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  1. I have a related problem. Font sizes vary dramatically within a note depending on whether that portion of the note was added on my Nexus or on my computer. Is there a way to reset the font size of the entire note? I like Evernote very much and bought a paid version but this bug is making it nearly unusable
  2. I have a related problem with my Nexus 7. If I edit a note on my computer sometimes the edited portion appears in large or even huge font size when viewed on the Nexus. This should be fixed. Also there should be a way to select the entire note and set its size. Is there a way to do that that I am not aware of?
  3. My question relates to markups on photos and I apologize if this is the wrong place for it. I can add a text comment to a photo but how do I go back and edit it? I can't get the cursor to move within a text box on a marked up photo and the only way I can edit previously entered text is to backspace from the end of the text and re-enter everything from that point. Am I missing something?
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