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  1. Should anybody else not understand Scott's comment of "When you are viewing the list of your notebooks," he means to click on Notebooks (see blue highlight in image below) in the sidebar and then drag and drop the notebooks listed in the main area of the Evernote to the right of the sidebar. Because drag and drop does not work when trying to move notebooks from within the sidebar as it does in EN Windows.
  2. I just did an uninstall/reboot/install and got nagged to not only upgrade to premium (WHEN I AM ALREADY premium) but also share a notebook. Annoying? Yes, AF!
  3. Yes, exactly! You picked the best one. My second and third favorites:
  4. Evernote needs its own Fail Whale* for these "all systems fully available" status updates. This outage happened at a bad time for me today as I had some updates on my desktop that did not sync and I needed them for some out'n'about, time-sensitive errands. Had to recompile everything on the fly culling info from Gmail, an Excel file and a few paper documents. I do not like to appear disorganized in front of others. So, a bit peeved I was. *A suggestion, please: When irregularly scheduled maintenance takes over two hours longer than expected, give me a gottam humourous animated gif or something as a way of apology for severely underestimating the downtime, which I only learned about after completing my errands.
  5. Oh, good post about tagging benefits. I'm a prolific tagger, using codes aplenty. Maybe Evernote has since posted this in their KB, I don't know, but maybe somebody else will find it helpful. I compiled the following list when I was trying to get the tags I use most often toward the top of the sidebar in the Tags section as well as when sorting notes by the tags column in list view as well as when creating a protocol for project notes that require a strict use of tags. It's a list that could be improved upon because I didn't go through the specially-accessed keyboard characters, but I didn't want to overcomplicate it for my purposes. Alphanumeric Sorting Order and Hierarchy (in Evernote*) ! exclamation point " inches (double-quote) # pound $ dollar % percent & ampersand ( left parenthesis ) right parenthesis * asterisk . period / slash : colon ; semi-colon ? question @ at, around, about [ left bracket \ back slash ] right bracket ^ carat (insert) _ underscore ` grave accent { left brace | pipe } right brace ~ tilde + plus < less than = equals > greater than 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz*The single-quote or apostrophe is missing. At the time when I compiled this list, I was using the list for other programs, too. And using ' as a leading character caused strange, inconsistent results so I excluded it from my master list. Sorry, I've forgotten where it is sorted in Evernote.
  6. Ahh, thank you, JMichael. I've once again located -- and finally bookmarked -- the keyboard shortcuts KB page, giving it the honor of placement in my bookmarks bar until I learn my lesson! Since my post, I've perused Evernote's blog. Although I am surprised that the EN blog eschews the use of multiple tags it is much better than many corporate product blogs. It's wheat to chaff ratio looks good from my quick glance. The EN blog just might explain the dearth of Evernote fan sites that I thought I would run across on Google, so I'll have to set aside a day and browse the archives. Or rather the remnants of such (long abandoned) sites I figured I'd run across as I imagine they were quite popular in the mid- to late-2000s if ever. But nope, didn't really find any blogs primarily devoted to Evernote. Many, many productivity blogs, but that's not what I really need anymore. Just want to focus on becoming an EN power user.
  7. Using tags to get around as Evernote is now borderlines on the nightmare. Maybe somebody can teach me something that I am missing and cannot find. Maybe there actually are already great highly-efficient ways to get around using tags. Maybe not. You tell me. I'm looking to improve my efficiency. Please help and/or make suggestions. Thanks! What I would like to see is the ability to drag'n'drop a tag from an open note to the search bar and thus quickly find all the other notes tagged with the same. Or using a right-click on that tag and finding in the context menu a fourth option that searches for notes tagged with the same.* Or the tags themselves are links that will pull up a search result with all the other notes tagged the same. Something has got to be better than having to scroll three miles through a long list of tags in the sidebar to get to my not too often used but not too rarely used work and zebra tags. *Or better still reveals a dropdown list of all the other notes tagged with the same. That is the one thing I really, really, really times infinity miss about TiddlyWiki, which had a plugin (or maybe it is built in now) that would allow this UI function. Hmm, maybe I am missing out on some keyboard shortcuts? There has to be some. It is the one program where I wear out my mouse. Like the keyboard shortcut to quickly pull up search and get typing. Ctrl-S? Nope. Ctrl-K? Nope, that's adding a hyperlink. Ctrl-F? Nope. It would be better too if I could remember to enter tag: before actually typing the tag. Even then that sort of blows for sloppy typers until Evernote's search bar has Chrome's omnibar's superior type handling capabilities. Also, is there a great power-users blog/site out there that has a treasure trove of tips on Evernote efficiency? Wading through textbooks on [insert subject that bores you here which for me just might be dryer lint] which sounds more fun than browsing through EN's Knowledge Base, which I imagine contains some of what I am after.
  8. Please fix this, Evernote! Some Americans prefer 24-hour. Just logged into EN Web on Windows, tried setting a reminder to 18:00 and it kept reverting to 06:00. Finally realized I needed to click the PM. Arghy-blarghy. FWIW, on my Sony Xperia with Android 5.x Lollipop, the 24-hour reminder time is available there for me. And I must say that the new dial interface for dates and times is awesome, especially time. So much faster!
