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  1. The system just upgraded on me and now I'm backing out to the legacy version. The current version is broken for me without tabs. I regularly take notes in one tab, while reviewing multiple other notes in another tab. For example, at the end of the day I review my day. New notes in a note called "Daily Review", while another tab has a saved search for all the notes updated today. I literally do this every day. I'm really upset about this. I've been a premium member for years because Evernote has become critical to how I organize my digital life. All I really want is for things to keep working, which is why I pay for a subscription. I've voted for various feature requests, but really -- just don't break things. With this upgrade you have broken my processes. One way or the other I require the ability to take fresh notes in one note, while reviewing a set of other notes. I don't care if it's in separate windows or tabs (tabs preferred), or something else, but at the end of the day it has to work. I'll roll back for now, but this is the first time I've considered moving to something else. It's a bad enough breakage that it has me questioning. Please fix this.
  2. Is this the same as I was just looking myself.
  3. I've been using reminders for tracking my todo's with the sort by reminderDate. I also like seeing what I've completed today, so have "show recently completed reminders". However, the completed reminders are still in line with everything else. For my use it would be great to have all the completed reminders grouped together at the top (I can see what I've done), and the open reminders sorted below.
  4. Thanks DTLow. I almost started in the request forum. I'm using shortcuts for both of those saved searches also. I find I like to have them open for prolonged period of time.
  5. I find myself regularly having at least 3 tabs open in Evernote, with two of those tabs being saved searches. However, they are saved searches over the same notebook, so the tabs have the same name. What would be ideal is if the tab name would be the name of the saved search, rather than the notebook. Is this possible (I searched and explored and couldn't find anything)? Is this a feature request? Thanks for the help.
  6. I couldn't figure out why this wasn't working, until I came here. Please add this feature.
  7. Quick follow-up: Are there any good pointers on working with Tags in the Mac version of Evernote? It turns out that I have a lot of tags already, and building nested tags is challenging for me if I have to have all tags visible, and then drag to the left to my top level contexts.
  8. Thanks so much everyone. I have new things to tinker with now myself. I'm a fan of GTD, so I'm not sure how I missed The Secret Weapon. I'm trying its ideas out now, and will also try out the reminder ordering. I'm also trying out Zotero for organizing academic papers. That was suggested to be separately, and I found some links of people integrating Zotero and Evernote. If I learn anything interesting I'll loop back with an update.
  9. Cool -- thanks for sharing. I think that solves a little of the problem of the immediately next thing to read, but after that one paper I then am back to my starting point. I suppose I could also mark the immediately next thing by adding a shortcut also as I don't have too many of those.
  10. Eh, I said the wrong word. I put them into a Notebook called @ToRead. I use the @ at the beginning to keep it near the top of the default ordering of Notebooks. How do you use the reminder feature? Do you just remind yourself of some later than others?
  11. I find myself often wanting this feature. I regularly take handwritten notes and then scan them. I would love a transcription of those notes. I would be a big improvement for me.
  12. I'm a long time use of Evernote to collect ideas and notes. One class of things I collect are things to read, including PDFs of academic papers, and blog articles. I put all of them into a notebook "@ToRead" and periodically go through them. I've been finding that notebook is a bit of a mess, and needing some organization. It's been really good for capturing the things I want to read, but then I lose what I want to read next, or logical connections between papers (e.g., these were all from the same conference). I can use more tags for the connections (and will now that I write this). For now I just created an overview note putting in all the organization that was missing. Still, I fear that this is a pretty heavy weight solution, and will soon grow stale and out of date. Do folks have better ways of solving this issue? I know you can't drag notes up and down, but there are ways to mimic that. [edited to say "Notebook" where I had incorrectly used "Folder"]
  13. So long as the lock screen widget only allows adding new notes, I'm not overly concerned about the security issues. I can deal if someone adds a bunch of notes to my database. The real key is time -- reducing the time from reaching for the phone until I can start saving a note, and ultimately save it. Having the note on the lock screen saves the time to unlock the phone. I don't think having something in the notification tray really helps reduce that note taking time. I already have the evernote widget on my home screen, and use that. As an aside, I'm on Marshmallow now, and I'm not sure it's possible anymore to add lock screen widgets anymore.
  14. Thanks gazumped. My real issue is trying to reduce the cost of saving a piece of information. On my phone (nexus 5), it takes me six seconds to unlock, hit the evernote new note widget, and be ready to enter information. I'd really like to cut that down and trying to figure out any way to do that. I'm trying to capture and measure more things, and the six seconds limits what I can afford to record.
  15. Is there a way to setup an android lock screen widget to --only-- create a new evernote note? I don't want someone to be able to look through my notes without unlocking, but I would like to create notes without unlocking. I'd like similar behavior to the camera app, which allows me to take a picture without unlocking, but won't let me look at any pre-existing pictures without unlocking the phone. I'm not comfortable allowing access to my notes on the lock screen. My apologies if this is discussed somewhere else, or solved. I've looked around and hadn't been able to find a solution. Also, I'm running lolipop.
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