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Ability to Change Default Reminder Time



Hello EN community!


Is there a way we can change the default reminder time?

On the desktop app, it defaults to something random.

Is there a way I can set the default to, say, 9AM every time I create a reminder?


Thanks for your time!

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I think if you create a reminder and set a date within the Win app, the default time is plus 1 hour to the current time, not quite random.  If you set the reminder in an email subject, the default time is 8:00 am.  At least that is my experience

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8:00am vs. 7:59am - A consistency request



I forget and cannot right now find where I set the default reminder time (if I did at all and from the two seconds I spent here it looks like it is preset by EN itself) but... on EN Web, my default reminder time is 8:00 am of the day I set it even if that time is earlier in the day. On Android, reminders are automatically set 24 hours after I click to set a reminder. In the clipper, reminders are set for 8am of the day I set the reminder. And on Windows, reminders seem to vary. Sometimes they are set for 8am that day (or the next, too, I think), sometimes an hour later and sometimes 24 hours later. I think I have that correct. I just know that Windows is anything but consistent and it is frustrating.



For now, if and when Evernote ever implements recurring reminders, I like to have almost all of my notes needing reminders to be set at the same time, which is how I came (I now remember) to accept 8am as the default time (the majority of time at least). However, many, many of them show up having reminders of 7:59am, I am (re)setting them for 8:00am. I am not sure how 7:59am is happening because I am not setting reminders for 7:59am. But it would be nice if they were all 7:59am or all 8:00am or whatever I want as the default across all platforms.


I have not really sat down to investigate if reminders set on one platform are converted from 8:00am to 7:59am in another platform. After nearly a year I figured that a pattern would emerge and reveal itself. Yet no such pattern has. At least not one without keeping a log. But I do know that this minor issue is distracting at times (like today when it was very much so), and I would like any suggestions on how to go about resolving this issue. Thanks.



1 Android Lollipop, mobile app auto-updates

2 Windows Pro 7SP1, desktop application auto-updates via ninite.com upon startup

10+ Web, the pre-"new version" accessed in Chrome via 1 Lubuntu 14.04, X Windows 7SP1 Enterprise and 1 ChromeOS


P.S. Yeah, I'll get over it now that I've said my peace. Piece?

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Happened again. Every note's reminder time set in the wee hours this morning that I've reviewed thus far have changed from (X):00:00 to (X-1):59:59 on another device.

  • I set the reminder times on my Dell laptop having Windows 7SP1 Pro with EN v. (276152) Public, which was defaulting to reminder times set for an hour later.
  • I am now using my HP desktop to edit/act on notes using Windows 7SP1 Pro with EN v. (276117) Public where the times are (X-1):59:59.
  • Just checked back with my Dell laptop where times remain (X):00:00.
  • Synced both PCs prior to checking times on a note created this morning with a reminder time set that I had not yet reviewed today.
  • With an existing note that I had reset the time this morning but had not yet touched today, on both my laptop and desktop, the reminder time changed from 8:00:00 to 7:59:59. However, I do not recall if I needed to reset the time on this. I did reset the date and would have ensured that the time was 8:00:00 as I was being extremely OCD about this this morning.
  • For a note that was throwing up conflict errors left and right for which I ultimately copied and pasted from to create a new note, the time remains the same on both machines. I had not yet touched this one either. Hooray! One note's reminder time wasn't altered.
  • Looking for an existing not that I have not yet touched but had edited both the date and timestamp this morning. Found one! Reset this morning from 08:00:00 to 14:00:00 on my Dell laptop. Just checked my HP desktop where the reminder time reads 13:59:59.

Next time I will ensure that both machines are using same version prior to launch to see if that has a positive effect.

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