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  1. FYI - The new web version does not allow for printing. Using the Browser print function, Ctrl-P, right-click print etc will simply try to print the whole page as opposed to the actual note itself. I reverted to the old version instead.
  2. You're quite right, it just depends over which time-frame we're talking about. there are two factors. (1) Disk Space, as you rightly pointed out, is not really and issue for most desktop devices, however, one does run into limiting factors when it comes to database *volume* (2) - the more information a user acquires, the more slugging the device comes. Customers will (unfairly) expect the local search results to be at least as fast as a google search result. But a local desktop units could never match the power of google virtual server arrays. So there is a case for local indexing with file content on the backend makes sense. Also the market seems to be moving towards cheap / low end devices that are orientated more towards connectivity rather than raw power. (sadly so) Google has the advantage that PDF files "stream" quickly via the web, whilst Evernote downloads the whole file first ... so the option of using EN web version is not practical ... one can't even merge two files on the web version (although we could back in the day) I still love a good solid desktop machine (I'm old school) but the reality is that I need my information available wherever and whenever I am at a moment's notice. The role of my desktop is increasingly is just to make sure I have a local copy of my EN Database (which I backup to an external drive, which I store in my safe). My job (like most people's these days) is based on the quality of information I can provide in my profession. It's our bread and butter as they say - so it's more serious than pictures of fluffy kittens and instagram photos of food. I think this makes up a large part of the *paying* EN users, like you and me, I would gather
  3. Selective sync has been a major request for at least 5 years. Particularly by MacBook users with limited disk space. Like many other request, this has been ignored by Evernote ... so let me explain how this will play out. Step 1: After a lot of frustration, a premium customer is going to start putting their files onto Google drive and then linking it into an Evernote. Step 2: To conserve disk space on Google Drive, they will start converting these files to Google Doc files (which does not count against the 15 GB quota) Step 3: These users will begin to realise that they can just as easily search for files in Google Drive as they can with Evernote ... except for free Step 4: After doing this for a year, the client spends more and more time in Google Drive, using GDocs and Keep Step 5: By the time the client is due to pay their next premium subscription, they start wondering if they still need Evernote, if they're doing most of their stuff in Google Drive anyway. The ones that rant and complain on the forums ... they're not going anywhere ... they're emotionally invested in the product ... that's why they complain. It's the other 90% who *don't* complain ... these are the people who will simply add 2+2 and move on, because it makes sense. This is not a feature request, it's a business strategy forecast.
  4. If you have MS Office installed, this will give to the best results. In Evernote, share the note as an email - send it to yourself, specifically to your MS Outlook Client. Then open this email (in Outlook) and save it as an MHT file. Open the MHT format file with MS Word. This way you'll keep font and images. However, the images will be too large in the word document, so you'll have to resize them. If you export to MHT directly from Evernote, the images do not always appear when opening with MS Word. Summary Evernote >> email >> Outlook >> MHT >> Word
  5. Very true words, indeed. "It is the nature of immature men to want to fight and die for their cause, while it is the nature of mature men who wish proceed quietly for the theirs"
  6. @gazumped I'm laughing out loud as I type this, in response to "none of us have any idea whether or not this feature used to available" I suspect you're having a bit of fun with me you rascal .. but I'll take the bait ... It was a feature, I know, I used it for almost 2 years, daily (as did many others ) I know, because I specifically purchased the OfficeSuite app in order to do it. I did it because Evernote told me I could ( Here's the link: https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/office-suite-pro/android ) To be clear - I'm not crying over spilt milk here - I'm speaking about the future // Ours and Evernote specifically When was the "public announcement" made to all the customers that this feature would no longer be available .. or were we left to find out for ourselves without prior warning? Is this standard practice for Evernote, would a similar approach be taken in the future if other features no longer function? (Evernote Policy & Procedure) When exactly did this function break .. which date/software version of android (unanswered question) Why did it break (unanswered question) What of the people who purchased OfficeSuite Pro expressly for this purpose and now cannot use it? What is the future direction/intent to rectify this (if any) | CAPA - Corrective And Preventative Action
  7. @Job135 Yes, I fully agree - he did say that .. to you, when you asked (as I did), presumably after a lot of strife and fiddling with your device. What I mean is: When was the "public announcement" made to all the customers that this feature would no longer be available .. or were we left to find out for ourselves without prior warning? Is this standard practice for Evernote, would a similar approach be taken in the future if other features no longer function? (Evernote Policy & Procedure) When exactly did this function break .. which date / software version of android (unanswered question) Why did it break (unanswered question) What of the people who purchased OfficeSuite Pro expressly for this purpose and now cannot use it? What is the future direction / intent to rectify this (if any) | CAPA - Corrective And Preventative Action *
  8. @Gazumped Firstly, I need to rest a bit, being somewhat exhausted in trying to convince the people at Evernote that there is actually a problem (When they know perfectly well that there is one, but are deliberately evasive / obtuse - either that or they have very short memories .. feature was put in place 4 years ago .. that's like yesterday on my time scale) Next Step: Raise Awareness, get collective voices to raise tickets and steadily push this up the priority tree. I'm doing this because I believe it is necessary for Evernote's long term survival. Seven years ago,despite a nagging voice in my head, I decided to back Evernote **for the long term** to form part of my Exocortex (which up until then was based on plain-text notes) All long term, paying customers are stake-holders, not customers, our fates are inter-twined with Evernote's. Evernote wants to increase their fees - that's fine with me, if it means they'll still be around for the next 25 years. If they're making fundamentally bad moves that will make them go the way of the doe-doe bird, then we, the stake-holders need to step in. Just because we "love" the system and use it daily does not mean we should take an apologist's stance with regard to the shortcomings. People are moving away from laptops, and moving towards tablets. If Evernote was going to "get into bed" with another company for document attachments, then it should've been Microsoft (provided the documents would be searchable from within Evernote) as then people could still have a seamless workflow for their daily work and keep Evernote as the central work-flow base. (This coupled with Evernote chat - makes sense in the work environment)
  9. So finally my original (Conspiracy theory 1) has been validated: Where I said: Proof CONCLUSION It *was* always possible to edit / annotate / update EXISTING MS Word / Excel / Power Point attachments in the ANDROID version of Evernote - particularly if you purchased (which I did) the Evernote ENDORSED Office Suite Pro app. Then Evernote made changes which BROKE / REMOVED this function Evernote is been found guilty of (1) Not being forthcoming with it's customers of this reduced functionality (For years I though it was *my phone* that was faulty and wasted countless hours trying to fix it) (2) led customers to purchase apps that no longer serve their intended function (3) Trying to slip-in Google Drive as an alternative solution, hoping everyone will forget that there was a better solution to begin with. Verdict: EVERNOTE, Guilty as charged.
