instructions seem to be for an earlier version. I tried clicking `Evernote > About Evernote` while holding the OPT key, but all I see is the TOS. I do not see a link to `Open database folder`. In the past, I added `~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote` to my Spotlight exceptions, and that worked for a while. But I think after an update, Evernote started reappearing in my Spotlight searches. And now I'm plagued with the periodic "EvernoteSpotlight wants to use
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