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  1. My issue got resolved by support, somehow on a Sunday, within an hour after the first answer from support, my ticket yesterday and the post here today. However, I'm happy now. Not sure, how much my clarity and kindlyness helped. Have a nice day! Sadly I can't add [solved] to the title...
  2. I'm musician and use my tablet in rehearsals, gigs and sessions for text- and lead sheets. If I edit a note on Android I have to reformat it on desktop.I need to set the font size to big on desktop to be able to read it on Android.Again the monospace font issue comes up here. A default display-font-size on mobile devices in relation to the font size set in desktop would be grat to me. I.e. "display fonts at 135%" on tablet, 110% on phone. Would be perfect to me. The option to set font to just "monospace" I'd like to see. Personally I wouldn't care about which font exactly as other do.
  3. Hi Via Google Play I purchased the Plus upgrade on July 6. I'm still on Basic. I filed a Ticket# 1161243. On Android it sais "Item already purched". It seems Evernote can't get this information somehow on Android, Desktop and in Browser. Can you please flag this post so I get in the que of premium support somehow? It's time now to take action now. This is probably because I use different email adresses over the net. I added my Evernote email to my Google Account so you hopefully can find it. Thank you. To me it'll be a good idea to inform people not to puchase in Google Play if they us
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