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Font and font size?



I just updated to the new version för Android tablets and the new text features and general layout got me seriously interested in Evernote for the first time. However, I really want to be able to change font and font size. Is this planned and is there a rough ETA?

I already saw a forum post about bullet points list levels and indentation, but I'd like to take the opportunity to put in a request for that as well. :)

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I'm musician and use my tablet in rehearsals, gigs and sessions for text- and lead sheets.

  • If I edit a note on Android I have to reformat it on desktop.
  • I need to set the font size to big on desktop to be able to read it on Android.
  • Again the monospace font issue comes up here. 

A default display-font-size on mobile devices in relation to the font size set in desktop would be grat to me. I.e. "display fonts at 135%" on tablet, 110% on phone. Would be perfect to me.

The option to set font to just "monospace" I'd like to see. Personally I wouldn't care about which font exactly as other do.

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I love Evernote, but this font issue seems to be getting no attention from them at all though many struggle with it.  If you have an Android device a workaround is to install an app called Big Font.  It allows you to to change your font size to 125% or 150% or larger.  It is listed as options in your settings after you install it.  Crazy thing is I set my font size on 16 on my desktop and the note is unreadable on my tablet. If I set it on 14 it's actually larger on my tablet and if I set it on font size 18 sometimes it's perfect and sometimes it's huge.  Crazy!  So, I just went in and set everything to Calibri size 14 and set my tablet to 125% and it's perfect.  It doesn't seem to affect the fonts in my books and this is the only program I use for notes or info to read where the initial note was made on my computer so it's a good fix for me.  I can no longer use Evernote on my phone because the font is just to small, but Big Font did help on my tablet. 

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I would also really appreciate an option to modify the text display size in the android evernote app. As my smartphone has a relatively small screen, it can be difficult to read in the smaller fonts. Please add this feature, nay, I believe it to be a necessity.


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For what it's worth - I've made some template note to suite my needs - perhaps yours as well

- A mono-space template that will work on android and the PC (presume Mac as well)

- A mono-space template with the so-called 80's Hacker theme (Black page with luminous green font)

An then a series of "Post-It" note templates. Each template has a similar background colour and uses the Comic font for a more "human" feel.


Template Hackers 80's.enex

Post-It Notes Pink.enex

Post-It Notes Blue.enex

Post-It Notes Yellow.enex

Post-It Notes Orange.enex

Post-It Notes Lime.enex

Monospace Courier.enex

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To anyone struggling, as I was after a fresh install of android, you might like to increase the system font size underneath accessibility settings. I couldn't understand how I had managed before.... Nevertheless, evernote, please do address this issue if you are able. It is quite a fundamental thing.

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We don't provide ETA but I will write your request on my list.

Stay tuned.


Four years later, is that request (to which I join my voice) still on your list, dear Xavier?

Is font size customization as impossible as indentation :( ?

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It us utterly ridiculous that Evernote would force a font size smaller than the standard font size on the phone and all other apps.

People have pointed this out for over FOUR YEARS now.

I barely use Evernote anymore for this reason. Please just fix it and offer a SETTING, or at the least use a normal font size.


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We don't provide ETA but I will write your request on my list.

Stay tuned.

The font size is adjustable in Evernote 3.2 on Android 3.X... but it has to be set every time you open a note. An application default setting would save a lot of time.

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I have a related problem. Font sizes vary dramatically within a note depending on whether that portion of the note was added on my Nexus or on my computer. Is there a way to reset the font size of the entire note? I like Evernote very much and bought a paid version but this bug is making it nearly unusable

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I need a large font in order to read my notes.  Why can't that be set on my tablet.  I don't need it on my large computer screen, but have to set it huge on there in order to read it on my tablet.  Is this ever going to be addressed?

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15 hours ago, mynon said:

Have you found a product to replace Evernote? I'd switch in a heartbeat just over the font size.  I can't read these small fonts and I'm tired of having to find a work around.

I have pretty much stopped using Evernote because of the font size on both iOS and Android. I basically use a combination of Google Keep and Dropbox. Quick notes and tasks go into Keep, longer notes go into Dropbox (there are a ton of good text editors that sync with Dropbox), and I grab internet pages using print to PDF from Chrome and save them to Dropbox.

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I was thrilled to see this topic in the list, but devastated to find that it has languished for FOUR YEARS...
The lack of control over text color, font and size is one of the biggest drawbacks to using the Android version.
It throws the whole "cross platform continuity" concept right out the proverbial window.

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Since long wondering why the EN team refuses to allow Android version user set default font size. I as a coder myself donot think the default size setting would mean big burden for computing resources. And then the only reason seems to be that they want the app as simple as possible.


I must say that the team's SIMPLIFICATION mindset is the greatest concern for most EN heavy users. You never know whether certain important functional element would disappear tomorrow to make the app more elegant and more appealing to newbies.

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The note text in Evernote is so ridiculously tiny, it's, it's... <mom says say nothing at all here>.


I use the "Note to Self" feature, and the notes appear in EN with a nice fat

"Note to self" title, which is of course useless to me, and then the critical text of the note itself

is literally HALF that size.  It's by far the teeniest font of ANY app on my Galaxy S4.


And asking to Zoom is just a workaround; you shouldn't have to mess with the display every time

you look at the phone, you should be able to see it.

I'll be completely uninstalling it from all devices soon if it doesn't change.

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Times New Roman is way too 'old school'. Please give us the option to change font and size for the general listings,index,notebooks,notes etc., etc.. I'm a long time paid user and I love Evernote. So many great new features have been added - but  - please let users decide how it should look. 

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