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  1. Do you perchance know where the Evernote database is located on MacOS? I googled and found this thread, but the instructions seem to be for an earlier version. I tried clicking `Evernote > About Evernote` while holding the OPT key, but all I see is the TOS. I do not see a link to `Open database folder`. In the past, I added `~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote` to my Spotlight exceptions, and that worked for a while. But I think after an update, Evernote started reappearing in my Spotlight searches. And now I'm plagued with the periodic "EvernoteSpotlight wants to use your confidential information...." popup which I continue to deny.
  2. Also using Windows and having the exact same problem here. Have you reported this bug? I tried copying and pasting Japanese/Chinese text from Windows Sticky Note to Evernote and got garbled text (・ア・・・ノ・ソ・ヘ・「・E) (你・D・「・E). I tried copying and pasting Korean text from Windows Sticky Note to Evernote and all I got was question marks (??????). I also noticed that I can't copy and paste East Asian languages from WordPad to Evernote. I can copy and paste East Asian languages from Microsoft Word and Chrome to Evernote though. I think it's a language/character encoding problem. I think Evernote will display unicode correctly, but have problems with ASCII (ISO-xxx)? Unfortunately, this is a common Windows problem. I've noticed that Windows Explorer and some other programs have problems displaying foreign languages. For example, file names with East Asian characters display as square boxes sometimes. The way I've fixed this problem is by switching my system locale to Japanese/Chinese/Korean (similar to what GrumpyMonkey suggested I guess?). But I'd like to be able to copy and paste East Asian languages from Sticky Note to Evernote with English as my system locale.
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