  10. Returning to my Conspiracy Theory #1 Statement extract from Tech Support Shane J. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 4, 10:14 PDT Hello Client, Here is what the head of our Android team said to me: "We never supported this for MS Office. A long time ago (before MS had apps on Android), we did an integration w/ a non-MS app that would tell our app when a document was modified and we would update it." He has advised me though that he will treat this as a feature request and I have already filed a report with them. Best, Shane Compare with Evernote Webpage below. https://goo.gl/NT4Klq They are deliberately avoiding to point. A critical feature of Evernote has stopped working. I've paid for Evernote and for OfficeSuite because I was promised the ability to edit attachments and it no longer works.
  11. Well @gazumped , you are quite right that I need to backup my statements with facts - and rightly so. I've raised a ticket and I'll share the response with the forum in case anyone else needs it. To be concise then: It was, in the past possible to edit attachments in android. This is not longer possible - there are two possible explanations (1) The is a technical issue with *my* device(s) (2) This function is no longer possible in Evernote for android. I think a frustration for me is that Evernote does not *explicitly* say : This function no longer works in Evernote ,,, sorry, you'll have to find another solution" -or- This function most certainly does work, there must be a technical issue with your phone. This is the first step to fault finding, that I can't get past. References: Evernote for Android now comes with the ability to edit Office documents. Our favorite notemaking system, Evernote, now has the ability to edit Office documents within their Android version. Yes – we very much prefer Evernote over Office Onenote. Evernote runs very well, syncs seamlessly and completely across all popular platforms and devices. Evernote has teamed up with OfficeSuite to provide the ability to edit doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and other Office documents (when attached to Evernote). Assuming you already have Evernote for Android, install OfficeSuite Pro 7 Trial version. Source: https://office-watch.com/2013/editing-office-documents-with-evernote/
  12. Your situation, makes sense .. expected when editing .xls and saving .xlsx The situation I described above is editing like-for-like documents. Open .docx file .. edit it, save = "Resource not changed" message. same with excel sheets etc. This is a common problem for many, if not most users, answers are surprisingly scarces. Tickets raised vanish into unknown dimensions ... diversions and distraction s in place of direct answers ... most conspiratol ? There's something afoot I tell you. Skullduggery most foul. On a serious note, it used to work perfectly not so long ago, perhaps 2 years .. now it's gone (Like a Google Product)
  13. *** Edit Update *** This topic has been raised before but no conclusion was reached and it was for much earlier versions of the software. It was always possible in the past, to be able to open an attachment file (say a word document) , edit it, and save it. Evernote Android would kindly ask if you would like to update the file. This is no longer the case. Evernote Android simply replies with "Resources not changed"... which is simply another way of saying "The files are read only permission" This is interesting, because the directory where these files are located (Android/com.evernote/tmp) .. or something like that .. has full read/write permissions. Also .. these files are not located on the phones SD card, but internal memory, so SAD card issues can be ruled out. Finally, I've tested this with several different application. I've opened the attachment with Android Word, WPS, Google Docs, and even Office Suite (which was "endorsed" by Evernote a few years ago as the better option for editing attachments) (Conspiracy theory 1) Is this perhaps why Evernote decided to make linking to Google Docs a new feature? This is not a suitable substitute as one cannot search these file contents from within Evernote (Conspiracy theory 2) Curiously, OneNote users also have this problem. Is there perhaps an agenda to herd us sheeple to put all our documents onto cloud servers such a Drive/OneDrive/DropBox)?
  14. Hi Gock. I found another use for Marxico, and perhaps you could earn some well deserved revenue for all your hard work. I use the Marxico on my Android device (I made a shortcut to my home screen) because it's the only way to be able to correctly format text on the phone. This is the only way I can cut-paste test from different sources and keep font consistent This is the only way I can create tables This is the only way I can create decent highlights This is the only way I can enter formulas Marxico has given a lot of power to the Mobile Evernote user (even if it was not perhaps the intended use) Personally I think Evernote should partner with you to create a mobile app interface, or use Marxico as a layer and then build on top of it for folks who can't grasp MarkDown formatting. Marxico has solves every formatting problem on the Android device ... that's gotta be worth something.
  15. For what it's worth - I've made some template note to suite my needs - perhaps yours as well - A mono-space template that will work on android and the PC (presume Mac as well) - A mono-space template with the so-called 80's Hacker theme (Black page with luminous green font) An then a series of "Post-It" note templates. Each template has a similar background colour and uses the Comic font for a more "human" feel. Template Hackers 80's.enex Post-It Notes Pink.enex Post-It Notes Blue.enex Post-It Notes Yellow.enex Post-It Notes Orange.enex Post-It Notes Lime.enex Monospace Courier.enex
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