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  1. Font size has been a problem for years. I must type documents in a size 22 font on my computer in order to be able to read them on my ipad. That's ridiculous. I've switched to OneNote where that is not a problem.
  2. I've been requesting font increase capability for at least 4 years to no avail. I send help request tickets but they just say they'll refer the issue to their IT folks. I'm going on their twitter help feed now and I'm going to start asking daily. If everyone else does too maybe they will finally address it.
  3. This has been a complaint for as long as I've had Evernote, which is at least 5 years. They have never addressed the font problem. Arial or New Times Romans which is available on most devices - an 12 is fine on the desktop but unreadable on ipad. To read on ipad I have to use Arial 24 which is awful on my desktop. Calabri is better to use but font size 22 is no longer an option and 18 is too small and 24 is like giant type. If there is ever another program out there where I can keep notes on my my devices and have them sync so I only have to create or modify once, I'm changing if they will make the font issue a non issue.
  4. Have you found a product to replace Evernote? I'd switch in a heartbeat just over the font size. I can't read these small fonts and I'm tired of having to find a work around.
  5. The text not being wrapped is the biggee for me. I'm not interested in a work around. I'm interested in a solution which is to allow you to set your own font size as other apps do.
  6. Pinched zoom does not allow you to view your entire note on your screen without constantly moving it around. Every other app out there has the ability to change the font size. Why is it Evernote is not able to meet this request by so many of their premium members?
  7. Another 7 months has rolled by and still no fix to the font issue. How totally disappointing!
  8. I love Evernote, but this font issue seems to be getting no attention from them at all though many struggle with it. If you have an Android device a workaround is to install an app called Big Font. It allows you to to change your font size to 125% or 150% or larger. It is listed as options in your settings after you install it. Crazy thing is I set my font size on 16 on my desktop and the note is unreadable on my tablet. If I set it on 14 it's actually larger on my tablet and if I set it on font size 18 sometimes it's perfect and sometimes it's huge. Crazy! So, I just went in and set everything to Calibri size 14 and set my tablet to 125% and it's perfect. It doesn't seem to affect the fonts in my books and this is the only program I use for notes or info to read where the initial note was made on my computer so it's a good fix for me. I can no longer use Evernote on my phone because the font is just to small, but Big Font did help on my tablet.
  9. The reply I received from support said there is not. I will tell you, as crazy as this is, that Calibri font size 16, shows up well on my android. If I put the note in on my computer with font size 18, it's difficult to read on my tablet. Go figure! Anyway, the only way to have larger font, is to put the note in on your computer in a large font size then sync with your android.
  10. A larger font is necessary for me as well. Why is this still an issue that's not been addressed by Evernote programmers?
  11. I need a large font in order to read my notes. Why can't that be set on my tablet. I don't need it on my large computer screen, but have to set it huge on there in order to read it on my tablet. Is this ever going to be addressed?
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