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  1. Hi, Just downloaded the beta and trying it out. Thanks. The focus on search is topical for me. I had an issue with search just this morning. Any chance of adding in explicit dates when searching on modified or created time? Currently there are a number of preset searches that I can choose, but I can't search for all notes created on Oct. 15th, or all notes created between Oct 15th and Oct 20th. I find myself wanting to do that from time to time.
  2. So long as the lock screen widget only allows adding new notes, I'm not overly concerned about the security issues. I can deal if someone adds a bunch of notes to my database. The real key is time -- reducing the time from reaching for the phone until I can start saving a note, and ultimately save it. Having the note on the lock screen saves the time to unlock the phone. I don't think having something in the notification tray really helps reduce that note taking time. I already have the evernote widget on my home screen, and use that. As an aside, I'm on Marshmallow now, and I'm not sure it's possible anymore to add lock screen widgets anymore.
  3. I had a crash tonight also. I grabbed the crash report and saved it.
  4. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text -> Use smart quotes and dashes Thanks. I should have gotten that before. I remembered two other parts that I would like along these lines: 1. The ability to set things off in a box, just as the comments above show up in a box. To visually separate the code (or other quoted text). 2. The ability to go back to default formatting after pasting something in. If I paste in formatted text, the text immediately afterwards ends up in the same formatting. I never figured out an easy way to go back to default behavior for remaining text. The best I've been able to do is to insert some blank lines before pasting, to make sure there is at least one existing default formatted line after the paste.
  5. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text -> Use smart quotes and dashes Thanks. I should have gotten that before.
  6. Trying out the new beta. Thanks. I actually use the "* " shortcut, but it's not that big a thing for me one way or the other. The big thing I was hoping to get (and would still love to get) is support for preformatted code and quoted text (like an email or something copied from somewhere). I've had trouble with this in the past including "--" becoming one long dash. On the last beta I tried `test` but was never quite sure if it was working. Interestingly, it currently seems that if I paste something with -- it stays a --, but if I try to type it, it gets merged. I do a lot of work programming, and being able to accurately save snippets of code and snippets of output is a big deal. The easier it is to do, the better things are for me. Thanks.
  7. Thanks gazumped. My real issue is trying to reduce the cost of saving a piece of information. On my phone (nexus 5), it takes me six seconds to unlock, hit the evernote new note widget, and be ready to enter information. I'd really like to cut that down and trying to figure out any way to do that. I'm trying to capture and measure more things, and the six seconds limits what I can afford to record.
  8. Is there a way to setup an android lock screen widget to --only-- create a new evernote note? I don't want someone to be able to look through my notes without unlocking, but I would like to create notes without unlocking. I'd like similar behavior to the camera app, which allows me to take a picture without unlocking, but won't let me look at any pre-existing pictures without unlocking the phone. I'm not comfortable allowing access to my notes on the lock screen. My apologies if this is discussed somewhere else, or solved. I've looked around and hadn't been able to find a solution. Also, I'm running lolipop.
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