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  1. Mynon, please vote up! (Upper left-hand corner of page). Thank you!
  2. Hi, guys! This feature request might help with this issue -- as text in a note can currently be zoomed in, but then disappears off the edge of the page. Submitted for your vote of approval! Thank you!
  3. Hi guys. This is a great request -- this feature request might help with text not re-flowing. If you want this feature back, please vote up! Thank you!
  4. Hi guys. This is a great request -- but this feature request would solve the problem and any users as big as a text size as they wanted at any time! Please click the link to read about 'Reflowing Text When Pinch-Zoomed' and, if you like the idea, please vote up! Thank you!
  5. If you like this idea, please go to this created as a new feature request. Thank you!
  6. Notes can be pinched-zoomed, making everything larger (text as well as images) -- but then enlarged text cuts off by phone display--making this hardly a useful feature. As it is, pinch-zoom seems useful only to zoom into images and/or read small fragments of text, yet being able to enlarge text is an incredibly helpful feature -- particularly for users with imperfect vision or dyslexia. Certainly, clipped web content can be limited by table grid, borders, or HTML formatting -- but even text-based notes created in Evernote don't re-flow text -- and even if most web-clipped text couldn't re-flow well, the 'simplify formatting' feature on the desktop client seems it'd largely solve this problem. 'Pinch-and-zoom' seems like a partially realized feature and text re-flowing would make it great! Please vote up if you like this idea!
  7. Many apps allows users to navigate to a next or previous item by swiping left or right while within the item. I'd love to see this feature for notes in Evernote! Currently Evernote requires users back out of a note and then select the next in a list.
  8. Text re-flow would considerably enhance the user experience on Evernote mobile applications. I'm surprised the mobile app allow pinch-and-zoom without text autoflow -- currently allowing zoom without text re-flow only highlights an app deficiency.
  9. My boyfriend and I both use the Samsung Note 5. We also have shared notebooks in Evernote, and we've both been using the Android desktop widget, set to sort by recently updated so we can see when a note was updated by the other. This is working fine for me, all recently updated notes appear at the top of my widget, whether I was the last to update the note or not, but this is not how notes are sorting for him, and he definitely has the widget to sort by most recently updated. What other factors could affect the widget not sorting his notes as it is on my phone? Thank you!
  10. How do I get to a map that shows where the notes are geo-tagged? This feature used to be in Android--I no longer see it.
  11. How hard would it be to implement the default to display the first image in a note as the thumbnail. Always No user options to add. Users can then just make sure the image they want is at the top (which is probably the image they want/expect to display most of the time) -- so they essentially get to choose which image displays. Even if this isn't what users want in the long-run, is this not a best-case scenario in the meantime, instead of a strange algorithmic formula that users can't even work with?
  12. I'm aware templates can be created natively by copying notes, and that 3rd party applications that offer form, template creation as well. I'm look for a way to create a new note where the date and time are automatically inserted as the note title - and I'd LOVE if creating such a note only required clicking an icon on my Android desktop. If anyone is aware of a service, app, add-on, etc that can do this, please let me know. Thank you!
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