  9. Happened again. Every note's reminder time set in the wee hours this morning that I've reviewed thus far have changed from (X):00:00 to (X-1):59:59 on another device. I set the reminder times on my Dell laptop having Windows 7SP1 Pro with EN v. (276152) Public, which was defaulting to reminder times set for an hour later.I am now using my HP desktop to edit/act on notes using Windows 7SP1 Pro with EN v. (276117) Public where the times are (X-1):59:59.Just checked back with my Dell laptop where times remain (X):00:00.Synced both PCs prior to checking times on a note created this morning with a reminder time set that I had not yet reviewed today.With an existing note that I had reset the time this morning but had not yet touched today, on both my laptop and desktop, the reminder time changed from 8:00:00 to 7:59:59. However, I do not recall if I needed to reset the time on this. I did reset the date and would have ensured that the time was 8:00:00 as I was being extremely OCD about this this morning.For a note that was throwing up conflict errors left and right for which I ultimately copied and pasted from to create a new note, the time remains the same on both machines. I had not yet touched this one either. Hooray! One note's reminder time wasn't altered.Looking for an existing not that I have not yet touched but had edited both the date and timestamp this morning. Found one! Reset this morning from 08:00:00 to 14:00:00 on my Dell laptop. Just checked my HP desktop where the reminder time reads 13:59:59.Next time I will ensure that both machines are using same version prior to launch to see if that has a positive effect.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. I do see a lot of programs on my machine that do do the uninstall afterwards. Some are not pretty.
  11. Let's hope so! I know I've tried this with iTunes, another task bar hater, but I had no luck three or four years ago.* However, in looking at iTunes again, I notice that it's target location remains the same whether pinning from the Start Menu or from creating a shortcut from the exe and pinning that to the task bar. I'm pretty sure I've tried this with Evernote in the past. I'm just hoping that my memory is foggy or that Evernote allowed the target location to change as it is doing now. *No more need for iTunes now that Google Music's "Feeling Lucky" mixes have come along, they just get me.
  12. +1000. This. A thousand times this. How's that? Unless Evernote's application name changes or its file path changes, the "old" pinned item will still point to something. For those who manually pin Evernote to the taskbar, it is most likely pointing to C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe unless Evernote is intervening and doing something else and pointing to what, the registry? C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local (or Roaming)? With the exception of Quicken being Quickbooks and the addition of Chrome > surfing (Firefox > dev), our task bars are otherwise identical!
  13. 8:00am vs. 7:59am - A consistency request Preamble I forget and cannot right now find where I set the default reminder time (if I did at all and from the two seconds I spent here it looks like it is preset by EN itself) but... on EN Web, my default reminder time is 8:00 am of the day I set it even if that time is earlier in the day. On Android, reminders are automatically set 24 hours after I click to set a reminder. In the clipper, reminders are set for 8am of the day I set the reminder. And on Windows, reminders seem to vary. Sometimes they are set for 8am that day (or the next, too, I think), sometimes an hour later and sometimes 24 hours later. I think I have that correct. I just know that Windows is anything but consistent and it is frustrating. Amble For now, if and when Evernote ever implements recurring reminders, I like to have almost all of my notes needing reminders to be set at the same time, which is how I came (I now remember) to accept 8am as the default time (the majority of time at least). However, many, many of them show up having reminders of 7:59am, I am (re)setting them for 8:00am. I am not sure how 7:59am is happening because I am not setting reminders for 7:59am. But it would be nice if they were all 7:59am or all 8:00am or whatever I want as the default across all platforms. I have not really sat down to investigate if reminders set on one platform are converted from 8:00am to 7:59am in another platform. After nearly a year I figured that a pattern would emerge and reveal itself. Yet no such pattern has. At least not one without keeping a log. But I do know that this minor issue is distracting at times (like today when it was very much so), and I would like any suggestions on how to go about resolving this issue. Thanks. Postamble 1 Android Lollipop, mobile app auto-updates 2 Windows Pro 7SP1, desktop application auto-updates via ninite.com upon startup 10+ Web, the pre-"new version" accessed in Chrome via 1 Lubuntu 14.04, X Windows 7SP1 Enterprise and 1 ChromeOS P.S. Yeah, I'll get over it now that I've said my peace. Piece?
  14. Oh, blarney, I confused myself. And I apologize to everyone for wasting your time. Despite having completed the survey the other day, I was able to access it again. It is "Save emails into Evernote" that is suggested as possibly being moved to the Plus plan. I had thought this feature was clipping because I click the web clipper to save an email and I didn't view what was applicable to all plans, skipping straight to what was missing in Basic and Plus compared to Premium, and thus missing the first feature listed, web clipping.
  15. Based upon a recent survey Evernote sent me, it looks like Evernote is planning to move the web clipper to their Plus plan. Interesting. You must admit, though, that although this will not be well-received by the hordes, Evernote might very well be making a good move when it comes to their own interests. I think they should do it. Why this was never a premium feature from the get-go still amazes me. You're right in that many of the Premium features we can get by without. I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing... I just think it would be a spectacular business move for Evernote. It just makes business sense. BUT... until then, it is simply speculation. Indeed. It'd be a great business move. Evernote has a practical monopoly in its service area. No other tool out there comes close to what Evernote does. Aside from my hyperbole, if no other competitor steps in and offers something that meets my requirements, I may go back to being a premium or even plus member if copy'n'paste becomes too much of a burden. It's just that the divide between what Evernote offers and what its competition offers is so vast. That Springpad failed to see this and concentrated too much on "social" was disapppointing. Hopefully, somebody else sees this gap and builds something for the middle to keep Evernote in check.
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