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  1. Hello, Work Chat doesn't really work for me in most cases when sharing notes, because you never know if someone has EN installed or not. So instead I have to use the "Send a copy" option. Minor workflow issue - email address field doesn't autofill the way Work Chat does. I'd love to see this in a future version of EN Windows desktop!
  2. Oh, I see. Thanks! Most of my images are just scanned pictures of documents. Do you think that'll be okay?
  3. Hello EN community! I've noticed that Evernote for Android stores all of the images that I load in the app onto my phone. As a result, I have _tons_ of images stored on my device that should be in the cloud. It's taking up unnecessary space on my phone. Could I delete the images off of my phone? Thanks for your help!
  4. I hope you guys haven't given your credit card info or anything! http://www.geek.com/news/backifys-512gb-cloud-service-disappears-takes-all-user-data-with-it-1441609/
  5. Hello EN Community! I use the EN app for scanning papers on my Android phone. It works well, when it works. But there are constant bugs. Every once in a while it'll crash, or the paper will be scanner upside down, or something of that sort. It's very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Hello EN Community! I think it's an odd behavior that the recording feature stops recording when the screen of my mobile phone turns off. If I need to record something for 30 minutes or more, it'd kill my battery to leave my screen on for that long! What do you think?
  7. Agreed! it's very annoying to have to click on the title field every time.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, everyone! Thanks so much for your helpful feedback. I've taken a step back, and asked myself what am I really looking for in a task manager (I think that's a beauty of using EN for tasks!) I ended up with - 1. I want a way to mark tasks to do "Next", but not be limited to calling them "Today", otherwise I'd have to reset the tag every single day. 2. I want a way to prioritize those "Next" tasks. 3. I need a way to defer a task to "Tomorrow". 4. I need a way to defer a task to another future date. 5. I need to store the tasks I want to do sometime in the future, but I'm not sure when. For now, this seems to be working quite well for me. Next actions are in "1-Next". They are all prioritzed with the tags under Priority. I am able to move things to "Tomorrow" if I know I can't do them today. (No point cluttering my list with things I physically cannot do!) I'm able to move things to a later date with "3-Later" and put a reminder on them so that I know what date it needs to be done. (I do a daily check on "3-Later" just to make sure I'm not missing anything. @Wordsgood - Thanks for your reply! Studies are going great! I'm at UMass Amherst in Massachusetts. @Frank.dg - Thanks, I will definitely check out productivity mashup!
  9. Hello EN community! Is there a way we can change the default reminder time? On the desktop app, it defaults to something random. Is there a way I can set the default to, say, 9AM every time I create a reminder? Thanks for your time!
  10. Thanks for your helpful reply! The second and third options won't work for me for the simple reason that _lots_ of the random tasks I have don't fall into any sort of category or project. That will lead to me keep checking each project tag separately to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. How would the first one work? I keep everything for today in 2-Today (regardless of priority) and then as I'm working on it put it in 1? <-- I don't see the benefit of putting something I'm already going to work on in 1-Now (let me know if I'm missing something!) The fourth one is interesting, as I've been using something similar for a while. I made a .Priority tag, and under that I made #1Urgent, #2Important, and #3ShouldDo. And like you said, I usually don't get the time to get around to #3 or the tasks not assigned any priority. I think my issue with this^^^ way was that, because my .When tags were 1-Today, 2-Tomorrow, 3-This Week, 4-This Month, 5-Someday, every day I'd have to move stuff from Tomorrow to Today, and things I didn't finish today I'd have to move to Tomorrow. Too much moving around. Also, 3, 4, and 5 kind of because the same thing - anything I couldn't do today or tomorrow. This is SO difficult! But I can't rest until I find a system that works for me :'(
  11. Hey there! If you use Evernote as a GTD task manager, how do you prioritize tasks? Under my .When tag, I have tags like 1-Next, 2-Weekend, etc etc. However, under 1-Next, it's just a mess of tasks. Of course, I can organize them by .What (like :Homework, :Errands, etc), but what about things that don't fit in those categories? I'd love to hear your ideas!
  12. Done what? Are you saying that you can now search through evernote with the google search bar??
  13. This isn't working for me, on Windows 8.1! Hey Sahil - I just checked my Laptop is running Windows 8.1 and EN is working fine on it. I checked the settings and it has the SSL 3.0 checked and all 3 of the TLS options checked as well. Try that and see if i works for you!! Weird, it just worked! I had SSL 3 checked before, but that's when it wasn't working... Anyways, it's all good now. Thanks again.
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